Rarest Video Games Ever and more… — 54321 #24

Rarest Video Games Ever and more… — 54321 #24

Vsauce! Five rare dogs, Four rare comic books,
Three rare video games, Two rare signatures and One rare element It’s 5-4-3-2… One rare element. Astatine named from the
greek astatos meaning unstable; is one of the rarest elements on Earth. It was first
produced in 1940 by scientists at The University of California Berkeley by bombarding Bismuth-209
with alpha particles in a particle accelerator to produce Astatine 211, which the scientists
discovered was radioactive. Three years later Astatine was found naturally in radioactive
decay chains. At any given time only 25 grams of naturally occurring Astatine exists on
the planet.  Two Rare Signatures There are only six existing signatures of
William Shakespeare that are attached to four different legal documents including a deposition,
the purchase of a house in London, the mortgage of the same house, and his will which contains
three of the six, one on each page. Neil Armstrong signed plenty of autographs…
until 1994 when his signature became one of the rarest because of his decision to stop
signing anything. He was known to be quite a recluse and never really like signing them
in the first place. In an biography by James Hansen it says that Charles Lindbergh advised
him to never sign autographs and Armstrong claims to regret not taking the advice.  Three rare video games For this I’m going to defer to rare gaming
expert PatTheNESPunk. Go! Hey,Vsauce! Pat here. Up first is Mr. Boston
for the Vectrex system. This was a modified version of the Pac-Man clone, Clean Sweep.
Mr. Boston was distributed by the liquor store company of the same name. Now less than 10 copies are known to exist
so if you want a cart you’re gonna have to pay at least a few thousand dollars. If you
can find one! Air Raid for the Atari 2600. A game so mysterious
that collectors weren’t even 100% sure about its name until a box for it surfaced in 2010. Not many were produced and distribution was
extremely limited. Now if you want a copy of the game – which is a strangely-shaped
blue cart… You’re gonna have to pay at least $3,000 or so. But if you want the box and the game you’re
looking at a price tag of at least 30 grand! Finally, the Nintendo World Championships
1990 gold cart. The holy grail of video game collecting. 26 of these were given away as
prizes for a Nintendo Power magazine contest. A gold version of the gray ones used during
Powerfest 1990. This is a competition cart consisting of Super Mario Brothers, Rad Racer
and Tetris. If you can find someone willing to part with
one of these treasures you’re gonna have to spend at least $25,000. Now, who would be dumb enough to spend that
type of ludicrous cash on a video game? Uhhh…? Four rare comic books Action Comics #1 was Superman’s first appearance
that came out in 1938 and a single original copy sold for over two million dollars.. There
is said to only be 50-100 original copies that still exist and even fewer that are in
collectible condition. Detective Comics #27 came out in 1939 and
was the first to introduce Batman. It is considered one of the most valuable, selling for auction
in 2010 for $1,075,000. Superman #1 was the first to be a superhero
self-titled comic book that premiered in 1939 with a highest sale record of $250,000. Batman #1 was another instance where the superhero
was so popular they got their own self-titled comic book, it first appeared in 1940 and
has been sold for $315,000.  Five rare dogs The Norwegian Lundehund is a small dog that
was bred for hunting puffins and their eggs. They have six toes and an amazing range of
motion in their joints. They have the ability to bend their head backwards all the way to
their spine. They were almost extinct after after 1963 because of canine distemper. Only
6 dogs survived, but with some careful breeding the population is estimated to be back around
1,500 to 2,000.  The Neopolitan Mastiff is an ancient dog that
dates back to ancient Egypt, Persia, Mesopotamia, and Asia. When the Romans conquered Greece
they adopted the giant dogs and used them in battle, hunting, and the arena. After almost
becoming extinct after World War 2, a group of dedicated Italians organized and promoted
the breed which was first officailly recognized as a breed in 1948. The Pachon Navarro is a rare Spanish hunting
dog known for its double nose. Once thought to have superior sensing abilities because
of the double nose, it is now known that it is only a cosmetic difference. The height
of their popularity was with Spanish nobility during the 18th and 19th century, but were
almost extinct after the Spanish civil war. With the help of some dedicated Pachon Navarro
Lovers the breeding stock has been re-established.  The Chinook is a rare breed of sled dog developed
in the 20th century in the US and is the official state dog of New Hampshire. By 1981 only 11
breedable Chinooks were left, but with the efforts of breeders is Maine, Ohio, and California
they’ve managed to save them from extinction. Only about 800 are registered today with only
around 100 pups born annually worldwide.  The Carolina dog, also known as the american
Dingo, is said to be the oldest canine species of North America. They were discovered in
the 1970’s in Southeastern United States and lived without domestication for thousands
of years. Their DNA is at the base of the canine family tree suggesting ties to primitive
canine lineage; possibly descendants of ancient dogs that came over the Bering Strait land
bridge thousands of years ago.  If you need to test your brains skills go
check out a brand new riddle challenge over on WEsauce. And I want to thank my goof friend
PatTheNESPunk for sharing his gaming knowledge – go check out his channel, be sure to subscribe
– and as always thanks for watching.

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