Requiem for a Dream [二哈和他的白猫师尊 Husky and his white cat shizun] Feniks_Zadira

Requiem for a Dream  [二哈和他的白猫师尊  Husky and his white cat shizun] Feniks_Zadira

– Mo Wei Yu… You lose your mind? Shi Mei did not die so that you would become a madman! Teacher’s words are not good enough. The life of Shi Mei in exchange for mine, is it possible? He died! This cannot be exchanged! Clear to you, Dear Teacher!

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  1. alguien sabe el nombre de esta serie

  2. Waow where can we see it please

  3. …. Боже…. Какая изысканная красота…. Для гурманов…. Чужая подвинута на второе место…… Спасибо……

  4. Please link me the song title

  5. Он ведь выжил, да? Мне придетсч пересмотреть кучу раз, чтобы понять все тонкости сюжета, но я в восторге ❤

  6. no puedo encontrar este drama me estoy volviendo loca ??

  7. I love this video n the actor's are Awesome n Amazing n the background is Beautiful n Amazing n i just love 2 watch all ur videos n this my favorite one n u are a talented n Awesome n Amazing Lady n i enjoy this video n the music is Beautiful n Amazing n u get a thumbs up???????????????????????

  8. Okay.
    Like I like all of the dramas shown here.
    Is there anyway to list them ??
    Thank you so much for the upload.

  9. Напишите название дорамы плииз

  10. I think this is bl

  11. Don't judge the novel by the title!Too many damn feels!?

  12. งง!! ตัดต่อกี่สิบเรื่องมารวมกันรึเป่าค่ะ

  13. ไม่เคยอ่านนิยาย แต่พอจะดูออกว่าอู๋เหล่ยเป็นพระเอก หยุนซีนายเอก
    แล้วเติ้งหลุนกับเซียวจ้านเป็นใครในเรื่องหรอคะ ใครเคยอ่านมาบอกหน่อย

  14. haha i recently saw RunYu in another drama and thought, huh he'd make a good Chu Wanning and lo and behold

  15. 很棒的剪辑,如果罗云熙的新剧出来,up主还会剪新视频吗?

  16. I always love all of your works….thank you so much for this ❤️

  17. I thought I saw Xiao Zhan

  18. Holy shit, this video is AMAZING!!!!!! All the feels!!!! Extremelly crazily superb edited that I was never lost in it and could sink myself in the story again! I wish there would be drama with the actors from this video, they fit extremelly well! Thank you!

  19. Mo Wei Yu looks like Park Seo Joon (??)

  20. OMG this video is amazing and really amazing edit skill . Ilike it .I like it

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