Pomeranian Facts

Pomeranian Facts

Best Breed Ever! Pomeranians!
Poms are in the same family as Huskies, Malamutes and Akita Inus
Pom larger anscestors were once used as sled dogs in Iceland!
Today’s Poms are much smaller and are considered as a “Toy breed”
Two Poms together are called a “Puff” and 3 or more are called a “Tufts”
In 1888, Queen Victoria of England popularized small Poms. She had 35 during her reign.
2 Poms survived the Titanic in 1912, as well as one other dog that night.
Poms are very friendly, playful, but not good for children.
Most Poms go through an “ugly puppy” phase, where patches of fur will fall out for adult
fur. Poms make for very good guard dogs, will alert
owners of everything! Poms tend to bark excessively, can be agressive
and dominant if not trained. Poms are indoor dogs; do well in small apartments.
Poms live to be 12-16 years.

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  1. Also a fact poms hate being hot becuase they have thic fur

  2. That thumbnail make me watch this video

  3. I also have a pom he is so friendly with me

  4. Mini poms are great with children

  5. Poms are super cute! And they are sometimes not good with children or specifically strangers 😀

  6. i have a pomeranian :3

  7. GABE ;-; (Your borks will forever echo in our hearts… <3)

  8. Now this…
    This is art

  9. i really really love pomeranians

  10. My dad is going to buy me a pomeranian soon!

  11. "Not Good With Kids"pshht My Kids Have a Pomeranian and they play with risen and its a good dog so LIE POMERANIANS ARE GREAT WITH KIDS

  12. my friend got a pomeranian recently

  13. I love my Pomeranian and am so grateful for him❤️❤️

  14. Are they expensive

  15. Poms are soo good w children

  16. This video is very accurate. They didn't mention 3 things that I listed below.
    I've had 3 female Pomeranian. One at a time and they lived:
    1. 12 yrs 2. 17yrs # 3 just turned 7.
    Pomeranian are not meant for households with babies or children up to age 10. Children that are around Poms should be taught how to pet and play with a Pom. Poms are very fragile dogs, not meant for jogging partners or hiking. They are indoor dogs.
    There are 3 things that the video left out… 1. Poms should be spayed/neutered after they are 6 months old and best before their first 'in-heat'.For females that usually happens around 8 to 9 months old. Doing this will make their lives much more calm and comfortable and much more enjoyable for the owner.
    2. Poms are high maintenance, MUST be thoroughly brushed/groomed a few times a week. Poms fur can be trimmed but should NEVER shaved, it will cause them to have permanent bald spots. Since they are indoor dogs their nails trimmed monthly! Very important.
    Also, Poms have been bred down from larger bodies/snouts so their teeth must be maintained and brushed by the owner along with dental care/cleaning by a veterinarian.
    If the owner takes the time to train and socialize your Pom, they will love you and you them forever. Ask a vet about proper diet/food. They can be very picky eaters. Always use a collar with ID on it, Poms like to run and they've very quick.
    Most adult Poms weigh between 4 to 7 pounds.

  17. Wish I can have a pom but I'm allergic to furry things… ???

  18. I have a Pomeranian named kiemchie I made a video of him he is my cuties dog i love him so much

  19. I want pumeranian dog blackandwight mixed colour

  20. how long do they live?!?

  21. 1 wrong fact though  my pom is almost 10 we got him when I was 4 he is amazing with kids infact he is in my lap rn C:

  22. We have two of them and every time I try going upstairs Pedro barks cause he wants me to love on him

  23. reminds me of my dear baby Betsy who passed away 7 years ago.. :'( miss her so much

  24. Pomeranians are the best! Here's ours when she had a miscarriage. Heartbreaking! 🙁

  25. I need a pomerian

  26. What, poms are not for kids?!? I am getting one in two weeks and i am 9

  27. everyone is comments saying poms are good with kids lol my pom always barks and tries to bite my nephew 🙁

  28. Promerian love kids the one I saw was running towards me when I got out of the car and he never saw me before and he playes with

  29. Umm. My neighbour's pom is hella aggressive. One day I brought Mac Donald's Home and that dog was aggressively barking and tried to jump out of the metal gate and barge at us agahdkdldl I almost peed my pants because I have been s cared of dogs* I love them if I'm watching/looking at them from a far but I don't have the confidence to be in a close distance with them, it scares me and I can't think well and I would just panic :(( is there a cure for this. I really want to have my own dogs ?????
    Pomeranians are one of my favourite breeds btw..

  30. I might get a pomeranian for christmas

  31. Check out a Pomsky if want to see cute.

  32. Pomerians are not good with kids????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  33. I cousin Ponmrana die ????

  34. The ones who have disliked the video of promenians are bastards

  35. A pompom dog was calm when i pet it

  36. This came to my mind super sayin 3 Pomeranian

  37. Mine are very good with children,loves them.

  38. Why no good at kids hey im a kid im only 11 years old and my pom loves me verymuch

  39. Not good with kids? I’m 9 and my Pomeranian luves me so much

  40. who's here just because they want to know more about Yeontan? (u knew who i talked about)

  41. I'm getting one soon ❤❤❤?

  42. Meh doing research for my new Pom who we’ll be welcomed very dearly into our family..!

  43. Pomeranian's are like any other dog. They can be good with kids, if they are raised right. Ours is okay, but too young, he gets funny with kids. 7 and older, he's usually fine. When the cat was younger, he was Lemmy's favorite play thing. Lemmy is just getting older, and playing less. But when he did play more often, some sessions lasted almost two minutes. That's the same as with the cat, they use to play a lot. He jumps back once in awhile, and then Socks is so surprised, he doesn't know what to do.
    Thing is, Socks usually starts it, and then doesn't seem to know what to do when Lemmy plays back.

    Pomeranian's are great. xD

  44. they are fantastic with kids and other dogs

  45. If u ❤️ cute Poms you have to see this short clip! ?

  46. They are cute but not mt fav dog

  47. My Pomeranian is lazy b ur when he see other dogs he always be placeful

  48. Am I the the only one who died of cuteness??

  49. I have a Pomeranian, she has been one of the best dogs ever. The are extremely intelligent.

  50. sorry for this for this because you are the best

  51. I have a Pomeranian

  52. Poms are not good with kids because the kids are not good with small dogs.

    I have personally seen my Pom get dropped twice by a 3 and a 5 year old that were told not to pick up the dog. Now when any kids that age come over I put the dog in my room.

  53. I want a billion Tufts

  54. Pomeranian love the kids

  55. i still feel exactly the same period

  56. Wait… by not good with kids do you mean babies? Because I’m a kid (11 year old) tryna ask my parents for one

  57. I cant believe pomeranians can be a guard dog!!

  58. I have a brother i guess i cant buy one?

  59. pomeranian are very clever and honest best friends

  60. My Pom Magic, who lived to almost 15 was testy around small ones. My rescue Ted, was wonderful around kids and even other dogs. He was an absolute angel. He was 3 when we got him but sadly we only got to be with him about five years before we lost him but I’d have another in a split second. They are priceless.

  61. We had one Pomeranian who dies at 21. He was an old, grumpy and demanding.
    The reason why they are suggested around kids is because of that temper. If you can fully temperament train your Pomeranian to not act in utter violence whenever the dog gets mad, then the kids will do OK. It's basically like having a child for the fact they back talk and are demanding.
    I've met some not trained well, are were mean. I've been beaten more by Pomeranians than big dogs, and I grew up with trained Rottweilers.
    Anyone wanting a Pomeranian really does have to research the breed and not full for that puff of cuteness. Pomeranians are a big handful that require a lot of attention. And get ready for the noise, cause it's like a tiny alarm clot going off that you can't stop.
    If you can train the temperament, then ignore the barking, you'll have the perfect member of the family who will be with you a very long time.

  62. I have one it loves me and I'm a kid

  63. My Pomeranian is mix chihuahua

  64. Omg Pomerania are so freaking cute????????????????????

  65. I have a tan Pomeranian named Molly and she is feisty

  66. but aren't Pomeranian's German? aren't they a spitz type?

  67. I have a Pomeranian doggo, his name was foxy

  68. Wasnt even interested in the breed but i had a dream where i was running around a high end hotel with 3 poms for some damn reason. Can't help but be intrigued in owning one now.

  69. Pomeranian is a breed I always wanted especially what taehyung has, his dog, yeontan is so fcking cute and adorable

  70. Well I hate poms. Sorry.

  71. My pomeranian is great with kids. It all depends on how they're raised. My sweet little girl is 11 years old now, I really hope I get more time with her, I cant imagine my life without her!

  72. I want one so so bad

  73. are pomeranians nice? I keep asking people if i should get one but they said they are mean and aggressive to people they don’t know. I think they are just explaining it from their point of view but i’d like to know from an owner who owns/owned a pom. (one of u itd be really helpful)

  74. My family has 6 kids and we’ve had a Pomeranian for 8 years and he is excellent with kids.

  75. Is there differenc between German spitz?

  76. just give me a pom

  77. I’m getting a Pomeranian this summer

  78. Pomeranians are cute. But sustaining them is hard for their fur.

  79. How can i trained a poms? My poms is very aggressive when it heard noise from cars it keep barking and barking

  80. Pomeranians are cute. But sustaining them is hard for their fur.

  81. Are you shure that they are no good with kids? Because mine loves everyone and especially kids??‍♀️

  82. Im gonna get one soon!

  83. pomeranian is my first dream dog, and chow chow is the second one, tomorrow im gonna have a chow-pom furbaby! ❤

  84. I have a Pomeranian girl. Her name is lily and she is amazing with kids. this video is not telling the whole truth

  85. Who has a Pomeranian and just looking up facts about them?

  86. I am finally buying my dream dog wish me luck and him too

  87. I love my wee Pom called Sassy she is the boss. I forgot to turn off the cooker one day boy did i hear it it barked the kitchen down i thought there was 20 strangers in my kitchen went in to see what was going on then she would look at the cooker then look at me i turned the cooker off all was quiet. Do get Virago from time to time but i know when i am going to get it the day before my pom never lets me out of her sight and she stairs at me so i know what is coming. A it is nice being owned by a pom

  88. Thanks for the videos of little Poms… I've had them all my life. Now that I am in the last year's of my life I would love to have another but don't want to risk it. Our then neighbor killed my little guy. She gave him enough sardonic that it would have killed a 150 lb. man. His little body was sent to the state vet. and he confirmed it. Our neighborhood has steadily gone down hill and I can't afford to move.

  89. Pomeranians are my favourite animal ?

  90. I got 2 of them
    I was looking forward to buy 3 akita inu dogs 2 shih tzu and 5 cats
    Hope they don't bite! ?

    I'm an animal lover
    That's my reason
    Plus I live with my sister alone in the apartment

  91. It’s my dream dog I’m actually getting on on my birthday in three moths I’m so exited!!#in love

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