Rottweiler VS Doberman

Rottweiler VS Doberman

In the following video there’s a real showdown of dog breeds here is the all-important duel between Rottweiler VS Doberman Start the match Life Span The life span of the rottweiler is 8 – 10 years while the lifespan of doberman pinscher is 10 – 13 years Doberman lives on average two years longer one point goes to Doberman zero to one General Health Due to poor breeding practices Some breeds are prone to certain genetic health problems the Doberman breed of domestic dog that was originally developed around 1890 relatively new breed therefore are some serious health problems affecting Dobermans, while the rottweiler is healthier. one point goes to rottweiler 1 to 1 Affectionate with family. Some breeds are independent and aloof, even if they’ve been raised by the same person since puppyhood others bond closely to one person and are indifferent to everyone else but in this case both breeds are very Affectionate with theirs Family points for both. 2 to 2 Intelligence Rottweilers are very intelligent dog they are fully confident enough to act on their own,
so they need guidance right from the start they are in the top 10 list of Most intelligent dog breeds,
shortly after the doberman points for both. 3 to 3 Kid Friendly A Rottie that has never been exposed to children will likely be reserved and potentially dangerous if they feel threatened by the child. however in this case rottweilers are relatively more Friendly Toward chilldren than doberman one point for Rottweiler. 4 to 3 Friendly toward dogs and pets Both breeds are aggressive toward other dogs of the same sex However, most Dobermans are good with other pets in their own family But some show predatory behavior toward cats and other pets, whereas the rottweiler is also known as livestock guard dog and he is much Friendly Toward Pets one point for rottweiler. 5 to 3 Adapts well to apartment living According to Apartment rental statistics, the most common restricted dog breeds are Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds and Huskies. both breeds are large and active dogs,
they need a lot of exercise and are not recommended for Apartment Living points for both 6 to 4 Good For Novice Owners Some dogs are simply easier than others, they take to training better and are fairly easygoing. Dogs who are highly sensitive, independent thinking, or assertive may be harder for a first-time owner to manage. a first time dog owner should avoid breeds like rottweiler, in this case doberman would be a better choice 1 point 4 Doberman 6 to 5 Easy To Train Basic obedience and household rules training is NOT optional for the Rottweiler. Young Rottweiler puppies are relatively easy to train they are eager to please, intelligent, and calm-natured,
with a relatively good attention span However, the Doberman is much easier to train. one point for Doberman. 6 to 6 Easy To Groom The short, flat coat of the Doberman makes it one of the easiest dog breeds to groom. Dobermans are a thick-coated breed and require little more than frequent brushing and an occasional bath to maintain a healthy shiny coat Also the rottweiler has a smooth-coat and are relatively easy to groom points for both 7 to 7 Energy Level Rottweilers are powerful dogs They require plenty of space to play and exercise. In smaller spaces a bored Rottie can develop behavioral problems. Although they are not high energy breed, in this case are bit more energetic than Doberman one point goes to Rottweiler. 8 to 7 Watchdog Ability With the work ethic of a world leader, the Rottweiler needs a job to be truly happy. Massive and muscled, the Rottweiler can be a scary Guard beast also the doberman is a perfect watchdog,
he was Created Specifically for Guarding points for both. 9 to 8 Tendency To Bark Or Howl He may look menacing, but he also sounds pretty terrifying too Dobermans are vocal breed,
while Rottweilers are not a vocal breed They bark if there’s a reason to bark,
but generally respond quietly to their environment. one point goes to Rottweiler 10 to 8 Tolerates being alone Rottweilers are “people” dogs, so it needs a companion to stay with. Left alone for long periods they may become unruly and destructive. while the doberman si much more tolerant being alone, they can be left alone for 12 hours but it doesn’t mean you should. one point goes for doberman 10 to 9 Tolerates cold weather The Rottweiler is a cold weather dog. They originated in Germany, and have a black, double coat, meant to keep them warm. While With short fur and a single layer coat, Doberman Pinschers are not built well for cold climates. one point for rottweiler. 11 to 9 Tolerates hot weather Dobermans are more resistant to heat than the Rottweilers, but should avoid the extreme heat with a Doberman. It’s easy for these dogs to get heat stroke if overworked on a particularly hot day. one point goes for doberman, and this match is finished. the results are 11 to 10 and the winner is Rottweiler This match was very close, but the rottweiler won for a point, So What is your opinion about this match ! Let us know in the comments ? Also, be sure to check out our other match’s, links are in description Thanks for watching, And as always don’t forget to Like share and subscribe. See you next time

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  1. Dumb master dumb dog

  2. The thumbnail looks pike those before and after weight loss ads

  3. These shity guy is Rottweiler fan boy

  4. I was at the dog park today with my Doberman. There was a young Rott there. They played hard.

  5. I like Rottweiler no offence to Doberman fans

  6. I have always had rottweilers but i got a doberman puppy last week

  7. Dobermans heads and faces look too much like my weenier dog…. that’s why im getting a Cane Corso next month

  8. Doberman are more safer im team Doberman.

  9. Onzin mogel doperman beste mogel

  10. 2.47 not true. 3.10 not true. 3.30 not true… Bad movie.

  11. These 2 breeds are are so similar! Huge fan of both breeds! There is no winner between breeds… Only the owners of those beautiful creatures are the TRUE WINNERS, to be so lucky to have one of them as a member of their family!

  12. You are wrong Doberman is more nice and he having police power they are police dog they have more power

  13. Absolutely useless video! Dobermans are superior in every way!

  14. All pooches are good pooches I don’t favor one that would be racist….the Doberman is a good pooch and the Rottweiler is also a good pooch they are both excellent pooches…I have a lazy Shiba but she is also a good pooch. As I said before all pooches are good pooches. If their not such a good pooch it’s usually not the pooches fault it’s the unfortunate fact that the pooch was most likely exposed to NOT GOOD humans…

  15. Anyhow my Opinion is the way you deal or treat with your pet results You Good or Bad character pet…
    If you spend more time for caring them they will give you more good results…Rott and Doberman are not like Labrador…
    Lab always Trying to play with you ..

    "Anybody" can easly cantroll them if they play with them…
    But in case of Rott and Doberman these "Anybody" is not very easy in their list …they are not allow "Anybody"

    Rott and Doberman are not Dangerous
    For their owner …Here owner means not single house owner. … They showed their loyalty to all family members who were care them properly. .They knew their family members. ..

    Means if you have a Rottweiler or Doberman in you house..and You Never mind them…Only One or two person of your family give them care…
    It's quite natural that they (Dog) will definitely bark against you if they getting chance. ..
    And at the same time They Definitely show their Loyalty towards them who were care them timely. ..

  16. Still love dobermans and are loving and can get along with children because I was one that had a Doberman and he saved my life getting beaten up so I guess it’s each to there own

  17. I have a Rottweiler and i was hopping for the rott to win

  18. How sad, I have a Doberman…

  19. You’ve never owned a Doberman…. this clearly favors Rotties and many of your Doberman facts are wrong.

  20. This video should've ended in a tie….. I own both and there was some bs points lmao

  21. Team German Shepherd?

  22. Doberman comes from a family of rottweiler

  23. Bro get ur facts right with both breeds 50 percent of the facts u said aren't true

  24. Excellent video, well edited and 5star to the producer. Thank you


  26. 2:40 then shouldn’t they have no points…?!?!?

  27. I like the rottweiler so much not the doberman (ew) because it has long ears.

  28. rotties are good dogs but dowberman are better and i am going to get one when i am older

  29. Doberman owners are maad rn

  30. Rottweilers are just thicC dobermans

  31. That’s funny I own a Rottweiler and a Doberman

  32. I’ll always choose Doberman over any other dog…..

  33. I have rottweiler

  34. A rock will kill that dog

  35. I Own A Doberman Myself 😁
    Shes Wild 😂
    She Taught Me How To Walk
    She Has Been Alive For 5 Years (shes alive still)
    She Doesnt Like Anyone Around Me

  36. Rottweiler é muito superior ao Doberman e todas as raças pois é a raça mais completa que existe

  37. i have 2 Rottweilers

  38. If the Rottweiler is JUST SHORT BEHIND the Dobermand on the intelligence chart then why did he get a point as well? So, no the Rottie did not win.

  39. If a Rottweiler is healthier than a Doberman why does a Doberman live longer🤦‍♂️

  40. Please do germanshepherd vs labrador

  41. Blue Time Victory!😂💓

  42. Rottweiler and Doberman are both the best dogs

  43. nah your a fucking stupid dumbass a doberman would abviously win your trash gay and stupid u fucking nub

  44. Hahaha my Erika (Doberman) is a sweetheart to me

  45. i would rather get both of them

  46. You guys are saying you obviously never gonna owned a Doberman but you guys have obviously never owned a Rottweiler

  47. But in the intelligence once, technically the Doberman should’ve won, as he said that they’re both smart, but the Rottweiler is slightly under the Doberman

  48. I’m so tempted to get one of each, name the rottie Smough, and the Dobermann ornstein.

  49. you can do it rottweiler
    I have a rottweiler dog

  50. Good because I will be getting a Rottweiler and I need to make sure that i know lots about them

  51. Dobermans are way better than rottiweilers, stronger bite force,

  52. Rottweiler is the best dog of the home it save the owners and family members

  53. there were 3 questins that this dude got wrong that should have been given to the doberman. Speaking as a dog behaviorist and personal experience.

  54. most rottweilers i seen are lazy and over weight. most dobermans I see are never over weight because of how their metabolism works. the tendacy to bark was a complete asspull like who ask that question? i have 3 neighbors with rottweilers and they never shut the hell up. one has been trained. still mis behaves. If you google dog attacks on others the top of the list is pitbull unfortunately, mixed dog breeds, german shepherds and rottweilers. you hardly ever find any attacks on dobermans and this is a fact. poorly done video.

  55. Wow this 1 was 1 of the closer one's I've seen

  56. I have a Rottweiler

  57. Clearly you’ve never owned either breed. Neither are big on barking unless their is a reason to bark and Dobermans are nicknamed Velcro dogs for a reason. You got severals facts wrong and frankly pound for pound a Doberman is stronger and more athletic than a Rottweiler. Both are great dogs don’t get me wrong but Dobermans should’ve won that battle. There was clearly some bias towards the rotties

  58. 300 Kurana mater onu krepanu

  59. You rated intelligence and grooming equal, where the Doberman trumps the Rottie.

  60. Every dog is same u just need to give them love they will give u the same thing

  61. rottweiler took the win so stop complaning

  62. This guy must have a Rottweiler he is a little bias

  63. U clearly never owned or know a doberman like some of my fellow people out there

  64. Rottweiler intelligent n affectionate good comedy liar.

  65. Energy levels in a Dobermann are MUCH higher than in a Rottweiler.

  66. This guy doesnt know anything about dobermans, doberman should of won on so many categories and just gave it to both wth lol

  67. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  68. Can you please make a rottweiler vs Labrador retriever please plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 🙏 it's very important for us and very urgent

  69. Make a video
    Boerboel x Pastor Cáucaso



  72. I have a rotti doberman mix

  73. Team Dobe here but it’s truly a matter of preference. They’re both great breeds who are very close and excel in many of the same fields. I am on my third Dobe and love the breed like no other but am not adverse to the Rott.. or the Pit.. or the GSD.. so on.
    They’re all very similar in their intelligence, loyalty and protective capabilities. It’s just all about what the owner likes

  74. I have a Rottweiler and aDoberman

  75. Rottweiler🥺❤️

  76. I've owned two rottweilers growing up. And 90% of the time no one was home and when ever we came back home. There is no mess at all in the house. Instead they was asleep.

  77. every doggo is a good doggo in my book

  78. I love rotties I have one

  79. Rottweiler will win

  80. Omg no my Doberman died I 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  81. Bruh. He freaking just rigged the whole match

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