S. Korea’s growing pet-tech industry taking nation by storm

patek is an up-and-coming niche market
here in South Korea’s rapidly expanding technology sector and numerous gadgets
hitting the shelves here not only spend time with people’s pets but also feed
and even protect them when their owners are not around
virtuoso min has the story two-year-old pop loco has recently found a new fun
activity which is chasing a self-moving AI robot around the house the bone
shaped robot provides the puppy with the required amount of daily exercise and it
even drops treats as incentive it also scans the dog’s movements and registers
a daily journal for what loco does throughout the day that makes it perfect
for owners who either have to leave their dogs at home alone for a long time
or are too busy to walk them Kimani is a black poodle who now gets
directly fed by this pet-sitting robot made out of a used smartphone this robot
has a small camera and a screen allowing owners to check on their pets whenever
they want it also has a special alarm feature that alerts owners when their
dogs make a mess at home it has two special features which focus on
nurturing and safety we’re using old smartphones to cut down on the
production cost while boosting performance another pet bot that’s
already a massive hit in Korea despite its premium price is an automated cat
litter box industry experts predict new pet
carrying robots will become widely sought-after products as they offer
great help to pet owners with busy schedules to play with pets new robots
are likely to be designed to take care of other aspects of a pets life experts
also highlighted the potential of the global pet tech market saying it is
showing annual growth of 20% and is predicted to grow into a twenty billion
dollar market by 2025 total mean arirang news

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