Rescuing the world’s most annoying cat

Rescuing the world’s most annoying cat

Oh. My. God. *mraww* (why poki why) One year ago, while driving through the mountains of Gifu, a scraggly cat dashed across the expressway in front of our car. We pulled over – which, I believe is illegal in Japan….. and I idiotically chased the cat to the other side and picked him up where he was eating some roadkill. He was NOT in great shape We brought him home, where he pooped in one of our potted plants overnight, and we took him to the vet in the morning. He had a very broken leg, a tail that needed to be amputated, worms, and he was really underweight. 🙁 And he was smelly. SO, SO SMELLY! You guys came through and more than covered the cost of his medical bills! Two months later, we brought home a completely different looking cat. AND THAT’S WHERE IT BEGAN….(dun dun DUNN) This is Haku. He’s a Maine Coon. *soft, cute meows* This is Nagi.
He’s a Norwegian Forest Cat. *adorable kawaii mrrrrriws* This is Poki. MREEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
AAAaaaAooaAAAaOOOOoooAAaaooOOOwwwwwwww MREEEeeaAaaaooowww We… don’t know what Poki is. (Poki is Poki) Nothing is off-limits to Poki! Does Poki want in that room? Then Poki is going in that room! *Poki trying to go in that room* *Poki going in that room* Rachel: Poki, where are you going?
(that room) Rachel: Where… *Rachel laughs* What are you doing? (going in that room) UGH *Poki going in that room* Can you get in there? *Poki gets in there*
*Rachel laughs* Poki doesn’t always make good exploration choices, though. Rachel: Poki? Hey… *laughing* I see you *Poki whimpers* Rachel: Poki? Poki? *Poki meows* *Jun talking incoherently in the background* Rachel: What are you doing? Come here! Go on! Okay, he’s out. Poki likes to play. And Poki comes first. So, playtime with anyone else, is actually playtime with Poki. Rachel: Haku! *Poki shows up out of nowhere* *Rachel laughs* *Montage of Poki stealing the spotlight* Poki REALLY likes food. *Rachel laughs* Poki probably likes food more than anything else in the world. Rachel: Ah, cat. *Rachel laughs* Rachel: What are you doing buddy? Rachel: You gonna act like you weren’t just trying to open the cabinet? Now, we have child locks. Rachel: He’s straddling my leg, though. Rachel: God–he knows what it is! Jun: ‘Sup? Jun: I feel like he can still get in. Rachel: He’s gonna try, but he’s just gonna be frustrated. Jun: I hope so.
Rachel: Yeah. Jun: Let’s try then. Are you gonna put the other one? Rachel: Yeah. Jun: Bottom, there? Rachel: No no, I was gonna put it on this one. Jun: Oh. Jun: Experiment time! Rachel: Here you go, give it a shot. Jun: What if he actually LEARNS how to open the thing? Rachel: It’s impossible! You have to use two hands. Rachel: There’s gonna be a lot of claw marks on the inside of these doors, but… …we already gonna have to replace literally, like, everything when we move, anyway. Jun: my god.. Rachel: CAT! Poki knows where we throw away food. Jun: We just came back from Tokyo, and we hear something.
*meowing* *meowing* Rachel:I saw this f*meow*ker, this morning—he was sitting on top of here, pawing at the door and I was like
*meowing* Rachel: he’s gonna get in the trash can one of this times.
*meowing* *meowing* Rachel: Whose fu*meow*ing fault is this? Rachel: Whose fault is this? Jun: Guys, I SWEAR I didn’t do this. Rachel: UGH IT SMELLS! EWWW! Jun: Oh wait, I am sure Poki smells even worse. Rachel: You went in the wrong one! Rachel: There’s not even food in this one, that’s plastics! Rachel: He smells SO BAD!
Jun: Put him in the bathroom. Rachel: Yeah. Come on! Alright, come on smelly cat Rachel: What did you do?
*Jun laughs* Rachel: Oh, god! Rachel: What are we gonna do with you? Come on! Rachel: POKI! Did you learn nothing?! Rachel: What is your issue?! Rachel: Oh my god, this fu*meow*ng cat, I swear Rachel: Oh. My. God. Rachel: Oh my god! Rachel: Are you KIDDING me?! Poki is also really persistent. Rachel: Poki. Rachel: F*meow*ucking cat! Rachel: We use this for something else but, for now Rachel: so I can get back to work… Rachel: we’re gonna do this. Rachel: WHAT’S YOUR NEXT MOVE?! Rachel: I HATE YOU. Rachel: 8:21. Rachel: GET. YOUR BUTT. OUT! Rachel: A-AH! IT DOESN’T WORK NOW, DOES IT? Rachel: Oh god, no…please, no no no no Rachel: Just give up! Rachel: Come on! Rachel: Tree in the way, hopefully don’t knock it down during the night Rachel: that’s happened three times…to this pot, before! But, Rachel: I think I can keep him out like this. Jun: Welcome to Jun’s Kitchen. Jun: Today, I’d like to show you this… *meow* Rachel: We were gone for 5 MINUTES!
*meowing* Rachel: Why do you keep going in the plastics??
Jun: Which one?
*meowing* Rachel: He always goes in the plastics. Rachel: You dumb butt, what are you…God! Jun: Wait- how…? Rachel: WA-WA-WA-WA-WAIT. Rachel: How much do you smell? Rachel: UGHHHHHH Rachel: YOU SMELL LIKE TRASH AGAIN! Rachel: I have to give you a bath again!
I’m so busy! Rachel: I’m so busy! Rachel: Just let me work! I just have so much work! I don’t have time for this! Rachel: I can’t handle you… Jun: I’ll help you. I’ll take care of this trash, Jun: and I’m gonna do the laundry. Jun: Alright?
Rachel: Alright.. Rachel: Now whatchu gonna do?! Rachel: Poki is my baby. Rachel: We love him anyway.

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  1. put POKi in adoption

  2. OMG POKI SOUNDS JUST LIKE MY FIONA!! Glad to see I'm not the only one living with a hyperactive cat demon

  3. And this is poki…

  4. The fact her name is Rachael and she didn’t sing smelly cat pisses me off


  6. So funny. Naughty Poki. Lol

  7. Your Cat is crazier than mine xD

  8. Poki is a cat that pokes
    Get it? I've been in my house all night

  9. 😂😂😂😂 i love Poki!!!

  10. That's how Polki would've survived all that time; he learnt to get into trash cans to get the scraps. Poor guy, he was starving for so long that he's always going to be very food motivated.

  11. O M G! I LOVE POKI TOO!<3

  12. Noone:

  13. wth that is not poki, its more like garfield…..

  14. 😂😂😂😂😂😀

  15. Oi nah who are these 4000 plebs that disliked the video

  16. Shoulda had duct tape on the bottom as well

  17. Et maintenant Poki est dans le sas

  18. Poli is my favorite

  19. Aww and now everyone else loves Poki too

  20. I think Poki is a calico

  21. I want a poki. Where do I find a poki?

  22. He was underweight.

    Keyword WAS.

  23. I dont like cats and I like dogs more but this is kinda cute

  24. Here we have perfect elegant trained cats
    And then there’s Poki

  25. Smelly cat smelly cat what are the feeding you😂😂😂

  26. Poki had survival instincts

  27. I think poki is a tuxedo cat I had one just like her but we did Not rescue her not to be mean

  28. and.. this is poki

  29. Guys you found poki on the street which means he ate food scraps and he got used to eating so now its habit

  30. Poki is crazy I lil coo coo and he meows lik an maniac but he’s adorable also he goes in recycling can -_-


  32. Poki is my spirit animal

  33. Now thats one smart cat

  34. Poki is his own breed

  35. 1:03 This is Poki.


  36. Read books before adopting cats.

  37. I love the subtitles to this

  38. Poki beat the system


  40. Turn on captions 😂👌🏻

  41. poki is a cat that acts like my dog

  42. At least he doesn't eat the carpet . . . unlike someone I know.

  43. Them: we.. dont know what poki is..

    Me: definetly not a cat.

  44. And this is Poki

    Poki : His amazing, beautiful meows

  45. Who’s the striped cat and grey cat?

  46. I would take him in a heartbeat lol. Love his personality

  47. Haku: Gentle
    Nagi: Sweet

  48. I guess this is why they say black cats are bad luck?

  49. Poki is my new hero in life

  50. My parents hate my cat but if i probably showed them this… they may have a different idea

  51. I think poki is a tuxedo cat :0? Possibly maybe also breed with a tabby due to his coat pattern

  52. “Poki! What is your issue?!

    Poki: I have many.

  53. This is back in my.recommended 3 years later

  54. nobody

    poki: gets stuck between fridge


    Poki: gets stuck in trash can

  55. 2:16 هناك ثلاث قطط أخرى هل هم لكم أيضا

  56. And he teaches the others bad habits 😁you will see your angel like cats turning into another pookies I warn you. I have very well behaved cats till I adopted a cat from the streets and at the beginning we laugh at them now I live in a mess 😂

  57. He tries everything he can to get that dang cabinet open

  58. Please upload again I just found this channel and i love it

  59. He protecc
    He attacc
    Most importantly,

    He thinks everything is a snacc

  60. Norwegian forest cat! I think pokes a tuxedo cat because of his fur coat

  61. Poki 😍Poki…. 😘😘😘

  62. I have a cat that looks exactly like poki and my cat is a tuxedo cat so poki might be a tux cat

  63. Poki would be a great warrior cat

  64. No…that cat looks like my cat that ran away..😭

  65. Is poki up for adoption cause I think my sister would love poki sense she’s like poki

  66. Put abucket of water instead of garbage see if dumbass will go in that cabnit again. He's so stupid and backwards probably likes water lol😖🤯 🧠dead 🐈☠️☠️🙀🙀🥇🏆 the annoying dumbest pet alive

  67. Yo u people are to blame and stupid like ur cat the next dumb dumb goes in there lock him up for a day let that DEMON DEMONIC CAT meow and yes they meow at humans and cats. Until he learns his lesson trust me after 2 times that fucker won't go in there . Now Jackson Galaxy says u can't train a cat that way u do a dog? Well why does he put sticky tape on things and sliders on trees? Obviously the cat remembers it's there and doesn't go back to that place right that's his logic. So what's the difference in any other way u train or discipline a cat? Makes no sense to me. But hey I didn't go to cat college oh they don't have one I forgot about that. He got lucky like ceaser Milan and the rest of em. Well u can train a cat I train mine and pitbulls and rotties. And the cats I had was all kinds f1 , f2 u name it and before u judge me u don't know me and I'm a volunteer and give and work at ASPCA but when I see assholes like cats and owners I just call it

  68. Don't u want poki as Ur pet

  69. And why did u adopt him

  70. Oh my gosh my rescued cat is the same and he talks nonstop and he also has a crooked tail 😂😂 but in a shorter J shape and his name is Alfa. He is soooo naughty and he doesn’t listen and he is sooo hyper or talkative.

  71. 1:04 put on CC to see lower things

  72. Jun is a boy, Rachel is a boy.

  73. Oh my god!! Poor cat ._.
    He was in very bad condition 🙁
    Thank you for saving him 🙂

  74. Glad someones having fun 😂

  75. Everybody liked that

  76. Bonjour! hello from France! Nous aimons Poki! !!

  77. BUT, what does he do when he sees a cat he doesn’t know?

  78. As I was watching this my three cats came running to me to see what was going on after hearing Poki meowing ❤️

  79. Poke is just so adorable

  80. Everyone turn captions on

  81. Poki: looks like you cant handle the nuetron style

  82. People, please explain why they introduce only 3 of cats and didn`t talk a bit about these two: grey one and cheetah stripes one. At 2:37 they seem to live with Rachel as well as other cats.

  83. Poki: Meaowoagaodievwowjuwowiwhaoabwheidhwodjfbdiieidgdhdusudgwcyxhxhudisbzggzfaoaoqokwowoaojahw

    Me: he’s speaking the language of the gods

  84. Chucky-cheese probably be dead by now.

  85. "We don't know what poki is."

    Well… in my country it means vagina.

  86. Nice, etzala der Lügenlord Song als Intro!

  87. As poki is climbing in the trash you can se Nagi being like “ you’re seeing this right?” 🤣💕

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