Polish Chickens or Hen Crested | My Fancy Chicken Farm

Polish Chickens or Hen Crested | My Fancy Chicken Farm

Polish Chickens or Hen – My Fancy Chicken Farm Hello viewers how is going ? Today I’m gonna bring you to my tiny Fancy Chicken Farm. This farm is not for the business purpose, Its my hobby to collect pretty birds. I’ve also a little fancy pigeon farm. In another day I’ll show that. Here are Some information about Polish Chicken: Fancy Polish Chickens or Hen are a pretty and special breed of chicken which are famous for its huge bouffant crest of feathers and v-shaped comb and are known for centuries. Their entire head is adorned with large crest and this crest limit their vision. So their behavior is a bit whacky and this reduces their temperament. The v shaped comb, earlobes and wattles
are sometime hidden with the crest and beard. In flock they are little aggressive. But normally tame, nervous and they may
be easily frightened. So some special measures should be taken to deal with them. Polish chicken are beautiful, sweet bird
and mainly show or exhibition bird and sometimes used as productive egg layers. There eggs are white in color. Various types of polish chicken are found. Such as bearded, non-bearded and frizzle varieties and black, white, brown etc. In respect of size there are two types – Standard and Bantam . The weight of standard polish chicken is around 2 kg to 2.75 kg and the weight of bantam is around 740 g to 850 g . Theres an controversy about their origin. Though from name anyone can thought its origin is Poland, but it came from Netherlands. The exact origins are not clear. Some believes it was brought from Spain to Netherlands. Those chickens arrived in USA between 1830 to 1840. In 1850 their farming spread widely in America for egg production. Polish hens or chickens are recognized by the American Poultry Association in the following varieties in the years: 1874, Non-Bearded White Crested Black, Non-Bearded Golden, Non-Bearded Silver, Non-Bearded White; 1883, Bearded Golden, Bearded Silver, Bearded White, Bearded Buff Laced; 1938, Non-Bearded Buff Laced; and 1963, Non-Bearded White Crested Blue. Okay, Thats all for today. Please don’t forget to press the Subscribe Buttom

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  4. Your Polish chickens are so cute. I am getting a couple polish baby chicks and other breeds as well in July. I hope mine are sweet like yours. You keep them in a very big room, do they ever go outside?

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  21. We just got a polish chick. If they are all yellow as babies, what color will they be as adults?

  22. Location – india or bangladesh

  23. So stylish chicken 😳😳


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  31. nice polish i just put up a video of mine you should check it ouy

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  42. My Polish rooster likes watching Polish when videos……..just sayin' .

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  44. they look like 1970s folks

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  49. so pretty, I would call the white one with the bangs shitzu. just like the breed of dog. I ordered a polish but not sure which I will getas it is whatever is hatching at the time. no matter they are pets only,

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