Reacting to my Subscribers Hamster cages! pt 2

Reacting to my Subscribers Hamster cages! pt 2

so here we are back by popular demand
you guys have been asking and asking for a part two of reacting to my subscribers
hamster cages so I went ahead and asked you guys on the YouTube community tab to
send me pictures of your enclosures to give you guys constructive criticism and
I got 350 emails of cages to go through so of course I can’t show all of those
cages in this video so we did have to go ahead and choose different cages because
I just can’t show 350 cages please keep in mind that the bare minimum for a
hamster cage is 450 square inches of floor space anything less would be
considered unsuitable because it has been proven that small cages do have
negative effects on hamsters so the first cage we have here is a furplast
cage with 330 square inches of floor space and they have a Syrian hamster
named Daisy living in it I first want to say that Daisy is absolutely adorable
and I love her fur coloring as well as I love her name I think it’s really
adorable I do have to say that you are going to need to upgrade your cage
because it is under the bare minimum and especially for a Syrian they need a lot
of room I do also want to mention bedding depth hamsters are burrowers so it is really important we try to give them as much bedding as possible I would
recommend a minimum of six inches of bedding because then it gives them the
ability to actually burrow and the last thing I do want to mention is the wheel
size I think the wheel in there comes with
the cage and I’m pretty sure it is a six or seven inch wheel keep in mind because
you do have a Syrian they’re going to need at least an 8 inch wheel or
else it can cause back problems most Syrians actually will end up needing an
11 inch wheel the next enclosure we have here is a 40 gallon breeder tank with a
female Syrian living in it I want to say good job at providing a 40 gallon
aquarium as well as it looks like you’ve gotten a nice sized wheel in there for
her as well as some good bedding depth you’ve also included a sand bath which
is great the only thing maybe I would suggest is some more types of
hides up on the top of the bedding I find that when you put more things for
them to hide under they’re more likely to burrow but other than that I don’t
have too much of constructive criticism the next enclosure we have here is a
wire cage with a Syrian living in it I do know you said that your hamster keeps
climbing on the bars I do want to point out that this cage is too small
especially for a Syrian if you take a look at the wheel your hamster isn’t
going to be able to even really run on it because their back is going to be
curving so much I’ve seen a lot of these cages before they really are not
suitable for hamsters in any way so the best option would be for you to upgrade
your cage then you can give your hamster a proper sized wheel as well as more
bedding the wire level also really isn’t safe unless you were to cover it with
cardboard because a hamster walking on wire and mesh all the time can actually
cause bumblefoot so I really really would suggest upgrading your cage.
So this enclosure here has about 600 square inches of floor space and I think
they’ve made this enclosure themselves and they have a Syrian living in it I
first want to say I really like the cage and how it’s made I like the door on the
side and how it is up high because then you are able to put a lot of bedding as
well as the little viewing panel is really nice because then you could see
your hamster burrowing possibly I also want to say that your Syrian hamster is
super super adorable something that I would maybe add because I do know you said he started to rip up the plastic tube is maybe get some wooden tunnels instead or
you could possibly get some of those wooden half tunnels or Cork logs would
work great and you can put those into the bedding as a burrow starter and
those can work great as well for tunnels so this next enclosure houses one male
dwarf hamster which they are unsure on the species he most likely is a Russian
campbell’s possibly a hybrid and and he lives in a cage with 204 square
inches so the first thing I do have to suggest is upgrading his cage because it
is under the bare minimum I do know there is a level in the cage but
unfortunately when it comes to hamster cages levels don’t really count towards
floor space they count more so towards enrichment I do like all of the little
hanging toys you’ve included like the little carrots that attach onto the wire
there but that is one of the biggest things I would recommend is upgrading
the cage and then that way you can add in some more bedding and everything so
the next cage we have here is 105 quart bin with a Russian dwarf hamster living
in it I do like that you have chosen to do a
bin cage because they’re great cheap options for hamsters one thing that I
would suggest is providing a bit more bedding I recommend at least 6 inches in
a section that way your hamster can properly burrow because it is really
important for them to be able to I also do notice the wheel I do know that is
the four inch I think it’s the 4.5 inch silent spinner for any dwarf hamster we
want to give them at least a 6 inch wheel because a 4 inch can actually bend
a Dwarfs back I do like the homemade items you went ahead and made and I
think they are really creative so the next enclosures we have here are for 2
dwarf hamsters they’re living in separate tanks and the tanks are 53 gallons so I
really like the size of the tanks they’re actually very very tall so this
actually gives you the opportunity to be able to give them a really deep
substrate so that is one of the things that I would suggest is giving them at
least 6 inches to be able to burrow in you can make some platforms so that you
can put the wheel on so that it’s not getting stuck under bedding you can make
easy little platforms like this, this is just made from cardboard it has a little
bit of some legs added on to it you just put this on top of the bedding and then
put the wheel and it makes a sturdy surface for the wheel to sit on
so the next enclosure we have here is an Ikea detolf and they did say it’s
not fully done yet but they have asked me what sort of toys they should
and one thing that I would say I would probably add on to the left side is a
really nice cork log this would add to the natural side that you have going on
and it would be a really nice tunnel and great climbing toy for them so this
enclosure is a 55 gallon aquarium with a male dwarf hamster
living in it so I really like the size of it and I also like you’ve given the
option of a water dish or a water bottle that’s great you’re letting her hamster
choose some things that I would recommend is adding more bedding into
the enclosure so then he can burrow more another thing that probably would
benefit him is adding in a sand bath I don’t think I see one in here but if you
don’t have one I would definitely recommend adding one in so then he can
dig in it or bathe in it if he wants to so this next cage here I wanted to
include in the video because in their country they don’t have a lot of variety
in cages so they actually went ahead and made a DIY cage with 504 square inches
of floor space and they have a male Campbell’s hamster living in it so this
can kind of give you an idea you guys can make your own DIY cages if you don’t
have a suitable one in your country I do like that they’ve given a bunch of
different substrate options I think one thing that I would add is another
hideout that they can actually go and hide in because I only really see one at
the top there so I probably add one at the bottom so the next cage that we have
here is for their short-haired Syrian on the right is a 22 gallon bin cage and on
the left is a single-level critter trail cage so I would actually suggest filling
the bin cage up with more bedding I do notice you don’t have any in there which
I would put a lot more Syrians especially do need quite a lot of bedding
to burrow in you could probably move the wheel into the critter trail and then
just fill the bin up really high and you could move the water bottle to the
critter trail as well and you can also add some more hides in there then when
you put more bedding so the next cage we have here is one that I actually
recognize I reviewed it in my last cage reaction video I do have to say it
is not a suitable sized hamster cage I do know you said you can fit a lot of
bedding but the most bedding it can really fit is probably 4 inches and when
in reality we want to be providing our hamster with at least 6 inches the cage
has a lot of height which hamsters don’t need height they need floor space and
length in their cage so that they have room to run around and everything so I
definitely would recommend upgrading your cage so the next enclosure here is
a 55 gallon aquarium with a Syrian hamster living in it with a Carolina
storm wheel I think the cage does look pretty good I
like the size of it I probably would include a little bit more bedding
especially for a Syrian because they are so big they do need a lot more bedding
depth and I might add in a bit more toys but other than that I think it looks
good so the next cage we have here is a robo dwarf hamster who lives in a pink
critter trail I do want to start by saying no crittertrail except for the
super crittertrail is suitable for a hamster unfortunately no matter the
species it just isn’t large enough robos have a lot of energy so they are going
to need a lot of space to be able to actually properly do all their natural
behaviors and run around and get their energy out rather than just getting
their energy out on the wheel so I would really recommend upgrading your
enclosure you have a very very adorable hamster though so this enclosure here is
they prevue 528 Universal small animal home and they have a Syrian who is 2
years old living in it so I really like all the accessories you
made it even looks like you have a paper mache custom hideout in there which is
really awesome one thing I do notice is I would fill up the bedding almost to
the top of the tray base so that you can provide them with something to burrow in
because once again burrowing is important for a hamster so this next
cage here you’ve actually seen before and I really like the looks of it
because it is a very large wooden enclosure the first thing that I did notice
when I looked at the cage as I saw the popsicle sticks as a fence and
immediately it took me back to when Aspen broke her leg and now I just don’t
recommend anybody use popsicle sticks as a fence so if you can maybe use
plexiglass or just solid cardboard as a fence it would be a better idea because
then you can prevent any broken limbs from happening so the next enclosures
that I have to show you I have actually compiled a lot that I have no
suggestions or criticism for because I think they’re doing everything really
wonderful and they have really nice cages and just great examples for you
guys so now I’m going to show you those so the first enclosure we have here is
for their Syrian hamster and it is a handmade acrylic cage I really like all
of the stuff they’ve included in it they put a lot of natural things for them to
be able to do like some foraging sprays as well as a lot of texture in the
bedding, a sand bath just a lot of things for the hamster to do the next enclosure
is a IKEA detolf with a roborovski living in it I think they’ve done a
really great job they’ve put a very large amount of bedding in there which
is great and they have a lot of different levels and things for the
hamster to dig and forage into so I hope this can give some inspiration to you
guys the next enclosure we have here is another IKEA detolf and I really really
like this one there’s a lot of different things going on I really like the
hideout the cork log that’s buried under the bedding there and there’s just a lot
of stuff for the hamster to do the next enclosure we have here is a terrarium
for a Syrian it is 100 by 50 centimeters so it is a good sized cage and they just
have a lot of things going on for the hamster to do they have a lot of hides
and some deep substrate as well so the next is another IKEA detolf this is a
really popular enclosure because it is fairly cheap and it also provides your
hamster with a lot of floor space but I really like this setup they’ve provided
a ton of bedding for their hamster to burrow as well as some different
things in the enclosure like the terra cotta pot as a hide, a sand bath and I
think that also is I think that is some soil in there for them to dig in as well
this next cage is actually a furniture item I think they found for free and
they turned it into a hamster cage it has a 1,800 square inches of
floor space so that is absolutely amazing and it looks like they’ve
provided a lot of different things in there a lot of bedding which is great
this next enclosure is a 40 gallon breeder tank and they’ve gone with a
natural theme as you can tell I’m a very big fan of natural themes because it
just provides the hamster with a lot more enrichment so this cage is a really
great way to show that you can provide a natural theme in a smaller enclosure
like a 40 gallon aquarium they’ve done quite a few different homemade things
like the little homemade popsicles swing is really really awesome so this is
another DIY enclosure for their male roborovski hamster and they just have
a lot of stuff going on which is great especially for a robo who is a lot more
timid so they do like to hide and be able to feel safe so they’ve included
quite a few things in there for their Robo so that is it for this video I hope
maybe this video is able to give you some inspiration on what to change on
your hamster cages even if I didn’t talk about your hamster cage or maybe you’ve
seen a cage and got some inspiration from that
I also just want to make quick sidenote I do not think my hamster enclosures are
any better than any of the ones in this video today I actually think some of the
enclosures I show today are 100 times better than mine so I am in no way
saying hey my enclosures are better than yours so thank you for watching bye

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