Pingüino africano |El amor de una ave que se desvanece| (Animales del Mundo) |Peligro de Extinción|

There is an ignorance about the penguins, many believe that these birds inhabit the North pole of the planet, which is a mistake, they only position themselves in the hemisphere south, but there is also the belief that they only live in the South Pole, a place where snow and ice is what dominates our views, but there are many species that are also positioned in the surrounding continents, as in America, especially in the Patagonia, but there are also penguins in Africa and a kind of them that is Endangered are penguins of the cape or also called African. as its name indicates belong to the African continent, being the only one that lives in this geographical portion, with colonies in the south, that is, on the southern coasts of South Africa, extending through Namibia, that is to say, they cross all parts of the Pacific Ocean that bathe with its waters this terrestrial portion, rocky coasts that where you can see them moving on land and reaching up to 70 km in the open sea. vulgarly they are known like penguins banded to those of the spheniscus genus, which produce a noisy sound compared to the vocalizations of a donkey in brama, reason why also they have been called as disgusting penguins. Its size is small compared to others who live in Antarctica, so I’m sure that knowing their size you want one As a pet, these birds reach from head to toe about 45 cm high, having a size very similar to that of a backpack, with a weight of 3 kilograms, an animal that It has a tender appearance and you could charge almost all the time, but the truth is that they are wild animals that defend themselves, in addition to being in danger of extinction. its plumage is dominated by 2 colors, white that is reflected in part of the face, chest and belly, while the black color is predominant in the region dorsal and tends to form lines that run across the chest, the fins and part of the rostral, This color gives them a peculiarity that makes them so emblematic, it helps them to camouflage themselves of predators, this happens when they swim, since the belly mixes with the tone of the sky, while the black diffuses with the bottom of the sea, but this happens with the adults, since the juveniles have a bluish gray plumage. in your head you can observe 2 pink glands in the inner corners of the eyelids, which help the thermoregulation, the higher the body temperature produces, these glands increase their blood volume so that through convection decrease this and therefore it is observed a tonality brighter, its beaks are sharp, with large eyes and a pair of wings that are shaped in the form of fins, with 4 fingers on the feet of which the 3 frontal digits are They find palmate, with this and their profile are birds adapted to the aquatic movement. Its sexual dimorphism is complicated to see, since it is only governed by the fact that males are slightly taller and larger than the females. they are animals that form groups, even when be terrestrial and aquatic birds are called flocks, they have a social behavior very broad, usually you can see them grooming each other, especially the head since it is a region that can not be accessed with the peak, and if one is alone, this they perform with their legs, this helps the cleaning of the plumage, especially of parasites and their arrangement. When they are very hot while resting, they are seen submerging in the coasts even being social animals, it presents territories and there are fights, you are they tend to be hard, but under the concept of the human being they can also be funny, these when having a conflict they use their peak to hurt and at the same time to give blows with their fins, in fact it has come to see penguins lit with the peak of the back of another while they run and the attacked one receiving a rain of blows by means of their fins, even with this they are not aggressive animals and usually tolerate intrusion of other congeners. their communication occurs mainly because of the sounds they make, an unpleasant and thunderous vocalization, similar to braying, where they vary depending the context, whether to defend their territory, find a partner or communicate with their peers that are in water, hence the view is its main meaning that allows you to obtain information about their environment. they are birds that hunt prey while they swim and dive, this can be done 100 kilometers away from their territory and they mainly seek fish, complementing with crustaceans and cephalopods, these achieve speeds of 20 kilometers per hour, which is very impressive, considering the environment where they hunt, they usually consume about 500 grams a day, doing it in groups in order to disturb the schools of fish and these are dispersed facilitating the capture. these penguins are monogamous birds, in these can fall the romantic idea that you have in them, even when they come to separate, They will return with their partner, return to the same place year after year, reproducing at any time of the year, but the biggest peaks occur between November and December in Namibia, while in South Africa it is common to occur from March to May, courtship begins with the group arrival and the visual and auditory identification of your partner at your expense, to later come together while balancing their heads, to conclude with a bow, then they create a nest by digging in the earth, close to the stones, of little depth, concluding copulates. the female lays 2 eggs, where both parents take turns to incubate for 40 days, this is achieved thanks to the lack of feathers in the caudal region, this allows heat to be transmitted to the eggs, since the feathers are thermal and prevent the transfer And if you had them where you have contact with the egg, it would cool down. both fungen an important role in care and feeding, in fact when they raise parents they consume double the daily food to provide the chicks with the desired amount, all the young are placed in groups called nurseries, while some parents go search for food, others take care of them, and by the time they are 2 to 4 months old, they develop juvenile plumage and abandon their parental bond, entering sexual maturity in the females at age 4 and the males at age 5, where they will look for a permanent partner. its Average life in the wild is 10 to 15 years, they have many predators, both seafarers and fliers, such as sea lions or seagulls, also they are hunted by leopards and regional mongooses, so they present many predators and most suffer the fate of becoming the food of another, while in captivity they come to live about 25 years, where they adapt very well to the facilities, they are animals most beloved by visitors and raised properly, being a common species in Zoos and aquariums around the world, because they do not require low temperatures. It is a species that is in danger of extinction, until the 70’s of the 20th century, the eggs of these were considered a delicacy for which they were very sought after and quoted, currently you are very punished, but this has not stopped you from continuing to collect illicit, they are a species that suffers the devastation that occurs when there is an oil spill, as well as intensive fishing, since one of its main prey is anchovies and This has made it difficult for them to find their food, having to move more and more, added to predators and diseases that have worsened their population. for your Conservation is opting for improvement in the regions, increasing the protocols security of oil extraction platforms, to prevent leaks and if the come to see can be contained as soon as possible, in order to prevent a misfortune ecological, the conscientization of the settlers, the captive breeding in order to release specimens, I would summarize the research and breeding of the fish that are their food in order to compensate the demand of the market to avoid food supply in them. their role in the ecosystem is that of predator, they are a very attractive attraction instead, as in zoos what produces a significant income and other condition very important is its excrement, since this is used as a fertilizer, but this is currently This prohibits its commercialization, which if it is obtained in an appropriate way, could be an important gain in the region and would help the national agriculture of the countries. a very curious and significant animal, that people like a lot, a species that we can compare with the idea of ​​monogamy, which is one of the most threatened, even with this adapts very well to captivity and we can see them without the need to travel to africa If we do not have the economic resource, that is the African penguin. 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