Protect Your Cat from Parvovirus- Companion Animal Vets

Protect Your Cat from Parvovirus- Companion Animal Vets

hi I’m Matt from companion animal vet hospital and today I’m going to show you how you can protect your cat from feline parvovirus feline parvovirus is also known as feline enteritis or panleukopenia. The virus attacks rapidly dividing cells in the gut causes diarrhoea and it annihilates the immune system killing off the white cells. After about 40 years of dormancy the virus has recently re-emerged in Sydney. Kittens are the most vulnerable because they haven’t been vaccinated yet. The virus can persist in the environment for years vaccination is the only protection. Core f3 vaccinations that are given routinely cover for this virus. Inside cats are vulnerable as well and they need to be vaccinated- you can bring the virus home with you and infect the cats. Kittens are vaccinated monthly until they’re at least 16 weeks and have their first annual health check and vaccinations at six months of age. Any older cat that hasn’t been vaccinated should be vaccinated as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the feline parvovirus leave a comment below or give us a call on 426 19838

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  1. My cat had parvo virus but she didnt overcome it

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