Pigeon Rings | Pigeon Tag ID | புறாக்களுக்கு காலில் உள்ள ரிங்கின் பயன்கள் | Ilayaraja T

Pigeon Rings | Pigeon Tag ID | புறாக்களுக்கு காலில் உள்ள ரிங்கின் பயன்கள் | Ilayaraja T

Friends, welcome to all today in this video we are going to see about pigeon rings this thought was with me already and 1 subscriber also asked to talk about this topic the topic we are going to discuss about pigeon ring is How is ring made for what type of pigeon we can use ring what are the benefits are there? what are the demerits? before going to the topic, those who have not subscribed, pls subscribe after watched this video post your comments By which material pigeon rings are made of? we are using more materials like plastic aluminium, brass is it have any size? yes definitely pigeon legs are different for each variety it is available in 8 mm, 10 mm(mili meter) size depends upon pigeon varieties don’t spend your time in researching ring size, industry or people’s are there to guide you important thing is banding ring in pigeon legs age is very important factor from its birth, 7 to 10 days is must suppose we miss that timing, pigeon legs will be thick the ring will not enter into pigeon legs after 10 days plan to band before 10 days of birth let us check the merits 4 things are considered as merits 1)Identification 2)Business 3)Beauty 4)Rescue when we consider about identification 2 types of identification is there i)Pigeon identification ii)Breeder identification consider race pigeons their size and structure will be same, difficult to identify even we cannot find identification during pigeon races so, to identify the pigeon. This rings has been used any club or regulation is there to use rings? Breeder identification is also important one Every human will like to win in a particular field. Like that pigeon fanciers also breed or race their pigeons to show their names to the world To make the world to feel that I am best in this field for that purpose ring has been made. 2nd thing is for business purposes you know pigeons price starts from 1000- 50000 INR to develop the business let me tell one example one person is breeding and selling pigeon, he sold to person name “A” after some years “A” sold pigeon to some person. continuous sales or exchange happens finally that particular bird reaches to the person name “Z” Now the person “Z” needs same quality birds as he is having but he don’t know where it has been breed pigeon ring will be useful to find the person name “A” Required details will be there in the ring This will lead business to “A” or generate new prospect business will increase Next purpose of ring is to make pigeon more beautiful for example: if you are having dogs in your home, you will wear belt in neck to make dog more beautiful like that we will wear some ornaments or materials for all our pets to increase their beauty like that we are wearing ring for pigeons Next thing is Rescue purpose if your birds has been missed due to falcon’s chase or way lose it will go to others loft at that time if the person is good hearted that person will give birds again other option is Rescue the ill birds we can identify the bird owner by seeing the names in ring At the same time we need to understand the demerits also some peoples will breed only for cheating business purposes all peoples will not be good they will misuse their sales from pigeon beginners they will not have pigeons but asked other breeders to wear their ring for babies or he will wear the ring to the non quality birds pigeon beginners will believe this person they will consider he is very good person by seeing rings they will loose their money to this fake people another disadvantage of wearing rings are this is just 1% matter ring will hold to any threats or wires pigeon will have a chance to lose their life who identified rings first in world war, rings are used first race club are keeping ring banding in a proper way race club have head, co-head , secretary and many postings club will have 30 to 50 peoples head will have rings in his hand that all 50 peoples will keep pigeons for the race purpose they will not breed often expectation is they will breed atleast 500 chicks have some standard rules in club for ring printing let us take chennai pigeon club short form is CPC CPC will be printed at first then year will be printed ex: if the year is 2019. Then it will be printed as 19 to find the birth year for the pigeon in race there are some rules by considering age of the bird 3rd thing is serial no serial no have clear records with club and breeder we can find complete history by ring so that ring is wearing for the race birds if the ring is not available for the homing pigeon. No value for the birds how other peoples are wearing ring? That is there own wish that is depending on the purpose of the bird keeper ring manufacture will ask the details before designing that is full and full our own wish friends, this video will be more useful for you pls share it with your friends, let them know about this if you love this video. Pls click Like button comments are welcome don’t forget to subscribe our channel apart from this video, i have posted some videos about pigeons that video link is mentioned in the description pls suggest the topic that you like to hear. That will helpful for me to post about it Thanks for watching, I will watch you in another video.

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