Pigeon Types | Varieties of pigeon breeds | Flying/Sports/Fancy |புறாக்களின் வகைகள் | Ilayaraja T

Pigeon Types | Varieties of pigeon breeds | Flying/Sports/Fancy |புறாக்களின் வகைகள் | Ilayaraja T

Welcome, this video is about pigeons we are going to see the classification of pigeons how the classification has been made we can see some details about some pigeons we can see, this video will be useful for pigeon breeders those who don’t know about pigeons will feel useful after watching this video in the previous video, we have explained about the problems faced by pigeon fanciers and how to rectify the problems if you not seen that video. Link has been there in description 1st thing need to understand is pigeon character. It will return to there loft whenever it goes when considering this we can classify pigeons in 5 types 1st category is homing pigeons, that is commonly used for race purpose difference between homing pigeons and other pigeon is basically pigeon will come to its loft but this birds have some special character in homing they can travel upto 1500-1800KM return to their loft speed will be from 100 – 110 KM many peoples will keep their for hobby and for pride this pigeons are mostly used in world wars in the old times. Army has no special technologies for communication at that times pigeons has been used for communication purposes specific bird used in army is “Cher Ami” the meaning of “Cher Ami” in french language is “Dear Friend” in US army they kept 2 Lacks birds for communication purpose but “Cher Ami” helped army peoples for 12 times in war in important war it saved 194 soldiers life award has been given which is the prestigious award in army and for keeping their memory one leg is kept in museum Another thing is that “reerdon” he is in british He kept a pigeon name called “Boomerang” but he has not trained that birds for the race purpose just he kept normally but he is not interested to keep pigeons long he sold “Boomerang” to his friend one person is south spain the distance between the two places is 1800 KM at one point of time the character of the pigeon has been changed we mentioned already that it was not trained for race this bird was in south spain for 10 years at one point of time. It started to fly it reached reardon’s home peoples got surprised and asked to reardon but reardon also surprised he also don’t know about this behavior but he told one interesting thing Boomerang father has been escaped from hunters at one time that bird’s one side feather was damaged very hard but with that pain, it has been escaped and returned to loft the distance travelled is 60 miles that kind of strength homing pigeons have the character is more agressive when we go nearby, we can see their aggressiveness over other birds it will dominate other pigeons Next category we are going to see is “Flying pigeons” in that there are 3 categories Tumblers, Tipplers, Rollers Tumbler pigeons are called as “Karna pigeon” in Tamil. There eyes will be white and green mostly white colours the specialty of tumblers is when they fly in air fly in a high altitude it will do “somersaults” it will do 10-20 somersaults flying time will be 4-5 hours next is “Tipplers” peoples are keeping tippler birds also specialty of this type of birds are fly in a high altitude like eagles when you stand in ground and watch this birds, it will look like ants that much altitude it will fly. May be above the height of eagles for this birds there are many fanciers in world around the character is when they started to fly. It will fly upto 22 hours continuously records are there Exa: consider 5 tippler keepers they will make their birds to fly judges are also there who’s bird will land first will be considered as “Looser” whose bird is landing last will be considered as a “Winner” they will train this birds from chick eye color will be red next we are going to see about “Roller” pigeons many varieties are there in roller pigeons the best bird in this category is “Birmingham Rollers” this type of birds are breeded from london, Birmingham many peoples are keeping there this birds during fly time they will fly as a small kid 20-30 birds will fly the specialty about this birds are consider there was 20-30 birds flying their somersaults is very special they will do somersaults for continuously 100 feet very beautiful to see but when you consider in “India” keeping this birds for show purpose their are two varieties available 1)show 2)performance most peoples will not send their birds outside for flying because their price is expensive so they are keeping show birds in their cage eagles will attack Birmingham rollers very easily because when bird do somersaults for 100 feet. it will loose their sense so eagles will attack easily the next birds we are going to see is “Oriental Rollers” but their somersaults is little low comparing to Birmingham rollers their performance will be low but beautiful many colors are available next is “Parlour Rollers” another name it is called as “Ground Rollers” the difference is ,this birds will not fly it will roll in the ground roll in the ground for the long time that is the specialty about this birds many competitions are there who’s bird will roll maximum distance in the ground will be considered as a winner another kind of bird is lotten when you shake this birds and kept in ground, it will start roll in the ground air circulation will stop in birds head we need to give air to that birds from our mouth it will come to its normal stage 4th category of birds we are going to see is fancy pigeons, they are breed for business purpose and for beautiful purpose their are many types. But now we will see some types of birds Lahore’s- another name for lahore’s is called as siraz. The name Lahore arrived from their was a region called lahore in pakistan apart from this there was a name called siraz name siraz is arrived from Iran. It was a place in Iran height is 10.5-11.5 inch shoulder to shoulder size is it will be 6 inch front color is “white” feather colors will be vary tail color also be white legs have some feathers marking starts from eyes character is very calm we can tame this birds easily next we are going to see fantail pigeons the name fantail has been called due to its feather patterns in the tail experts will tell, for fantail pigeons 30-40 tail feathers should be there but in nowadays fanciers are having only 12-14 tail feathers origin is from Pakistan, India, China Japan, Spain but they don’t know the exact origin but they believed only mentioned 5 countries there are two category 1)American fantail 2)Indian Fantail american fantails are very larger then indian fantails there are many colors are also available it is also used for another purpose used to land tippler birds. tippler birds cannot be land easily. for that purpose we will keep fantails to make tipplers to land in tipplers cage may be there will be 1-2 fantail pigeons tipplers will think that , we are calling for feeding purpose tipplers will come down next we are going to see “Shield Owl” origin of this birds from germany legs are no feathers head has no curve feathers special beautiful thing is it has one frill in the chest feathers most peoples will use for the exhibition purpose only weight will be around 300-400grams this birds will be suitable for all climates Next category birds we are going to see is “Voice pigeons” this kind of birds vocalization will be different from others many voice pigeons are available but famous birds are Trumpeters and Yahooth yahooth birds are easily available in market you can see yahooth birds video now like this video. The birds will give some different voice maximum it will come in all colors but the origin is white and black Last category we are going to see is Utility pigeon this are the birds that is used for meat purposes most peoples will keep this kind of pigeons only 30% peoples will keep this birds most peoples will do this farming business for meat purpose as like hen, some peoples like pigeon meat i believe this video is very useful for all if you are not subscribed this channel, pls “Subscribe”. Thanks for watching.

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