Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates & Small Pets : Common Snapping Turtle Facts

Reptiles, Amphibians, Invertebrates & Small Pets : Common Snapping Turtle Facts

Here, I have a common snapping turtle. Its
scientific name is Chelydra Serpentina. This is the, the snapping turtle lives only in
fresh water however, it has been found it brackish water as well. They range from southern
Canada, down the east coast of Florida, and into the mid-west United States. There is
even a subspecies that is found to inhabit central America. They like to inhabit water
that had muddy bottoms because it makes better hiding for them. The snapping turtles carapace
is quite big, as it can reach up to eighteen inches in length. Its tail can usually be
about half the size of the body and it has these horn-like keels on the tail, giving
it a very primitive appearance. Its plastron, which I can’t really show you, is quite small,
but you can tell it is because it leaves much of its extremities expose, so you really wouldn’t
see this on other turtles. Very interesting as well is these projections in the back.
When a snapping turtle feels threatened, it will usually aim its back end at you and lift
this up so you run into these instead. It’s interesting to know that this particular turtle
has a very interesting carapace. Most of them in the wild won’t look, or have quite this
brilliant of a red in their shell. However, this turtle was fed a mixture of ground up
fish, sweet potatoes, put into red strawberry jello and we believe it has affected the color
of his carapace. Mating wise, males will position himself on top of a female and he will clasp,
he will hold on to her by these really long, strong claws. A female can lay as many as
eighty-three eggs and they will take nine to eighteen weeks to hatch. A very interesting
fact about the female of this species is that they can store sperm within their bodies for
multiple years so they can have a clutch every season without actually having to mate. As
you can see, they look like ferocious carnivores and they are. These guys will eat almost anything
that they can fit into their mouths including fish, reptiles, amphibians, and even small

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  14. will color enhancers do the trick?

  15. Poor old turtle, in all my years of fishing near them and catching them, I have never seen a snapper that fat. These things aren't meant to eat readily-prepared meals with fruit and vegetables in them, they strive on eating any small animal that they can catch. They need the exercise of actually hunting-down live food.

  16. i dont understand why you made him so fat!!
    get him on a diet!

  17. With all due respect, the snapping turtle shown has been overfed and needs to be placed on some sort of diet. No wonder its response to being handled was so lethargic. Please, whoever is responsible for overseeing this turtle's care; do something to reduce its caloric intake!

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  22. They make very interesting pets. Very, very expensive interesting pets.

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  29. Less food and exercise is needed. That snapping turtle is overweight.

  30. well at least its had more girls than you in its life

  31. Thats one fat turtle – too much sweet potato, it needs a diet.

  32. not diet coke – I likes strawberry shake

  33. Aw it's so scared

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  35. I thought she was 18 I swear to god

  36. Its kinda ugly. but it has a pretty shell. that face is kinda rubbing off on me….

  37. Thats one of the most placid, well behaved snappers Ive ever seen.

  38. You have obviously never seen another snapping turtle before…. Its not overweight at all.. Do some research before you make comments on something you dont know anything about… Just cause you have reptile in your name doesnt mean you have the knowledge to make such dumbass comments. And people handle reg snappers right behind the shell once they get that big… Once again had you actually known anything you would spit out bullshit

  39. why does this girl insist on constantly stroking or fidgeting with the animal? we can see it quite well without you moving it every 5 seconds, which it clearly doesn't enjoy either.

  40. it's just soo fat!

  41. She is overweight😔

  42. You should leave wild animals in the wild.

  43. uhh shes not over weight all snapping turtles have skin hanging out like that cuz they have a very very small plastron (bottom shell)

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  49. That is the biggest common snapping turtle I've ever seen.  Very tame, though.  I've never seen a captive one before.

  50. snappers really get a bad rap, they just don't like to be messed with.  I have a snapper, he is very mellow, never snapped at anyone before.  the big one I am holding in my profile pic I caught in a river and even she didnt try snapping at me, I held her on my knee in the canoe as my wife paddled to the bank and back out to release her.  the one in video is way over weight though.  Check out Tank the not so common common snapping turtle, he is awesome as well 🙂

  51. Needs a diet and exercise.

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  53. That turtle has to be over fed its to fat I'm surprise if its even healthy… Its nice but to big there not suppose to be so big..Y is these people showing us this animal if its not well taking care of he is to big?? Help it give it a good diet and exercise, they probably neglect there reptiles..

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