Real English: Talking about pets and animals

Real English: Talking about pets and animals

Hello. My name is Emma, and this is my friend Gizmo, and
today we are going to help you learn English. Today’s English is
all about dogs. Okay? So, let’s ask some questions to
Gizmo, and we can get some answers. Our first question: Do we call
pets “he”, “she”, or “it”? What do you think, Gizmo? Usually for pets we like
to use “he” or “she”. Okay? So you might ask somebody: “What’s her name?”
or “What’s his name?” when you’re talking about a dog or a cat. We usually use “it” for wild animals, although
sometimes we also use “he” and “she” if we want to personify them. So, majority of the time we use “he” or
“she” when we’re talking about pets. Okay, question number two:
What is pet hair called? Do you know the answer
to this one, Gizmo? It is called fur. Okay? F-u-r, fur. As you can see, Gizmo
has a lot of fur. We use the word “fur” when we’re talking
about cat hair, dog hair, hamster hair. It’s what we call fur. Okay, our next question:
What are pet hands called? Okay, let’s show Gizmo’s off. So Gizmo, what is this called? This is a paw. So, dogs and cats have paws. I’m just going to put
Gizmo down for a second. There you go. Okay, so his hands
are called paws. Okay, our next question:
What does “canine” mean? “Canine” is another way to say “dog”, but
“canine” is more scientific sounding. So if you’re reading a science book or something
that’s formal writing, you will probably see the word “canine”. It’s the science… Scientific word for dog. We also have the word “puppy”. What does the word “puppy” mean? “Puppy” means a baby dog. Okay? So, when a dog is very small and very
young, usually around, you know, two months to one year,
we call it a puppy. For kittens, that’s what we
call a baby cat, a kitten. Okay, our next question is a very
good one: What sound does a dog make? Sounds are very cultural. In different cultures, animals
make different sounds. For dogs, in English, dogs can either bark,
they can say: “Woof woof”, or they can say: “Ruff ruff”. Is this different than what
dogs say in your language? If you’re wondering with cats or with, you
know, all sorts of other animals, you can actually check out Ronnie’s video which covers
a lot of these different animal sounds if you’re interested. Okay, finally, our last question for vocabulary:
What do you call a dog with no home? So a dog that lives
in the streets. We call a dog with no home a stray
dog, or we can also say a street dog. So we would say: “That dog has no owner.
He’s without a family. He’s a stray dog.” Or: “He is a street dog.” So now let’s look at some grammar and pronunciation,
and cultural tips about talking about dogs. Okay, so our next question is a grammar question,
and it’s a very important grammar question. Okay, so let me hold Gizmo. Okay. So, Gizmo, you see
these two things? “I like dog”, “I like dogs”. Do you know what the difference
between these two sentences are? No? Okay, well, let me tell you. “I like dog” is very different
than: “I like dogs”. When you want to say you like dogs as in,
you know, you think they’re really cute and funny, and you enjoy them, you
say: “I like dogs” with an “s”. This is different from:
“I like dog” with no “s”. If you say: “I like dog” it makes
it sound like you like to eat dog. Okay? And this is true for
a lot of animals. If we say: “I like chicken”, it
means I like to eat chicken. This is very different from: “I like chickens”,
which means: “I think chickens are cute. I enjoy chickens, and I find
them very interesting.” Okay, so the next question is a
pronunciation question, and that is: What is the pronunciation difference
between “dogs” and “ducks”? So a duck is an animal, you know, that says:
“Quack quack”, at least in English it does, and a lot of students, when they say these
words they pronounce them the same way. So people don’t know if you’re
talking about a dog or a duck. So, what is the difference
in pronunciation? Well, “dog” has a different
vowel sound than “duck”. “Dog” is longer, we say: “dawg”. Compare this to: “duck”, which
is very short and a bit sharp. This is an “aw” sound:
“dog”, versus “uh”: “duck”. Okay? So you notice the vowel sound here is
short, whereas the vowel sound here is long. When we add and “s” to “dog” and an “s” to
“duck”, we also have a different sound. In “dog”, because of the “g”, the “s”
becomes a “zz” sound, as in a “z”. So we say: “dawgz”. You might not hear it, but there’s a little
bit of a “zz” sound at the end of that. “Dogs”. Now, this is different from “ducks”,
which has a “ss” sound or an “s” sound. So there is a
pronunciation difference. Say this one short with a “ss” sound, and
this one is longer with a “zz” sound. Okay, great. So now let’s look at some
cultural questions about dogs. Okay, so our next question: What
do North Americans think of dogs? And a lot of people in England think
about dogs this way, and Australia. And this isn’t everybody, but this is
what a lot of the population think. What is their opinion on dogs? Well, let’s get Gizmo
to help me out. Gizmo, come here. Okay, I’m going to pick him up. Ah, here we go. Okay. So, in North American culture, dogs like
Gizmo are often treated like family members. Some people even treat them as if they are their
children, although this is not everybody, but they really do care about their
dogs and they treat them like family. All right. This is Gizmo’s first time on camera, so if
he’s a little nervous, he’s never been on camera before. All right, let’s look at the
next question, small talk. So, dogs are actually a
really, really good…? Oh, you want down, buddy? Okay, I’ll put you down. Sorry. Okay, so dogs are actually really
good topics for small talk. If you ever have a conversation with somebody
and you see they have a dog, talking about their dog is a
great thing to do. So if you’re in the elevator or at the park
and you just want to meet somebody, you can ask them about their dog. Here are some great
questions, you can ask them: “What’s your dog’s name?”,
“What’s his name?”, “Is your dog a boy or a girl?”,
“Is it a male or a female?”, “How old is your dog?” “How long have you
had your dog for?” Okay, so another really good question
is: “What kind of dog do you have?” So in this case we’re asking
about the type or the breed. So there are many different
breeds or types of dogs. There are Chihuahuas, there are German
Shepherds, Poodles, you know, Dalmatians. There are tons of
different types of dogs. Gizmo, in case you’re wondering,
is a Lhasa Apso-Papillion mix. Okay? Beautiful breed. And so people do like
talking about this. You can ask them
about their breed. Are they mix? Are they are purebred? Which means they are only one
kind of dog, like a Poodle. And there is so many different questions you
can ask about dogs, but it’s something people really love talking about. So I highly recommend if you see a person
who has a pet, it’s something that’s a good thing to talk about. Okay, so like I said, our pets
are like our family, here. Oh, thank you, Gizmo,
for that kiss. So, one thing I wanted to say is that a lot
of the times in North American culture you’ll actually see that
dogs are indoor dogs. They’re not outside a lot. They’re actually… They actually stay
inside with us a lot. Sometimes, you know, they sit on our
couches, and for some people they even… Like might share, like, the same bed or they
might sleep on the same bed that, you know, their owner has. One other cultural thing that you might notice
if you ever come to Canada or North America is that a lot of dogs
actually wear clothes here. Okay? And Gizmo is also… He wears clothes, too, especially in the
wintertime because it does get very cold. So a lot of dogs have winter
boots and winter jackets. So if you come here, don’t
be surprised to see that. Sometimes people dress up their dogs for fun,
other times it’s a necessity because it is very cold during the winter. Okay, so Gizmo and I would like
to thank you for watching. You know, we’ve had a
great time today I think. Isn’t that right, Gizmo? Yeah, he’s a bit sleepy now. Oh. Okay. So he’s just going to say bye. So we hope you subscribe to our channel, and
we have a lot of other resources there. And if you come check out engVid at,
you can actually take a quiz on everything we learned today. All right? So thank you, Gizmo,
for your help today. And I hope you’ve
enjoyed this video. Until next time, take care.

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