Sarah The Cat Visits Dr Poppy’s Pet Rescue | Animals For Kids

Sarah The Cat Visits Dr Poppy’s Pet Rescue | Animals For Kids

Hello everyone! I’m Dr Poppy, and welcome to my Animal Rescue
Centre. It’s a special hospital, just for pets! I’m a vet so my job is to treat poorly animals
and make them better again. Shall we see who is in the waiting room today? Oh look, we have three animals to see today. It’s Sarah the cat, Jake the spider and
Colin the chameleon! Shall we find out what’s wrong with them? Let’s welcome our first animal, Sarah the
cat. Cats are members of the Feline family which
means Sarah here is actually very closely related to lions and tigers. But Sarah’s a LOT friendlier! Hello Sarah, shall we take a look at what’s
wrong with you today? I promise I’ll be gentle. Hmm, let’s have a look…Sarah your tummy
looks very big. Have you been eating too much? Hmm, let’s have a listen to your heartbeat. Well, well look at that! You have 4 heartbeats and a large tummy. Does anyone know why Sarah might be feeling
unwell? She’s pregnant, and she’s about to give
birth! Let’s count how many kittens Sarah gives
birth to! 1, 2, 3! 3 beautiful kittens. well done Sarah! You’re a mummy Here’s Colin the Chameleon. Chameleons are a special type of lizard, and
did you know that the tongue of a chameleon can be longer than its entire body length?? Now then Colin, what can we do for you? A chameleon has special skin which means they
can change colour to blend in with their background. This is called Camouflage. Let’s test it out shall we Colin? Hey guys, meet Robbo. Hello Everyone! Robbo is my friendly robot helper here in
the treatment room. That’s right. I’ve got all of the tools that we need to
help the animals feel better again. I can also use my tickling stick! Robbo, please can you swap the colours of
the backgrounds for Colin and we’ll see if he can change to the right colour. Red This is Red. But oh dear, look, Colin has changed to Blue. Yellow This is yellow. But Colin has changed to Red! Green This is Green. But Colin has changed to orange. There’s definitely a problem here. Robbo, I think Colin needs to re-learn which
colours are which! Red Orange Yellow Green,
Four of the colours of the rainbow Blue Indigo Violet,
Three more to make the full set So Colin you must not forget
All the lovely colours of the rainbow You can change red blue or green
And all the lovely colours in between Now, let’s test you again Colin. Robbo puts a red board behind Red Well done Colin, we can hardly see you. You’re red! Yellow Excellent work Colin, you’re now yellow. Perfect! You got all 3 right Colin, you’re now a
lovely shade of pink. Pink It looks like you’re all cured. Fantastic! Here comes Jake The Spider. Some people think that spiders are insects,
but that’s not true! Spiders are actually members of the arachnid
family. Oh dear Jake, it looks like you’re limping
on one of your legs. What happened? That sounds like a nasty fall, Let me take
a look at that for you. Robbo, I think we need to take an X-Ray of
one of Jake’s legs. One X Ray coming right up! Spiders don’t have bones like you and me. They are arthropods, which means their skeleton
is on the outside. This is called an exoskeleton. If you look you can clearly see here that
poor Jake has broken one of his legs. I think we need to put that leg in a cast,
which will give it the support it needs whilst it heals. He’s got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6,7,8 legs! All spiders have 8 legs. That’s you all fixed Jake. Now, don’t climb any walls or waterspouts
for 2 weeks, and try to get plenty of rest. What a fabulous day in the treatment room! To watch more videos, just tap here or to
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