Pheasant Hunting with American Brittany’s – Pheasant Brand – Dogtra E-Collars

– If you didn’t have to have a dog, I wouldn’t even be doing it. I shy away from duck hunting ’cause I just can’t sit
still that long with a dog. They wanna move and I wanna move. (soft acoustic music) I tell people it’s like a coach. You get the team and you
practice for this play, for years and years, and then you take ’em out and you run it. And sure enough it works! The horse stands still, the dogs go point, you shoot the bird, they
bring the bird to ya, and you’re just amazed that
it already did the work. There’s just so many moving parts, little brains you have to
deal with and horses and dogs. So here I am in the middle
of Eastern Washington. I probably hunt two, three days a week. At least an hour and a half, two hours. That’s my exercise. I don’t join the gym,
I just go chase birds. (soft acoustic music) Living right here in the
middle of farm countries there’s grain elevators everywhere, and one of the plights of grain
elevators is wild pigeons. So they get permission to
go up in the grain elevators and catch pigeons. I got a pigeon launcher, a little spring loaded cage thing. So that’s nice to have that available. And I got the time, and I got the energy, so why not? (soft music) (wind blowing) (rattling metal) (gun shot) (gun shot) (soft music) (soft humming) Well, I’m 73 and I think to hunt, you have to at least be able to walk, at a reasonable pace. You might have to crawl through
a creek once in a while. How physically debilitated
do you have to be before you can’t do that. That’s pretty bad. You probably can’t even
climb stairs by then. That’s pretty close to a nursing home. I think there’s a lot
of years of honey left around here. Its not that tough. Its not like chukkar hunting,
it’s pretty flat country. The worst thing is climbing
through drain ditches. I got stuck with that the other day, down in a drain ditch and try to claw your
way out the other side. The whole bank was frozen. There was nothing to grab
on to for an old guy, that was a lot of wrestling around, but that’s okay. I think I can hunt another 10 years. Somebody called our house
and a friend of ours, who is much younger than
I, said they fell today. And I’m thinking, “Fell? What’s wrong with that?” I fall six or seven times a day sometimes. In fact, yesterday, I
fell under that ditch. They just cleaned it out with a backhoe and I fell into the
ditch and there’s water, about three inches of water in the bottom. I was trying not to get my feet wet, it was so cold. I just couldn’t get back up
the other side very well. Took me a couple runs at it
to crawl up out of there. But anyway, the better thing is, it’s different from falling
on the kitchen floor and falling into a nice soft bed of grass. That’s usually where it is. You trip over a limb and down you go, climb back up and keep going. (soft music)

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