PIG vs DOG: Testing Pets Intelligence

PIG vs DOG: Testing Pets Intelligence

Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Ricky. I have a couple of pets. I’ve got a dog. (fascinating) He’s right here somewhere… Oliver, come out. Can y’all see him? (yes, we can) Hey, bud. He’s just… acting camera shy for some reason. There is my dog, Oliver (*sigh* almost) I also have a pet pig. Her name is Luna. I’ve done videos of them separately and I’ve never really done a legitimate video of them together. So scientists and like People that know stuff and that are smart about animals… Pretty much everyone says that pigs are smarter than dogs. Pigs are actually highly intelligent, and as a pig owner myself, now that I’ve had one for a while I can pretty much agree that pigs are smarter than dogs. Um, my pig, Luna, is a great pet. She is trained so quickly, but I want to test it for myself. I’m gonna do a live action test competition, tournament. To see what is actually smarter, a pig or a dog? I love Jenna Marbles’ video, back when she tested out her hamster and her Chihuahua to see what was smarter So it’s kind of inspired by that But also, a nice little throwback to the suite life on deck, when Bailey and London had their pig and their dog compete Also, pre-warning now. My house is a little messy I’ve been traveling a lot and haven’t cleaned it very well And he sheds like crazy, so like one week of not cleaning, and there’s hair everywhere So, I will say now, my dog Oliver, love him to death. Oliver, you wanna come say hey? Oliver, love him to death. I love you, bud. Do you love me? But he’s… He’s kind of dumb. Like, he’s a cute, happy guy. He’s fun and happy all the time. He’s very loving but He’s not that smart. I think he’s a little bit dumber than the average dog. Which is okay. He loves life This is gonna be interesting cuz I feel like my pig’s very smart and my dog’s pretty dumb I tweeted for you guys to send some challenges and tasks for them to do, so thank you guys for the input But, let’s see which pet is smarter I can already tell you who’s smarter… Hey Okay, I haven’t even started yet, but you might get a bonus point already because he… when I sit down He immediately comes to me because he knows that means we’re gonna go outside I’ll just go ahead and add that as one when I sit down if they come to me Then they get a point and you just did cuz you’re a good boy (Goes to find the pig) Come on let’s see if she just comes to me when I sit down and call her. Nope okay One of the things I had was actually if they come When I call their name since he’s hiding in that this would be a good test for that Oliver Oliver come here come here Good boy Good boy. That’s my little man. Y’all. I talk really weird to my pets. I’m sorry. Luna. I think she’s coming! Hey sweet girl! come on! hello (cute!) She’s a little dirty guys. Don’t judge her, she was outside. She got some mud on her Okay now we are officially starting the first real task. He is ready for so I’m gonna do tricks, I honestly have not trained either one of them to do tricks So we’ll just see how best they can do I’ll try to do any trick possible Whatever they can come up with if they do something trick wise along the lines, and they get a point Oliver, sit sit Oh, did he sit? Oh, he did. Sit good boy. Oh my god I’ll see ya he’s that. I have one of favorite Cheerios. They’re great for training pigs when I love them She will anything for them, but can you do any tricks Luna? sit Sit sit Can you sit Spin around Luna sit here spin around maybe do a twirl? look Spin Do something do something to impress me? Play dead (Pig noise) *Gasp* She did spin! Okay, you like that does that count? (Pig noise) It’s a little late, but she’s fine. I will give her half a point Because she did a spin just a little bit later. in her defense I’ve never tried to train her before Okay next one is the one where you put like a towel around them? And see how quickly it takes them to get it off them, okay? I’m not gonna let choke them, but I’m gonna like kind of wrap. It around a little bit all right go Get out of it get out you can do it You can do it bud, get out You can do it Come on *laugh* move! maybe he just follows me around he’ll eventually come out come on come on *laugh* Oliver do something you’re gonna lose come on get out Come on move around make an effort You’re doing amazing sweetie come on Oliver you’re killing me here Move! (what is he saying???) Okay. We get it you’re a model It’s been three minutes, okay I’m gonna just disqualify you because it’s been so long so you ended up being Three minutes and 40 seconds and you didn’t get it off, so there you go It’s gonna be sad and she gets a point. Atleast you’re cute so after every shot Oliver runs back into this kennel Is this like your green room suddenly? I’m fuming and you think you’re a star we get it you’re in staff Amos Y’all go follow him Instagram link below fall in a – okay Luna all right go You got this you can do it You can do it Just work it out work it out. Yes that dance come on out Get out of it, so Close let it come back Oh shoot, don’t look like light over. Oh my god. She did it under a minute 50 seconds you get a prize for that one, so I’m gonna carrot limit Here you go good job Okay the next one is definitely geared towards Oliver a little bit of a manage for you in this one so if you don’t get This point then that’s just sad okay. I feel good about you guys date. So the next one is going to be fetch Can I throw a ball and then go fetch it and bring it back to me here if they run towards it and go to? Acknowledge it they get half a point if they bring it back. They get a full point all right, but you ready for this Go good Bring it to me good Bring it to me Oliver. Oh bring it to me come on It still counts if you just bring it to me come here come on Come on Okay, y’all I swear when we’re outside in the yard He brings it right back, and if you just he’s thrown off by the different environment I’ll give him half the point could be he did acknowledge it and go get it I’m ashamed of you about this one you should have nailed this one look All right see this Go get it oh Okay, she’s going oh Come on okay all Right well, sorry there’s no point for that one All right the next task is who can go up and down upstairs Oliver you ready he’s in his green room again. It’s such a diva. I’ll get this treat. You got brought these stairs, okay? committees Come in Because a couple of steps you can do it come here. He’s terrified of stairs. He’s never ever gone up, huh? He’s never gonna before he does this I’m gonna be shocked come on you can do it No assistance Come get it. I’m gonna put it right here You can get that Come on Come on Y’all, let’s learn that’s final all right, it’s getting annoying the up in here you feel you feel At that one, but I’ll give you a treat for trying, but no point you sit Sit good boy Y’all okay. I never taught him how to sit. He just does it Luna wants her turn these divas. Are you ready for this one? Do you want to care it come on let’s go come? on come here Come on There you go good girl Come back now Dad good girl displayed that there. You go. Good job Okay, I love the one that Jenna did where she tried to see they can pose for a picture because it is very hard to Get either one of the pose for pictures. I need you to calm down I don’t have anything oh Yes, oh Can you’re doing amazing, sweetie, thank Okay good lady. Just leave that one you get pointy. I mean king of Instagram Hi cuz alright just stay still Good girl Queen of modeling yes angles We do an amazing, sweetie Good job You guys are both doing so good. I have good pants. I love you I Next we’re gonna do the one where I hide a treat I guess I’ll time it welcome get in the quickest or is it all get stuck right here, okay? Okay, are you ready for this? Okay, you can do it, buddy Come on you know, it’s there you saw me do it. I love it come on over there Go okay, you know you know it’s in there You all I swear that’s normal for a pig when it’s fine She can just hear me talking to Oliver so she’s jealous. I promise you find jumpin tortured oh I was watching good boy. Good job So that was about 30-40 seconds not bad, okay? So I’m gonna hide carrot under the towel me let her know she’s getting one young parents. Okay third she can knowledge of this This is it Okay I’m just like it She found it through the blinkin within seconds, okay go underneath, that’s not real She’s eating it through the blanket come on go underneath you Okay look you know you can move this around right now. You can move it. I had to nudge it, but okay She did it so Luna instantly knew it was there a couple seconds later And then she ended up finding it about 35 seconds in so she did Ben Oliver, so good job The last couple things I want them to do together and every time I bring them out together Linden Never cares what Oliver sheesh once for your own thing, sweetie Oliver wants to play so for the first like minute or so It looks a little crazy over tries to play and she doesn’t have it. Eventually will give up and to calm down Let me get Oliver KMS Love It it likes you too laughing I love it alright here we go Alright, they’re good the next task I want you all to see I want but to like I’m dying or hurt I’m gonna see if any of them comes from my rescue. Ah guys. Oh, no, I’m hurt I’m hurt aah help aah I’m in peril Thanks, buddy, I need you come save me. Thanks a lot. Okay, so shockingly enough They’re actually tied. I thought you know was gonna slay Oliver You’ve done a good job, so I’m gonna do one last round sudden death for the win Okay for the final round I decided on this point you throw a piece of food or a treat I’m gonna let them both acknowledge it and I’m gonna throw it and whoever can get it first. I guess will win Y’all ready for the final round Luna Oliver Y’all ready These divas that’s where how you guys go see this okay, look care, it care it you both see it go oh wow Luna go get it. Oh wow Oliver into the gun You wanna yeah, we have our champion right here. Yes, what did you say for yourself? Me too Luna, I thought you’re gonna win you lost? What did you say for yourself as the losing contestant? Me walk of shame goes and hides, and you still did good. It’s okay. You guys were close there You have it Oliver is the winner you won good boy. Good job What do you want to say to your all your fans out there? Saying I’m actually shocked. I thought Luna Nova’s gonna completely destroy Oliver. He still did good though. You did so good I’m so proud of you good job. I guess you can never underestimate the underdog Get it Subscribe follow them on Instagram they both have accounts links below Next week at the collab week starting next Sunday and the Sunday afterward the end of the club week I have a new song coming out with me other video. Get ready. Goodbye. Oh, okay guys see ya later

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