Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates & Small Pets : Milk Snake Facts

Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates & Small Pets : Milk Snake Facts

So, this is a milk-snake. This is one of the
many sub species, Lampropeltis triangulum, and this one is sinaloa. This is the sinaloan
milk-snake, found basically in northern Mexico, from the Sinora Desert, all the way down to
Sinaloa. Milk-snakes are, are found in many sub-species, through out North, Central, and
South America. Many different color morphs and different patterns. The sinaloan milk-snake
is defined by it’s range and by the number of bands that it has. This snake is found
primarily in woodland regions. It’s a non- venomous species, though. A lot of people
think that they’re venomous, because of their banded red, yellow, and black coloring. And,
they do overlap a highly venomous snake, the coral snakes. And, they are an example of
an animal that mimics a dangerous animal, and therefore is afforded some protection,
by resembling an animal that is dangerous. The bird, the snake eating birds, have evolved
to avoid all red, yellow, and black banded snakes, whether they’re harmless or not. But
this is a constricting species. It eats primarily small mammals. It will eat, you know, lizards.
It will eat birds, and they are also known for eating other snakes. They will readily
eat other snake species. They do, they are egg layers, and they lay fourteen to sixteen
eggs, approximately thirty to forty days after mating. They mate generally from March to
May. And then the eggs will emerge somewhere between July and September.

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  1. milksnakes make great pets, and yes they will wrap around like a boa! but the stay small and easily managable.

  2. such a beautiful red coloring!

  3. so many vids in 1 day

  4. ball pythons make good pets

  5. i would say to you boa constrictor but you want a little snake so you should buy a ball python or a corn snake they are the better first snake.and maybe the milk snake they are all good begginer snake

  6. i wouls say milk. there more ….. i wanna say active but hey its upto u

  7. Dude the proper rhyme is "red next to yellow, will kill a fellow, red next to black a venamous lack" 🙂

  8. @Kingro619 and maximiliaan1995
    stop spreading that bullshit, that only apply in east usa, there is 25 diferent milksnakes and more then 40 corallsnakes, and they are all diferent in the colour…

  9. wow……he's so beautiful!!!!

  10. @MsBioGeek lol, so was i XD

  11. @matt37075 LOL WIN!

  12. that snake is trying so hard to get to the camera man 😮

  13. i have a pueblan milksnake and he's a pain in the ass! lol he always tries to runaway and bite me lol

  14. @MsBioGeek I was like "fuck it. I'm just getting a stick and poking it."

  15. @giorgosgt1 They typically reach 4-5 ft, cute little things c:

  16. @MsBioGeek This is true with almost all the kingsnake/coral snake species.

  17. uh… must… lick… camera..

  18. it red to black is a freind to jack then red to yellow is a deadly fellow

  19. Yelow and black venom lack blak and yellow can kill a fellow.

  20. they don't just eat other snake speicies, they eat other milk snakes as well. that's why you should never keep two milk snakes together, one could end up eating the other.

  21. that snake seemed nice,but its a constrictor huh….are there any non venomous snakes that arnt constrictors??

  22. I came across a milk snake when I was about 13 once, at Sam A. Baker State Park while canoeing, long story short our canoe crashed and when I went to retrieve the stuff I ran into a milk snake coasting in the water, bout shit my pants thinking it was venomous, and that's how I grew a fear of snakes!

  23. Red on black venom lack, red on yellow can kill a fellow lololol

  24. love the color!!! how big do they get?

  25. Do they make good pets?

  26. I want a pet milk snake but my mums terrified of snakes and I don't know where to get them and yes I'm a girl but more of a Tom-boy

  27. No, since they have no other way of killing their prey 🙂 It's either constrictor or venomous.

  28. I want a milk snake but my parents won't get me one.

  29. Im getting a milk snake in about two months but I know a lot about them. Some people are asking questions so I thought I'd answer them:
    Do they make good pets?:
    Yes milk snakes make amazing pets as they are very tame and they are very sweet animals.
    How big do they get?
    Some milk snakes can get to be up to 6ft as adults but it depends what type you get as some will only grow to be 2ft or less (it's best to research to find the one you would like.
    I want a small snake that doesn't grow to be big anyone help me?
    Yes most milk snakes are the perfect small snake to keep but there are different types of snakes that also stay small and pretty such as the corn snake.

    Hope this helped thank you xxx

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