Ricky Gervais on Cats vs. Dogs

Ricky Gervais on Cats vs. Dogs

– Your cat has
her own Twitter account. – She does. I love my cat.
My little cat Ollie. There she is.
audience: Aw. – I know. Yeah.
– She’s very pretty. – She’s very angry on Twitter. She gets–
[laughter] People insult her, and that– just look at
her angry little face. – [laughs] What did you do
to make her angry like that? – Well, I shared a picture
of her. I’m cuddling her. But sometimes,
if you hold a cat wrong or it’s walking away,
it shows its tuppence. – Ah.
Mine don’t do that. – Don’t they?
– They don’t hiss at me, no. – No, I mean, they–
her lady parts. – Oh, is that what
a tuppence is? – Yeah.
– Oh, sorry. – Yeah, her little front garden. – I see.
Her–her front garden? – [laughing] – I–no.
– Yeah, so she was furious. – I see.
– Yeah. There. [laughter]
– Well, you shouldn’t– – She was trying to cover it up,
but– – Yeah.
[laughter] So she’s very angry.
– [laughing] Oh, God. – You love her so much
that you now– it seems that you can understand
her meows. – Yeah, she’s got four or five. There’s the,
“Where have you been?” There’s the, “Tuna.
I want tuna now.” There’s the, “Brush me.” She comes over, and she sort of
head butts me, and– she’s very fickle though. ‘Cause I’ll brush her,
and she’ll be loving it. It’s like she’s–
every part, she– I brush her,
and I’ve had enough brushing. Then I sort of do that
to stroke her, and she bites me. She just goes,
“We said ‘brushing.’ We didn’t say ‘stroking.'” It’s like she’s totally
in charge. There’s this lovely thing
that says, “Dogs have owners.
Cats have staff.” – Uh-huh.
– Which is so true. – That is so true.
– That’s so–yeah. – So do you–are you– you’re more of a cat person,
’cause you have a cat, but would you think about
getting a dog? – No, I love all animals,
and I wish I could have a dog, but I travel so much. It’s, I think–
a cat, you can leave it. You go, “I’m going.”
It goes, “Whatever.” Know what I mean? A dog says,
“Well, am I coming?” And that look is,
“What have I done wrong?” – I know.
– I know. I couldn’t do it. That’s the big difference
as well between cats and dogs. A cat doesn’t rate you. It doesn’t care for you.
It doesn’t think you’re– A dog thinks
you’re the best thing ever. That’s why anything you do
is a great idea. – That is true. – If you say,
“Do you want to go for a walk?” “That’s the best thing
I’ve ever heard.” [laughter]
“Do you want to go back?” “Yeah, that’s the best thing”– Whatever you’re doing,
a dog goes, “You’re amazing.” Like, “That is per”– A cat goes,
“What do you call that? That’s awful.” – Yeah.
[laughter] – That’s the big difference.
But I love them. I love cats.
They’re independent. And there’s never
a bad picture of a cat. There’s loads of bad pictures
of me. I take most of them. But you can’t get a cat–
look at that. – Yeah. – That’s her audition
for Supercat. [laughter]

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  1. Dogs are the BEST !!!!

  2. Ellen is such a great interviewer. She just knows when to hush and let the guest shine. I guess that's something Jimmy hasn't learnt to do yet. And BTW Ricky is just brilliant

  3. OMG love him more now. Cat ppl are the BEST.

  4. Could someone please tell me what the quote was because I couldn't understand a word of it

  5. My cat is the same about brushing. When she's had enough, scratch or bite.

  6. Ricky just makes me happy. Always leaving a big smile on my face lol

  7. my cat is not like that.
    he loves everything I do with him, and when I come home he gets excited and weolcomes me!
    The less family is home, the more he gets depressed.

  8. i love my Cat and she definitely shows emotion and is attached to me just like a dog. in fact cats are known to be attached and protective to their owners. When i went away on vacation for a week and came back my cat was really upset that i left her! lol cats are just as sweet and emotional and loving as dogs are.

  9. Stupid comments about cats. Many cats care very much about being their people and miss them.

  10. Anyone else notice that one of the twitter handles on screen was 'Dick Gobbler' XD

  11. Who the hell is this Australian guy? 

  12. This is why I am more of a dog person than a cat person

  13. Note to self: Don't drink hot soup while watching vids of Ellen

  14. His laugh is just beautiful

  15. I loved how he described dogs, it's very sweet.

  16. I never got this cat vs dog type people fight,, screw that.. I have several dogs AND cats, cause both are amazing… and they also kinda enjoy eachothers 😛

  17. I never understand peoples love for animals! Im terrified of cats ! when i see cats its like I have seen a ghost. my heart rate increases . I specially hate when animals lick my hand with their wet tongues.

  18. that is so accurate. hilariously accurate.

  19. My cat sleeps with me every night
    She waits at my door while I'm getting ready for bed and then follows me in
    And I wake up to her cuddling me, almost every time.

  20. I love this, and what he say's is so true!

  21. I love my dog Barney!! And he loves all instagrm, twitter, facebook…xD

  22. my cat constantly meows and sits at the window whenever i leave the house then runs up to my legs when i come back inside just like my dog does….

  23. 0:44 ricky laugh is my life

  24. Ok i admit, I love dogs just as much after watching this video! ?

  25. aww this vid is amazing.

  26. Cats have that elegant fuck you attitude that a lot of people don't appreciate, and some cats are just plain nasty, so I can see why more people like the drooling friendliness of dogs. I like both but I'm not home/responsible enough for either…a cactus died of thirst in my house.

  27. Cats and Dogs are so different i can't help but love both and i hope i can have both a cat and dog in the future through adopting from a shelter 🙂

  28. My cat is a huge bitch and likes to attack me a lot, but I still would rather have her than a dog. I don't know what it is but jesus fuck dogs are a bitch to care for haha. Cats are just like "eh fuck it I'ma be over her doin my thing, you do yours. just feed me thx" It's fucking great!

  29. This clip reminded me of the episode of Derek when the dog died.

  30. Ellen is a cat 🙂

  31. "Her fun garden"!! ?

  32. in japan we have a saying about dogs and cats 

    Dogs say about humans, they look after me, they feed me, they play with me, they take care of me and protect me, they must be gods 

    Cats says about humans they look after me, they feed me, they play with me, they take care of me and protect me, I must be god.

    yes i don't look very asian i know that .

  33. It's so true about dogs, they're the best

  34. A cat bites me I punish him or her. I am the owner. I feed her I take care of her. I treat it with respect, If she doesnt, she gets punished. Its not rocket science!
    Cats are not Gods!

  35. Men that love cats so much, make me smile so deeply!

  36. The things he just said about dogs are all the reasons I love dogs

  37. Cats are loyal to food, dogs are loyal to their owners.

  38. Ricky has such a punchable face. Most English people do. I mean that in a jolly goot way….

  39. I want to hear him talk for hours, such a great person.

  40. I LOVE these two. Can I say it again? I LOVE YOU TWO, U are extraordinary human being. Thank You thnak you thank you so much for caring and loving animals. Much love and peace

  41. dogs = american audience

    cats = british audience

  42. He is soooo right about the differences cat-dogs, I experienced it 2 😀

  43. His laugh makes everything 1000% funnier

  44. I fell bad for the cat

  45. Is it bad that I seriously thought they meant the movie and not the actual animals?

  46. British humour is just better

  47. Real Gervais is awesome! A real cat lover! 🙂

  48. I like Ellen and Ricky! They love kitties! 🙂

  49. Kitties are the best pet ever! They are so affectionate and independent as well. 🙂

  50. I have had cats and dogs, but our cats are more affectionate and treat me and my family as their family.

  51. cat people unite!

  52. I love how much he loves animals.

  53. We love dogs

  54. That's total BS about cats tho. Our cat loves us to bits. When we go away for a day or two, she's all over us when we come back.

  55. No way. What a stereotypical outlook re: cats. Mine literally meows her head off, apparently, when I go away on vacation and gets very upset. Or if I slept on the couch when a relative was visiting, she'd stand guard from inside the pet gate in the hallway and keep calling out to me balefully. My silly fuzzball loves me to bits. ❤️?

  56. Is Ollie a girls name??

  57. Don't remember where I heard it (maybe an XFM-podcast), but Ricky once said something along the line of 'people who don't like animals have no empathy'.

    Wise man.

  58. So true, I have 4, and I just love them. Dogs smell bad to me. I love all animals but cats don't stink. Smells really bother me. Love, love cats….

  59. I think dogs are better than cats because they taste better.

  60. My cat cares for me haha. She meows when I come home and comes towards me so I can pet her

  61. I love Cats and I love Ellen

  62. oh that is peachy RICKY and ELLEN.. But do British cats meow with a Cockney accent???

  63. Im dog persion .  stuck caring for least 10 maybe more cats. never bought cat not sure how this happened.

  64. God he is so amazing ????

  65. Cats do too love their people, they’re just more subtle about it.

  66. Cats: simon cowell

    Dogs: howie mandel or david walliams?

  67. OMG my cat is a dog!

  68. My house mate's cats don't like me leaving. They are desperately grateful when I come home after a few days away. They make me feel appreciated.

  69. that is such a load of crap that a cat doesn't love you. My cats follow me everywhere. He is stupid

  70. Well, that is a baaad generalisation. My cat, for instance, loves people more than anything. He hates other animals, though. He is such an attention seeker and cries if he's left alone

  71. That is so true what he said about cars and dogs I can’t stand cats they look so mean they’re little sneaky eyes and attitude and dogs are just so adorable and cute and the truest best friends you could ever ask for !!

  72. Cats do care for you. Anything a dog can do, a cat can do as well

  73. That is so true ?
    I ♥️ cats

  74. Ricky Gervais is a great bloke a legend of a bloke

  75. I can see that he's a cat person who also loves dogs, and she is a dog person who likes cats too.

  76. I could listen to Ricky Gervais talk for hours about his cat

  77. My cat used to care if I left for a couple of days. He would look at me like: where have you been? Then he would ignore me for a couple of days to get back at me for leaving him.

  78. Ricky being a normal pet owner who can happily talk about his pet for hours

  79. Hope the cat got the role for supercat

  80. he's a huge animal lover

  81. dogs are far superior to cats. cats are not a pet they just use you! nowhere near as clever as dogs either! would you trust a cat to guide your blind grandmother? not to mention the overpopulation of ferals destroying our bird populations

  82. He treats his cat with more respect than his girlfriend.

  83. Oh, I take embarrassing pictures of my cats all the time

  84. I don’t get the point of Ellen. She’s got nothing to offer

  85. Ellen is a wonderful host – she lets him chat away and doesn't try to take his limelight. He's on a roll about animals and she just lets him keep going ?

  86. This man's laughs give me life…..

  87. You shouldve named him Mrs.Garfield.. He hates Monday…

  88. Whats up with all these incredible boring and generic talkshow hosts you've got in the US!? Conan must be the only exception… I mean it's great to let your guests talk, but there's no personality to her questions. Take notes from Graham Norton.

  89. My favourite line from this interview .I love all animals .wow me too

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