Shih Tzu Facts

Shih Tzu Facts

The Shih Tzu’s anscestors were very close
genetically to wolves. According to legend, a Shih Tzu would sleep
at the edge of the Chinese emperor’s bed as Tzus were almost extinct!
In 1930, there were only 14 Shih Tzus left Shih Tzus do not shed as much as other breeds,
but still need daily brushing to maintain their coat.
Shih Tzus are strictly indoor dogs, but still need daily exercise.
Shih Tzus are great with other dogs and people, but can be stubborn or slower to train.
Shih Tzus do not do well hot humid weather. Shih Tzus live 12 to 16 years (some as long
as 20).

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  1. Can someone help? We have a puppy Shih tzu, he's a 3/4 months old and he can be often agressive… I mean, we have also 1 year old dog, he's veeeery chill and lazy but… Our Shih tzu is biting him, trying to fight with him. This is very tiring, even the older dog is tired of it and he always run from younger. We dont know whats going on. He can be normal, too, he likes to sleep etc but yeah… He always wants to fight with the older dog. We have him since he was 1 month and he adjusted to the second dog. Maybe he wants just to play with older dog but he sometimes barks at us, people, too :((

  2. I have a couple of questions:
    1. Do they get along with cats?
    2. What're the maximum hours they can be left alone?
    3. Are they hard to take care of?
    For the first question, like, if you get the cat and dog at the same time, and they're both really young, will they grow up to not kill each other?
    Sorry, my parents want me to do a lot of research before deciding on what breed to get.

    Edit: After reading some comments, they say Shih Tzus are stubborn and such. Now I'm not so sure about getting one…
    (Just keep in mind, this is the second dog I'm getting in almost 6 or more years)

  3. My shitzu is lazy. All he does is sleep on the couch next to me or plays for 10 minutes every. 2 and a half hours

  4. Welp gonna go trim my shi tzu's long hair and style it

    Huuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh ???????

  5. Well sadly my 2 shih tzu just died 6 days ago??

  6. “Know a DOG lover? Share this treat with them!”
    I see what you did there

  7. I almost die of cuteness

  8. I love all shih tzu dog

  9. My little pupper was easy to train i trained her when she was 6 months old

  10. It didn't say anything about them being the cutest dogs ever…

  11. Lmao my shih tzu's ( i have 2 its father and his daughter.) DAMN THE TWO OF THEM WOULD GET THERE HEADS INTO THE GARBAGE AND DRAG ALL THE STUFF OUT. And the other one shits on the bed too. Very very stubborn.

  12. BEST dogs ever!!!!!!

  13. That's why my dog never cuddles with me and lays at the end of my bed

  14. Is there anything beautiful that communists will not try and destroy? Hail Pinochet!, and god bless helicopter death squads!

  15. facts about my pet shih tzu?
    1she hate ather dogs even that its her same breed lol
    2 she hate when your taking a picture at her?she looks away .
    3 my shih tzu loveeeeeeee!!!! eating mangga if you dont know what mangga means its color green or you can just google it 😀
    3 she sleeps for like 5 hours ? when she is bored
    4 she gets mad when im eating mangga and i forgot tu give her some
    5 she is maga hyper!!!! when im taking her at a walk she
    runs like a lion is chasing her hahahaha ??
    6 she is 4 years old
    7 her name is violet beacuse my favorite color is violet in english violet mean purple
    8 she hates taking a bath
    9 this is soooo weird soo my dog pops at her bowl and pees on it ??!?!?!??!
    10 she all ways gets her paws stuck at her cage did i spell cage rigth well you know what i mean i all ways help her but one time i all most got bit ??!?! so i just let her self pigure it out and i knew that she can du it by her self
    11 she haves 5 siblings she have a big bro name orio and three little sis idk ther name

  16. They are so cutiee ?

  17. I have two dogs ? but I want a shin tzu

  18. i have one it is cute her name is princess

  19. getting paddy my shihtzu groomed on monday i think so we can bring him up meh nans for chrismas,she has a girk dog he goes crazy when seeing her….if u know what i mean.hes my profile

  20. I had a shih tzu puppy once.They are four puppies my mom named since they were 6 weeks old.Sep.13 I saw my sister and my mom was crying,then I saw my favorite puppy and his name is JuJu .he fell in a chair and he had a tummy ache then he vomited he die.He was the only smallest puppies and the eldest one of the four of them.He passed away then we love him so much.

  21. A 90 year old retired church lady dog


  22. I must have the smartest one in the world. She was not hard to train at all she never use the bathroom in the house and knows when I get out if the shower she automatically goes to her crate. She is very smart

  23. They're not that hard to train a while ago I was teaching him how to shake and instead of him giving his paw he placed his butt on my hand???he's learning a little bit now lol

  24. Sooooooooooooooo cute????

  25. I have shih tzu shes soooo cute

  26. I've has a shih tzu for 6 years nearly 7

  27. i watched a dog compilation because i really really want to have one then i found Shih Tzu very adorable then i watched this.
    i almost cry because i really want to have one but my parent don't want.. every year i talked to them but naaahh?

  28. I have two twins …

  29. 2:03 I was walking my Shih tzu in a hot summer day and he just fell on his side

  30. I love this breed and always wanted to have it but as I have asthma is it bad for me?

  31. its that the race of Isabelle for animal crossing?

  32. A few years ago when my Shih Tzu was small, (still alive) she was very playful! When I did the ‘Bang’ trick she fell down and when I threw a ball she catches it! But now, she just turned 14 and she is very stubborn and lazy like a cat, but it’s really true that Shih Tzus sleep on the edge of your bed! Mine does!

  33. Shihtzu are amazing ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    I have shihtzu girl'
    I love her looooooots??????????????

  34. they were almost extinct because the british invaded China.

  35. Fact: They look like a hairy sensei puppy

  36. I have a shih tzu that i just got for christmas his pee wee

  37. I'm owner of a shih tzu and she dumb! May because she is blonde ? But I love her SOOO much!!!????

  38. We just added a 3 month old Shih Tzu to the family. Hes adorable. Very calm, he doesnt barks as much as I thought he would. Any tips on potty training?

  39. My shih tzu is amazing, although they need quite a lot of grooming, they are very playful.I highly recommend you get a shih tzu for a family or a first pet.

  40. Shih Tzus are the best! like if u agree!!!!!!!

  41. My dog's lifespan is 13 years

  42. I have a black shih tzu and he is cuter than a white one

  43. My shih tzu is also an indoor dog AND always clean +plus we trained him where to poop or piss its in the… No actually on a…. Matress.. We have alot of Matress, LIKE IF YOUR SAME AS ME

  44. I have a shih tzu called dexter

  45. My mom had a shih tzu

  46. So we just got a shih tzu and our shih tzu is amazing! (My mom gave it to me by surprise ?)

  47. I had a black, white-crested Shih Tzu named Yuri and she is so cute and sweet

  48. I did have a shih tzu when i was 3 but now that im 10 he's going to heaven thats why im watching this. For the memory of my dog. ???

  49. I was bouta get a shihtzu but now a lab is the bestest option

  50. I can't believe I was calling my shih tzu a lion and it actually means lion dog in Chinese. What is this sorcery?

  51. I'm getting one in 5 days.

  52. We're gonna buy some shih tzu

  53. I love shih tzus

  54. I thought it was spelled shitzu

  55. My shih tzu took 4 months to get into potty training. He's a year old now, and the most disciplined, friendly and loving dog ever.

  56. Those are real bcuz i have two

  57. I have a shi tzu name angel ???

  58. Shih-tzus are very trainable with the right trainer. I owner trainer my shih-tzu service dog.

  59. My Shih Tzu boy is name is Cairo. The best breed dog I have ever owned. He doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. But he is spoiled rotten

  60. My Shih Tzu boy is name is Cairo. The best breed dog I have ever owned. He doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. But he is spoiled rotten

  61. I have a shit Zu mixed with a Maltese her is Riley ?????

  62. This video claimed that the way to make a shih tzu is by breeding a Pekingese and Lhasa apso and I don’t know how or if I’m wrong but my dog’s mother is a chihuahua and her father was a Lhasa Apso and she looks exactly like a shih tzu please help with answers

  63. I will be getting a Shih Tzu very soon ❤️❤️❤️??? So excited ???

  64. My shih tzu is so cute and she obeys me on whatever I say but when I tell her to stay, she lies down hahah. I only teached her how to sit, stand and stay

  65. I have a shih tzu and an askal but I got the shih tzu first. When my askal arrived, my shih tzu dog became jealous of the askal dog

  66. I had a shitzu my poor baby is in puppy heaven her heart and liver were failing she lived 13 years I did recently get a new dog a shorkie best pup ever I got it from I wouldn't trust anyone else my dog is so heathly saved big on vet bills. I'm just referring if anyone is looking check him out.

  67. I love shih tzu and I wear want

  68. Shih Tzu Facts:Note that the Shih in Shih Tzu should be Shit zu instead.

  69. We had a female shih tzu we named "Pretty" who passed away last Oct 1 2018. We had her at 3 months old as a birthday gift to my wife. She is one of a kind. She is the only dog we know who fans her warm milk to cool it off using her head and ears. She was a very loving playful dog and we missed her terribly that we decided to get another one we named "Pretzel" who is 10 times as playful and loving but, Pretty is irreplaceable. We still missed her very much.

  70. I. Love shih tzu


  72. YES now I know my dog much more his name is Panda btw

  73. My Shi tzu Lived for 57 Years Before Dying Yesterday

  74. My shi tzu learns potty training by himself. And he is rather quick learning tricks. Its true that they are stubborn but that doesnt mean they cant be disciplined. Love my dogs.

  75. 1. They're super fucking ugly. They look like god damn dolls. Burn them all!!! As someone said, I'd bag them up and beat it with a baseball bat and then throw the mush off a bridge. Every Shih Tzu is ugly. If you like that shit, you're a mega faggot.

  76. Shih tzu fact: they are so cute

  77. i love this breed and I have black shihtzu boy .He's my best companion I adore him and I get the same in return. He's god gift for life and my life had a turn for good. I love love and more love him.

  78. I want a shih tzu so badly but it's not sold in my country

  79. Mu shih tzhu eats poop

  80. Forget about the Cat ?
    Beware of the dog and owner ??

  81. Who else don't have a shih tzu but need one

  82. Shihs are like toddlers in dog form.
    They literally dont stop being playful

  83. Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone

    I love you so much babe..wish i could share my day with you ??

  84. Best dogs ever. My Shih Tzu are so smart and clever. ??

  85. They are so underrated

  86. I love shih tzu
    Who else. lets see how many

  87. I have a shih tzu poodle mix too and he acts like a wild animal but is very friendly.

  88. I have two shih tzus and there names are coffee and fluffy! They are soooooooo cute ? and coffee looks like an actual coffee ?

  89. my baby shih tzu sleeps beside my cheek and licks my mouth when im asleep ??

  90. What to feed 2 months shihtzu… and in what amount??

  91. I have a shitzu .. her name is mini I love lot her and she loves me lot… Her baby boy also with us. His name browny he is very funny and very active he makes me very very happy. We r very happy with them,

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