Russia: Meet the hero cat who SAVED an abandoned baby

Russia: Meet the hero cat who SAVED an abandoned baby

I think that the case is unique. We have received lots of feedback from other residents and sympathisers, who are willing to help, asking if food, toys and other things are needed.

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  1. i see a cat who likes boxes and saw a warm pillow

  2. i don't  care for cats, but this one is kind of changed my mind!

  3. Too cute What cat ! I good!!

    also more , will Deliver the image of a nice cat to everyone! !

  4. Beautiful Masha and such a gorgeous baby.  Too bad the baby will grow up and understand how evil humans are … The cat will never change.

  5. На одной из улиц Обнинска бездомная кошка Маша наткнулась на младенца, мальчика не более 12 недель, лежавшего в картонной коробке. Она запрыгнула в коробку, чтобы согреть ребёнка, и стала громко мяукать, чтобы привлечь внимание прохожих.
    «Слава Богу, ребенок находился на улице всего несколько часов, а благодаря Маше… он практически не пострадал», — рассказывает пресс-секретарь местной больницы.
    Соседка, которая присматривала за кошкой, заметила Машу, а вскоре и малыша. «Вообще это очень спокойная и ласковая кошечка, поэтому, услышав ее мяуканье, я подумала, вдруг с ней что-то не так, — говорит женщина. — Возможно, у нее проснулся материнский инстинкт, и таким образом она хотела защитить ребенка».
    Младенец тут же был доставлен в местную больницу. Врачи утверждают, что, несмотря ни на что, малыш полностью здоров и его жизни ничего не угрожает. Тем не менее, заботливая «пушистая мама» никак не хотела оставлять своего новоиспеченного приемного сына и даже попыталась следовать за машиной скорой помощи. Местные жители также рассказывают, что кошка терпеливо ждала на улице в течение нескольких часов, пока карета скорой помощи вернется назад.

  6. + коту, – женщине.

  7. Мне чисто интересно, в этом городже нет детских домов, куда можно сдать ребенка? на какйо *рень это тварь кинула ребенка на улице?? Уже сколько таких случаев за эти годы слышала, что за бессердечные мрази. Не на срок , а на кол их.

  8. In soviet russia cats adopt children


  10. God sent this cat to cuddle the baby!  What a beautiful, snub nosed Russian face.  Stories like this should help us remember we are our brother's keeper. There was a mother dog with puppies in Argentina who saved an abandoned baby last year.  Sometimes animals are more compassionate than people….we can learn from them.

  11. usa is gonna sanction russia for this they will sanction russia for just about anything their russian phobia is ridiculous

  12. thats why i love cats <3

  13. Ребенка оставила украинская шлюха приехавшая на заработки в Россию , залетела …


  15. Even our cats are smarter and more humane than the terrorist Americans and their puppets in Kiev.

  16. Bravo, Mashenka, the hero cat! 

  17. Im not a terrorist! Don't generalize! A couple good comments then we see Muslim bashing, black bashing, etc. Blame everything on the world…Stupid fucks.

  18. Смотри смешные котики

  19. cat thought that he had found a large mouse.

  20. Страна дураков

  21. это вроде сибирская порода 

  22. I bet inside that woman is another slightly smaller woman and inside her another smaller one and so on and so forth.

  23. Блять…Как я сюда попал? 

  24. Ermahgerd! She's so fluffy! <3

  25. cette histoire est belle et émouvante à  la fois

  26. los gatos son lo mejor…. Amo a mi gata por ser super protectora con mi hija n.n

  27. God bless and take care of you!!!!

  28. a hero cat and all they can give it is a cardboard box to lay in??!!

  29. Thank god all cats go nuts if they see some cartonage

  30. do all you idiots nvm

  31. beautiful cat and baby

  32. She's one of the reasons why all cats are beautiful.bless her feline heart!

  33. Very beautiful cat! I LOVE cats!

  34. Person: I hate you
    Me: ¯(ツ)/¯
    Person: I hate cats
    Me: (ง'̀-'́)ง

  35. just keep that dentist away from it

  36. cats = schizophrenia

  37. Thanks Lord for put subtitles in those clip and now i really know why shes saying Thanks God

  38. Прекрасный сюжет и красивая кошка!

  39. Never take your cat for granted

  40. prove that not all Heroes live in luxury

  41. Cute chubby cat, sweet.
    Cuteness at 00:02

  42. she fuck up all that time she saved a cute baby and she gonna let that pretty cat sleep in a box and eat food out there where it's cold and not let it come in her hose for a first time omg that's so fuck up

  43. those soviet blocks still exist

  44. I love the cats. ♡♥♡

  45. That baby is really beautiful !

  46. I HATE people who hate cats

  47. In Soviet Russia Cat Rescues You!

  48. Why didn't they give the baby back to the cat?

  49. Cute baby and cat..

  50. This is why I love cats.

  51. My son has sizers. We have a cat that doses CPR on. She opens his mouth and her paws pushing on his chest and her purring gets his heart back on to beat. STUPID cat HATER S. Dogs can't do what a cat can. Dog can get help while the cat will do CPR.

  52. now that's news I like to see

  53. such beautiful child?

  54. That baby is so cute and adorable! The cat just did what comes naturally, she kept him warm and safe because that's what cats do! When this little guy grows up, I hope that he has a wonderful family and a cat, just for him!


  56. is that an apartement ?

  57. I love that cat!

  58. Для тех, кто не в курсе – у всех котовкошек у кого буква М на лбу, это герои ("M"ouse Catcher – Мышелов). Как супермэн с буквой S на груди. Блябуду.

  59. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  60. My two cats save me everyday… 🐱🐱

  61. This cat is such a cutie puffball and a fluffball Awwww

  62. Did someone adopted that cat? It's been two years but does someone knows about her? I would legit take her home.

  63. Human is worst than animal, even a cat is better as a parent, unbelievable!

  64. meow so cold meowwww

  65. Лапочка мурка

  66. Son of man reunited animals and birds…
    Sometimes don t for diner !!!

  67. 착한 애옹이 귀여워

  68. What happened to the baby and the CAT?

  69. Does't matter what expert says animals have strong values more that most humans this can not be call instinct only

  70. God bless our animals.😘

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    To c
    To cu
    To cut
    To cute
    To cut
    To cu
    To c


  72. thank to gat beautyfull

  73. so adorable ! this cute baby will never forget his hero !

  74. let's see, masha the russian cat saved an abandoned baby. barack obama voted to deny medical succor to babies who weren't successfully aborted.

  75. Did they find the parents of this baby? And what about the furry hero Masha?

  76. I have that same cat ! I put that cat with a black Bombay and received a Russian blue !

  77. Qué hermosa gata.

    Me enamoré del tipo de azul… 0:33

  78. 😍😍😍😍😽

  79. Such a beautiful meowers

  80. Hero of soviet union

  81. This is what Ruskies do…cold bastards, most of them.

  82. Cats are just hardwired to take care of young. They will take care of each other’s kittens. Even male cats will assume the role of the mother if it dies or is just not around. I’ve seen it happen.

  83. Such a fluffy cat! She's so cute. 🙂

  84. Please CIA influence the baby to prevent something

  85. Cats are not pets. Cats are citizens.

  86. What a beautiful baby! Its so sad that someone abandoned him. 🙁

  87. Cat looks ready for Russian winter. Fluffy

  88. Это безусловно чудо, у животных надо учиться, но есть среди нас людей и нелюди, например те, кто поставили 99 дизлайков?

  89. Cats are the spawn of Satan

  90. 0:35 omg! Look at that cute mini bus! It's cute❤( granted, the VW bus from the 1960s/1970s is a lot cuter. Just saying💬:)
    Adorable 🐱

  91. Aww beautiful kitty and babydoll😍😘😘

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