So I’ve been waiting a really long time
for all this stuff I just got both of my packages of new
service dog gear for Oakley So gonna do an unboxing And Oakley’s right here on my left he’s not as excited as I am Let’s start with this So this is from Patience and Love. I don’t, I honestly don’t remember what I bought I bought this a while ago back when I was still in Toronto I know there’s a new Cape in here So I got this multi-purpose service dog It’s purple-y lilac with black writing I got this one that says “deaf handler, uses ASL” And chronically awesome. With a little rainbow unicorn Ooh this is I’m super excited for so this is… what is it called? It wraps around a handle on a guide harness And it’s dark purple with green font. Says “service dog” Plus it has a little zip at the top
so I can put blue bags in it Which is very very handy and on the back it has
velcro straps that are adjustable This is what I’m most excited about Is our Brigadoon service dog vest! that I Oh wow, I love.. It’s done so perfectly And on the side it says “multi-purpose service dog, stop, do not interact ” And it’s in his program colors! Oh my gosh Patience and Love, you can find them on Etsy Samantha
is amazing at what she does She makes such high-quality gear I’m moving on to the harnesses So I got all of this new gear because we’re heading to England soon And he’s grown out of his other harness This harness is from Purple Poodles Okay so first off we have the guide handle I don’t remember how big this one is. I think this is eight inches It’s got this cool purple-y green tie dye on it And I picked the nylon color to be.. the
webbing color I picked to be silver And I think that contrasts quite nicely with it I got a pull strap. It has puzzle pieces on it I’m gonna stick that on
his blue harness because it’s a little bit more comfortable to hold Another handle this is for an another vest it It’s purple. It has purple webbing and pastel oil This is harness number one It’s silver webbing with the purple
green tie dye And I have a counterbalance handle just to hold on to So this is helpful for going up stairs and whatnot and it’s flexible It doesn’t hurt him and he can squish under the seat still And I think this is the last harness I
have in here It’s his purple one It’s so pretty It’s so pretty And I think even this goes really well The tie dye with the silver goes really well on the purple harness So I think first we’re gonna try on the silver And put that on Yeah that fits him so much better Hi, thank you So his harness a guide harness. Because that’s what I use mostly when out and working What do you think?! What do you think? That looks really good on him I think Oakley dress I like that. It looks so good Thank you for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it I hope you enjoyed getting to see some of the fun gear that we get to put on this lovely man Thank you for watching and I’ll see you
again soon

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  1. This is just what I needed😊To see your beautiful face my girl ❤️ it’s gorgeous like you. Love you all.

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  7. can i ask why you went for puzzle pieces?

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