Schrödinger’s cat: A thought experiment in quantum mechanics – Chad Orzel

Schrödinger’s cat: A thought experiment in quantum mechanics – Chad Orzel

Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger is
one of the founders of quantum mechanics, but he’s most famous for something he
never actually did: a thought experiment involving a cat. He imagined taking a cat and
placing it in a sealed box with a device that had a 50% chance
of killing the cat in the next hour. At the end of that hour, he asked,
“What is the state of the cat?” Common sense suggests that the cat
is either alive or dead, but Schrödinger pointed out that according
to quantum physics, at the instant before the box is opened,
the cat is equal parts alive and dead, at the same time. It’s only when the box is opened
that we see a single definite state. Until then, the cat is
a blur of probability, half one thing and half the other. This seems absurd,
which was Schrödinger’s point. He found quantum physics so
philosophically disturbing, that he abandoned the theory
he had helped make and turned to writing about biology. As absurd as it may seem, though,
Schrödinger’s cat is very real. In fact, it’s essential. If it weren’t possible for quantum objects
to be in two states at once, the computer you’re using to watch this
couldn’t exist. The quantum phenomenon of
superposition is a consequence of the dual
particle and wave nature of everything. In order for an object to have
a wavelength, it must extend over some region of space, which means it occupies many positions
at the same time. The wavelength of an object limited
to a small region of space can’t be perfectly defined, though. So it exists in many different wavelengths
at the same time. We don’t see these wave properties
for everyday objects because the wavelength decreases
as the momentum increases. And a cat is relatively big and heavy. If we took a single atom and blew
it up to the size of the Solar System, the wavelength of a cat
running from a physicist would be as small as an atom
within that Solar System. That’s far too small to detect, so we’ll
never see wave behavior from a cat. A tiny particle, like an electron, though, can show dramatic evidence
of its dual nature. If we shoot electrons one at a time at a
set of two narrow slits cut in a barrier, each electron on the far side is detected
at a single place at a specific instant, like a particle. But if you repeat this
experiment many times, keeping track of all the
individual detections, you’ll see them trace out a pattern that’s
characteristic of wave behavior: a set of stripes – regions with many
electrons separated by regions
where there are none at all. Block one of the slits
and the stripes go away. This shows that the pattern is a result of
each electron going through both slits at the same time. A single electron isn’t choosing
to go left or right but left and right simultaneously. This superposition of states also leads
to modern technology. An electron near the nucleus of an atom
exists in a spread out, wave-like orbit. Bring two atoms close together, and the electrons don’t need to
choose just one atom but are shared between them. This is how some chemical bonds form. An electron in a molecule isn’t on
just atom A or atom B, but A+ B. As you add more atoms,
the electrons spread out more, shared between vast numbers of atoms
at the same time. The electrons in a solid aren’t
bound to a particular atom but shared among all of them,
extending over a large range of space. This gigantic superposition of states determines the ways electrons move
through the material, whether it’s a conductor or an insulator
or a semiconductor. Understanding how electrons are shared
among atoms allows us to precisely control the
properties of semiconductor materials, like silicon. Combining different semiconductors
in the right way allows us to make transistors
on a tiny scale, millions on a single computer chip. Those chips and their spread out electrons power the computer you’re using to
watch this video. An old joke says that the Internet
exists to allow the sharing of cat videos. At a very deep level, though,
the Internet owes its existance to an Austrian physicist
and his imaginary cat.

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    Besides, just because you don't know if it's dead or alive does not mean it is both at once, it means you lack information, education, and common sense. Open the box. Your cat is dead. It has been dead. It wasn't alive just because you didn't know about it being dead. It was still just dead. The cat was never in question of that. This is a problem with the person opening it, they are the one uncertain. The one in two states of mind is them. Cat is still dead, the person is just a confused, sad mess of a human being.

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    This is what stumps intelligent minds across the world? Here's a theory. We're all on this rock with these people. Many of us are even worse at a lot more things than scientists who study this are. With this in mind consider the future of the human species. What's in that box of possibilities? Because we might all just be cats watching the lid shut above us. A far more pressing question to answer if you ask me.

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    Second, it is to say whether a tossed coin will result head or tail.
    Why Shrödinger chose such a complicated way to explain superposition?
    Conclusion :—
    Neutral = superposition

  74. correction
    I'm on a phone

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    As in; at first sight electrons and protons dont appear to be perfect opposites because an electron behaves differently (whizzing around outside the nucleus) and is also 1832 times less massive. But its energy is also comparably more massive than the proton per unit mass (MEv)

    This is in line with the Energy – mass equivalence (E=mc2) suggesting that an electron is the antithesis of a proton but one has converted the majority of its mass to energy (electron), the other remains mainly mass and less energy.

    So what is electromagnetic force? And assuming the the electron uncertainty cloud could be "cooled" to a state of equal mass/ energy as the proton (reducing its ability to stay away from the proton – kinetic energy) would they come together and annihilate eachother? Or leave just neutrons (0).
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