Semifinal Race Driebes 350 km (18.09.2013) [Derby Cordoba]

Semifinal Race Driebes 350 km (18.09.2013) [Derby Cordoba]

See? Not all made a stop. That’s the first? I do not know, I do not have time to see the list,
but no, she not stopped. Ah, how many hours take the flight? From 8 to 3, almost 7 hour flight. Look, here’s one that is fully moult,
is strong, have to enter many pigeons,
the pigeons are strong. There is no curved wings from fly. Made a break, look she made a break,
has stopped, made some small steps,
that at least. This also,
has dust. One, two, three, … seven, eight,… Hello, the time is 15:58 pm. Here now we have 41 pigeons
and we want you to see
how are the pigeons
after 8 hours flying. Record a little how they are. Well, after 8 hours of flight,
the last two have just arrived,
all are well,strong and in good health. Unfortunately all steps to pass Sierra Morena have been completely closed,
at 12 in the morning we passed it with the car,
you can see it on the photo. The weather forecast for today was “sunny all”!
But the weather forecast failed… After some steps opening, pigeons are entering.
I hope they keep going
and ultimately enter a alot. They are very strong
and ready to fly many hours At night we will see.

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  1. BOB 🙂
     350KM IN 8 HOURS lool  :)))  came with a slow bus ?

  2. Hi really like ure vids. Wow 350km is very far. One day i would like that. Why do they come back in sections of 12 birds when they all leave at the same time… ?????

  3. antinalweb. Je vais faire

  4. สวยงามครับอยากได้จัง

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