Rodent Recap – MMM 2020 – Round 2, Night 1!

Welcome to the beginning of the second round of March Mammal Madness battles! I am MC Marmot. Tonight, we find out which of our
brave Tiny Terror combatants will make it to the sweet 16, and we also discover
which catlike or doglike creature will be left standing or sitting or
playing dead, rolling over, shaking…whatever. On to the battles! Seal pups! Yes, seal pups. That’s what was on the menu in Wolf Bay, Namibia. The fossa showed up and attacked, going right for the neck of a seal pup. Just when the fossa had won, the hyena charged in hoping to scare off the fossa. And it worked! The fossa fled the battlefield, leaving the hyena with the victory and a free dinner. MC, here I am in the tall grasses of northern India. There are no trees nearby. It’s scary! And it was scary for the Finlayson’s squirrel, too. He heard something moving and sounded an alarm. But that was a huge mistake! The pygmy hog came charging, and showed no mercy. The brave squirrel was…eviscerated. [“Fatality!”] Back to you. PAL: “A voracious appetite and a mean streak lead the pygmy hog to victory.” Our contenders met in cold, snowy Russia. Both the raccoon dog and the Island Fox immediately looked for a place to warm up. their raccoon dog The raccoon dog found a tree hollow…but it was already occupied by another raccoon dog! Instead of fighting for space, however,
both dogs huddled together for warmth. the The Island Fox, however found no friends in this cold, desolate place. It shivered alone in a burrow until the snow covered it up. PAL: “Maybe you should have read more Dale Carnegie. The raccoon dog advances.” MC, the kodkod was transported to Ghana, where it began to hunt for food. Suddenly it spied the tree hyrax!
The kodkod considered its chances. The hyrax was on its home turf, so it stamped its feet, and then it jumped down onto the same branch and shrieked right in the kodkod’s face! The tiny cat backed down and ran! Haha! Woohoo! The hyrax wins! [Music: “Go robot, it’s your birthday!”] PAL: “I ain’t afraid of no kodkod. The tree hyrax advances.” In these second round battles, the lower seed is still dealing with – all together now – home habitat advantage the Hedgehog Home Habitat Advantage! The hedgehog was in unfamiliar Ghana. The pudu smelled it, and approached. The hedgehog curled into a ball, spines out! A second pudu showed up, and started to try to intimidate the first pudu. While they flexed at each other, the hedgehog made a hasty exit… …right into the path of a nearby dog. Eeek. The pudu advances. In Nepal, the sloth bear climbed a tree, looking for fruit, but found instead a bewildered and overheating red panda. The red panda, however, decided to stand its ground, and
raised a feast luck bear ready to eat and raised a paw. The sloth bear raised a much bigger paw. The red panda did not feel that today was its lucky day, and quickly retreated. The sloth bear wins! The kusimanse went exploring in Costa Rica, and explored right into the tayra’s path! A fierce chase ensued, across the ground and straight up a tree!
The tayra slashed – but missed! But the kusimanse lost its balance
and fell from the tree right into a pond. The kusimanse was unhurt, but decided to leave the field of battle. The tayra wins! PAL: “The agile tayra sends the kusimanse for a dip and advances.” The social European badger found itself alone in the tall grass of Zimbabwe, and started to dig a new home at the base of a tree. The civet came upon the badger, and told him to get lost. The Badger refused. The civet did not
take refusal lightly, and chomped the badger’s skull. With a definitive crunch, the civet advances. That does it for the first night of the second round battles! Folks, these are trying times. Even from space, we can tell. Please remember that we are only rodent reporters, and check the links below to get all the science and art behind the madness. Besides – ahem: [Singing: “If you’re wondering how they eat and fight, and other mammal facts, “Ta la la!” Then repeat to yourself this is just for fun and you should really just relax, for March Mammal Madness 2020!” I am MC Marmot. Thank you for watching.

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