(light music) – [Narrator] Dogumentary TV, producing the best breed
documentaries on YouTube. (dog barks) (hip hop music) – My name is Oscar, I am the owner of Elevated
Canine and lead trainer. (hip hop music) Currently at Elevated Canine, we’re working with Guapo. He’s a IPO three Belgian malinois, that was read by Stephanie
O’Brien at Loucyn Malinois. She pretty much hand
picked this puppy for me, and it was a perfect
match from the get go, we recently competed at a national event, and we did pretty good. We missed the the world team by a couple of points, so I’m
very happy with him so far. The other dog that we’re
working with is a Luca, and I got Luca at a year old. He was a kind, he was
brought over from France. His father is a French Ring three, and his grandfather is French Ring three, which is not very common
in the rottweiler breed, because that sport
requires a lot of agility, and I got him at a year old. He was in a situation where
the family couldn’t keep him anymore, and he ended up you
know being placed with me. I had him for a year, I
put all the foundation, you know a lot of the work for IPO, and then when my partner, Christian, who works for the Elevated
Canine came along, I decided to pass Luca on to him, so I could do the
protection work on the dog, and he can do the handle work. So he’s doing pretty good, and he’s on on his way to trial right now. Luca is a pretty small
dog out for a rottweiler. He’s around 75 pounds, all lean muscle, but his father is a French Ring three, his grandfather is a French Ring three, and if anybody knows about that sport, it requires a lot of endurance, and the dog has to be very agile, so it would be hard for
a 115 pound rottweiler to climb the the wall, the palisade wall. The Belgian malinois started
as a general farm dog. Initially, the rottweiler was a drover dog that was used to drive the
cattle out to the market, and typically on the way back, they would put the money on the dog’s neck to guard the money on the way home. In my opinion the Belgian
malinois is a very smart breed. They pick things up very fast, and they like to figure
things out on their own. I mean compared to other breeds, I think they’re probably
one of the smarter breeds. The rottweiler while it’s very smart, I think they’re also very stubborn, which doesn’t help, that doesn’t help us when we’re training. They kinda like to,
they’re little hard headed. In my experience, if we add
too much compulsion too soon, they don’t work well. A compulsion means like
pressure based training, they’re very handler
sensitive to a certain point, and if you tend to put too
much pressure too soon, they just shut down. If you really build them
and really teach them, they’re actually very good dogs. From what I learned with Luca is that, and with other client dogs that we’ve had, is that we definitely have
to use a lot more motivation which is food or toys
or those sort of things. Guapo and Icon which are my two malinois, when they’re not working, they’re actually two different dogs, and I think it has a
lot to do with the way that I’ve been raising them. With Guapo, everything
was always go go go, I was building a ton of drive, and with Icon, it was a little
more letting him settle down, so since the beginning I’ve back tied him, and let him hung out and just chill, while other dogs are working, which is way different than Guapo, so that the two malinois that I have, they’re very different. Guapo does not do well,
just kinda hanging out, he doesn’t settle as fast as Icon does. (hip hop music) The rottweiler, Luca, the
time that I’ve had him, I had him for a year, and he is a dog that can chill, so when he’s not in
work, he’s in chill mode. He’s good with with the
kids, good with the family, and he’s pretty relaxed. (hip hop music) Typically, the rottweiler
is a little more chill, and is good to have around the house, and just hang out while the malinois, if you don’t work ’em like you should, which is every day and exercise his brain, he’s gonna be a pretty crazy
dog to have around the house. I would probably prefer,
If I were to choose one dog to live with and I took the
working aspect out of it, I would definitely choose a rottweiler, especially since I came
from the Cane Corse breed, the rottweiler is a lot more chill. Belgian malinois are typically they go, as far as height goals,
the males are around 24 to 26 inches, the females are like 22 to 24
inches us far as height goes. As far as weight goes, the
male’s are 64, 75 pounds, the female’s 55 to 66 pounds. Typically a rottweilers, the females are roughly 20 to 25 inches, the males 24, 27 inches for height, and as far as weight goes,
their female’s around 70, 75, 110 pounds, and male’s are
110 to as big as a 130 pounds. You know that’s what I mean
like Luca is a pretty small male compared to your breed standard. The malinois is a very agile dog, and definitely tends to use his speed to bring you down, and
definitely comes through, it helps the malinois for sure. The speed that it brings,
and the athleticism that it brings to the table. From my experience every single rottweiler that I’ve worked, they
definitely assume for protection at least as soon as they bite, they tend to pull down, and they want to bring the man down, instead of, some malinois will
tend to dig in in the bite. Bite force, I mean it’s
important for the work, everybody wants a hard biting dog,. Typically the bite force
for the Belgian malinois law is around 195 PSI. The rottweiler has a
bite force of 328 PSI, and obviously that’ll depend
on the size of the dog, and the intentions
behind the bite as well. So definitely the bite force, if the dog is bigger and he
definitely has bad intentions behind the bite, you’ll
feel it a lot more, and Belgian malinois or rottweiler, if a dog bites you, yeah,
PSI doesn’t really matter once you feal a good dog
biting, it’s all the same. With all that being said of a bite being a bite, I definitely have to put
on some extra equipment, when I’m working Luca just
because he bites so damn hard, and I end up all bruised
up after working him. And in my opinion of the
the Belgian malinois, and the rottweiler, and any working breed, I think needs a handler,
trainer that is very patient, and for different reasons the malinois, in my opinion, like Guapo, once he kicks in to drive, his body produces chemicals
that he can’t stop himself, and no matter how much I
correct them and lay into him, he can’t function the same
as to when he’s not in drive or in protection mode, so I have to be very patient and actually do the right
steps in teaching him and do the proper training
before getting to a place where he goes to the red
zone, and he can’t think. The rottweiler, you have
to be very patient because they’re very sensitive and sometimes can be handler sensitive or they could even redirect
and and try to bite you if they feel that you’re being unfair. Actually I witnessed a
rottweiler bite his handler this past weekend, and
the guy came at him, and was correcting him, dog
out of a little bit of fear, gets some forward aggression
and grabbed his arm, punctured his arm. So I definitely think
you’ve got to be smart in the way you correct each dog, especially a dog like the rottweiler, ’cause if that dog turns on you, boy, it’s not gonna be pretty. Something that I really like about Luca, and I’m not saying other
malinois don’t have it, but Luca naturally has
real aggression in there, and so when I take him places, I got to make sure that I watch him, and I have control of him
because he definitely, if he feels that somebody’s
being suspicious, he won’t think twice
to go after the person, while Guapo is a little
bit more of a thinker, will double check with me and
see what I want him to do, and that’s the difference
with the two dogs, and for me, I personally
would like the rottweiler more as a protection dog for
me than of my malinois. Typically the rottweiler
is a little more defensive than the malinois, which
is this very prey driven, so definitely I think
the rottweiler works best in close quarter. (hip hop music) It’s like the scenario
that we did with Kim was the dog was hanging out
with her while she’s reading, the bad guy comes in, and the dog reacts and
she sends him to go bite. Why I say that I like
’em more, the rottie, I think is a better dog for general home protection
is not just because they have more aggression and all that, but I think it’s just easier to handle, especially for first time
dog owners and all that. In my opinion, they’re
are a lot easier to handle than a Belgian malinois. The malinois would probably
do a lot better on a chase, or if the guy’s running away, or if he sees a fast movement
or that type of thing where he’ll react to it that’s
why the police departments, and security, they use
the Belgian malinois, because first of all they
have a lot more endurance, they’re very agile so they
can get into places that most rottweilers can’t get into, they got to send these
dogs over over fences, and under cars to get the suspect. I think that’s one of the big benefits of the Belgian malinois. Both Guapo and Luca are
being trained in sport, the sport of IPO, however we do step outside the sport box, and like when I was doing IPO, I also did a ton of hidden sleeve work, muscle work, suit work,
so I don’t just keep it strictly sports with my dog, I like to show ’em as
many pictures as I can with as many decoys as I
can while most sport people would tend to be like “Nah”, I wanna make sure that the decoy’s safe, the helper’s safe and
be, catching my dog man, I put ’em on anybody as
long as it’s safe obviously, I’ll drag ’em in if I have to by half, or I place the dog on the bite, but I’ve put him on all kinds of people, I don’t just, I typically
don’t like to stay in the box of the sport. The benefit of in my
opinion is that you make a little bit more of a serious dog, than just a sport dog, but with that being said since Luca does have a lot
more aggression in him, we definitely had to step
back at a certain point, and work a lot more prey work than the actual, all
the hidden sleeve stuff, and muzzle work just because it was getting a little out of hand. I think both the rottweiler
and the malinois, they’re amazing breeds. I really look forward
to keep working Guapo, and hopefully making though
the world team for IPO, and we’re gonna go for the
the Triple Crown they call it, which is the French Ring
three, and Mondio Ring, to be, he just turned three, so he’s only three years old, he’s got a lot of juice
and him to keep him going, and we’ll see how we
do as far as Icon goes. I’m gonna be doing IPO with him, and some French Ring work for the suit. (hip hop music) I’m very excited about
working with with Luca as well as the helper decoy. I think that Christian and
him have a very bright future, and I can tell you this much, the protection work is
gonna be on point for sure, and look out for this dog in the future, you don’t see too many rotties
like him, that’s for sure. (hip hop music)

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  9. I've had rotties for 23 years and have done French ring with them all…My first, Leader, was much like Luca, a smaller dog. We went up to French Ring2 together. He was the most fabulous dog. No one could have possibly gotten near me to hurt me. Since then I've had a few males and 2 females. The males got through the Brevet and worked on Ring 1. the father had to stop because he was sooooooooo chill, the son continued until he died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 4. I still have a female, born here, who is over 12.
    I also have a GSD with enormous prey drive. I must say I really prefer rottweilers!

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