Remembering LIL BUB, an Internet Cat Sensation

Remembering LIL BUB, an Internet Cat Sensation

Hi, this is LIL Bub she’s a cat celebrity and that happened by accident sort of I mean I’ve posted photos of all my cats because this is a recording studio and people would always become friends with the cats and everyone knew my cats and I’d post photos and
people liked it and so when I got Bub I did the same of course The response that I got from those photos of Bub were “Woah what is this cat” you know And you know I joke around like “ha ha my cat’s gonna be famous” you know to my friends
like as a joke you know not really expecting anything to happen Eventually a photo went viral as they say Bub is now two and a half years old She has a lot of funny things about her Her teeth never grew in her tongue sticks out all the time She’s got extra toes on all her feet and she’s tiny for me I guess what I didn’t realize when I got her it was sort of a mind-blowing experience for me
like I call her the most amazing creature on the planet and I really thought that I was like
there’s no other animal like this and beyond her looks just like this
energy that she has I didn’t realize that other people would
sense that too even just from photos That’s a funny face she wants to let people know that there’s
pets out there that need homes if you want a pet, the best thing to do is adopt one I think she would encourage people to go out even if you don’t have room for a pet you can
still volunteer at a shelter the relationship I have with Bub is something I’ve never experienced
before I mean this is maybe the first time i care about someone more than myself all the book, show, all that crazy stuff that occupies my time but the best part
of having Bub is actually having Bub and you know people see her in photos
and stuff but as just a cat that I live with she’s remarkable she’s like a really
really special companion and I’m just very lucky to have her

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  1. These people just changed the description and title for a 5 year old video because BUB died. Im amazed.

  2. Youtube rewind idnt add lil bub even if she started an animal fundraiser getting more than 700k dollars to homeless animals, youtube rewind is garbage

  3. Rest in peace sweet amazing angel. You will be missed by all of us.

  4. Thurston Waffles is now my favorite online cat celebrity now that LIL BUB is gone. RIP cutie pie.

  5. You gave her a good life, she will be remembered.

  6. As most people have…I fell in love with this sweet, smart and so very funny little girl. I am so sad for her dad and her siblings. But I find peace knowing that all of our babies are playing, running, jumping and napping in the sun at the Rainbow Bridge. They will all be there waiting for our arrival.

  7. Rest in peace Lil BUB❤️😼

  8. Wow I never seen this her before and I'm not a cat fan I don't hate them but It would take a spirited cat like her to draw me in was she downsyndrom? My aunt had a cat like that his name was Tard so I asked her one day why in the hell would you name your beloved pet that and well it turned out that animals are born with same defects as humans he didn't make it 10years! I saw your pic on this and the farewell but it looked like you were choking her I was gonna go off but it was jumping the gun now I'm in tears and knowing your pain bro you gave her a great life and thanks for your kindness to animal's sorry for your loss!😢

  9. Her love STILL moves mountains. Her spirit is ACTIVE on this Earth.

  10. No matter how dark the cats can be,
    The angel always shined through the rest

  11. Rest easy Lil Bub. You made the world better by being here.

  12. Aww, God bless Bub!

  13. Gattina meravigliosa e indimenticabile 💔

  14. she was the cutest baby so sad about her going to rainbow bridge RIP little angel

  15. You look like the duffer Brothers.. stranger things directors

  16. We will never forget you, bub

  17. This 4 years old video pops up in my recommendations after her leaving. R.I.P. lil bub :((


  19. That is an adorable little kitty

  20. Rest in peace little bub. Your memory lives on in your family and fans. Always a star and always a miracle ❤

  21. What do you want your pet to be remembered for?

  22. They even update the description……wow……amazing….

  23. I just came across your vid today. I lost my cat Mia about two years ago and when commercials about cats etc. come on I change channels. I'm still grieving for her😔 But, your vid made me smile🤗 May Lil Bub be at peace now and may you find peace in her passing. ❤✌

  24. They should taxidermy her

  25. We lost Grumpy and BUB. Even death can’t keep two friends apart for long.

  26. R I P…Lil Bub youre the sweetest little cat on the internet and you're loved and missed .You will always be in or hearts .

  27. We will always remember you our darling Lil BUB. You now have angel wings. Somehow, I think you knew you were destined to be an Angel, flying high and pain free.

  28. Why doenst people who born retarded get famouse?

  29. Rest in peace little furry angel ! 😔

  30. Bub was such a sweety, You did great by her. Showing such love and caring is rare in this cold world. My condolences go out to you and thank you for being the person you are.

  31. Im in love
    Rip lil bub❤️❤️🥺

  32. The destiny decided…you two should be together.

  33. So sad to hear Bib passed away 🙁

  34. You were lucky to have her and she was lucky to have you

  35. RIP Lil Bub…I will NEVER forget you.. You've touched my heart so sincerest condolences to your owner❤️❤️❤️

  36. I feel pure heartache for this man right now😥

  37. oh mike my heart and prayers are with u! great job precious bub , we will all miss you

  38. Lil’ Bub is so special.

  39. I adopted my senior black kitty 4 yrs ago. Shes layin next to me now as I type this. Swoosh is her name

  40. awwww the best

  41. Trop triste de ne plus te voir mon bébé 💝💝

  42. Little bub we can watch her anytime you must miss her company 💕♥️🥰🤗

  43. So Sorry For Your Loss

  44. She Was Adorable And Special

  45. (In morgen Freemen voice): some say lil bub faked her death and fled to Mexico and started a new life…

  46. We’re gonna miss you Bubby. Until we meet again on the rainbow bridge.

  47. Sorry for your loss.all pets are special .and she lived the best life. God bless .

  48. That statement you made, about charring about someone else more then yourself is a learning experience everyone needs to have! I do believe the only thing wrong with the world comes from people who haven't or wont let them selves cross that line. Its why people look the other way, when they see hurt and abused animals.

  49. If bun is a girl then how come you didn’t name her a different name because bub is like a boys name

  50. After losing my 16 year old cat a few months ago, this makes me feel pain and sadness in my heart knowing lil bub passed

  51. How can a video say Lil BUB passed away 5 years before it happened?

    R.I.P. Lil BUB

  52. RIP LIL BUB I love you forever

  53. Should have been a kardashian I said it idgaf

  54. No- you can’t tell me my 3 favourite cats passed away this year..Bento, (The 2nd KeyboardCat), Grumpy Cat and now Lil Bub.. I hope these kitties rest well. 😭🥺 im crying my eyes out rn

  55. My brother and I love the calendar's they are amazing, we got them ever since they came out. Lil' Bub was the most amazing creature on the planet. May she rest in peace.

  56. This video was put up in 2014 but this happened in 2019?

  57. We love and miss you lil bub… Rest in peace,, sweet girl💙💜💚❤💚💜

  58. Truly will be missed for years to come.

  59. Awwwww sweet heart so sorry for your deep loss , thank you for sharing your love for Bubbs with us . She made my Christmas holidays perfect . Thank you . Folks please adopt NEVER buy a soul.

  60. Why are so many popular cats dying all the sudden????

  61. Rest easy little one, you will be missed and always loved! 🐈❤️🐾💞😿

  62. Rest.In.Peace Lil Bub

    June 21 2011-1 december 2019

  63. So sad to hear you lost your sweet lil Bub, now she's a guardian angel kitty. RIP lil angel Bub

  64. RIP Precious Lil Bub😥

  65. 👁️ 👁️

  66. I discovered bub too late , loved that cat 😭😭

  67. That thumbnail screams
    "I believe you know why I've called you into my office…. you are lacking in your provision of treats, we may need to dock your pay"

  68. She's so adorable! RIP precious baby ❤

  69. Dao con mèo thấy cưng quá v

  70. Even God has to agree that lil bub I extremely cute. May she be happy in heaven and may God give her lots of love.

  71. Was this video renamed recently? What was this video called originally?

  72. I am truly sorry about you losing her.
    I have recently adopted a munchkin cat.
    I can't put into words the loss I feel for you

  73. Omg I didn’t even she died! Oh I’m so sorry! Now I’m all sad :.( she was so cute!

  74. Sweet little Bub. You are a sweetheart

  75. lil BUB we miss you ❤️ ❤️

  76. Rest In Peace ,Lil Bub, Sweet Angel.🕯🕊 God Bless You.🐾🐈

  77. RIP lil bub 😭❤️

  78. Rest it peace lil bub

  79. So very sorry to hear about the passing of your dear friend.
    My deepest condolences.
    I’ve been a follower of “Bub’s” for a few years, have 3 female girls of my own, have always been a feline lover, + the owner of cats since I was 14.
    I know how very hard it is when we have to deal with the passing of a much loved little feline friend.
    I rescued a little one, on a late summer afternoon in July 1988, from 2 10 year old boys who took her from a mother cat, she was about 3 days old, + then started panicking when their mothers couldn’t feed her.
    They said that a lady had given her to them. So after I initially responded to their “hey lady- do you want a cat” with “No I already have 3 cats” I became curious + asked “where IS the cat”?
    One brought her out of the top pocket of his shirt. I could not believe it- she was about 2 inches long.
    After I had them admit that they TOOK HER from the the mother cat, told them how hard it is for a human to take care of a newborn kitten, + made them both promise me that they’d never do it again. They both had tears in their eyes when I explained to them that, if I had decided not to take her, she probably would have died. Then I lightened up on them by reassuring them that I will feed her, care for her, + love her always.
    For the first time, just now, I thought I could have just as easily taken her back to the mother- but then I’d be uncomfortable thinking that the mom might have rejected her.
    But she was quite a bit of work to raise!
    I called her “Squeak”, a beautiful little calico, + she was my very best friend for 19 years.
    I still feel a pang of hurt in my heart when I think of her + of the morning she passed.
    So- to end my long story of my experience in losing a cherished little feline who was my best friend ever in life, my best therapist, my little masseuse, the one who watched scary movies with me….the one I’d give anything + everything to see again……I understand how hard it is when we invest the time + love with them like I did with “Squeak” + you did, so beautifully, with “Bub”. Take good care!

    P.S: About 4 months after Squeak passed I was in bed crying over losing her + the strangest thing happened.
    The other cats were outside, all the windows were shut, + suddenly I heard scratching in the litter box!
    I knew that was her letting me know that she was close + reassuring me that her spirit was alive + well!
    I so look foreword to seeing her again one day!

  80. Lil Bob goes back to hes planet

  81. Propel who dislike this video do serve to be in hell

  82. I hope Li'l Bub is comfortable and happy in heaven with her sweet soul. ❤

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