Pet or Show Quality Turkish Angora Kitten?

what’s up guys I’m Nika Bukova and
today we are going to talk about the pet quality kitten and the show quality
kitten and what’s the difference coming To help you understand the definition
of the pet kitten I would start with all the
definitions that we breeders have, there are four definitions of the kittens of
the quality of the kitten, the first one is a top show quality kitten so based
on the evaluation of the breeder this kitten potentially would have a
career and not only a career but really good one, good career means for the cat
is that he will be winning the Grand Championship in the exhibitions like a
certain number of exhibitions or reasonable number of exhibitions and
it’s expected from the cat to win the Grand Championship in particular
Association say if the kitten is a show-quality kitten
it is expected from him to reach a championship level of the career,
let’s say a cat’s career in the exhibition so when we are saying
show quality kitten we mean that it’s not a top show quality and it’s not
a pet but it’s a show quality cat that is very good quality and he will be
reaching the championship level in a number of exhibitions and a reasonable
number of exhibitions in particular Association of cat Association when we
are talking about the breeder, the breeder means that the cat is of a good
quality it’s of a good health and it also has some important
important gene information or important quality or important characteristics
that the breeder would like to repeat in its own breeding program so
say for example it’s a special color but in general the cat is, compared to the
standard, he is not like a special or as advanced as a show kitten then when we
talk about the pet kitten we obviously mean that the cat is healthy so it’s not
about the health of the cat it just that some characteristics
wouldn’t allow this cat to go to the show and to win like say Grand
Championship or championship we would see something as breeders that
will show us that some characteristics of this cat are not enough to present him to a competition to compare him to other
pedigreed cats to other like show cats and he will probably not win this
competition so for that type of cat we would rather sell them to a
nice home so the cat will have a beautiful life in your house and so will
not show him as a representation of our cattery or like it will not be the best
kitten we can produce so we can show him to the judges and wow
with him the judges right so not every cat we will go and show so only the
best kittens we have we will go and show to the judges in the cat beauty
contest in the cat show and so when you are
buying pet quality cat it doesn’t mean that it’s not healthy or it doesn’t mean
that it wouldn’t have any papers or it wouldn’t come with pedigree or anything
like that, he has to have all that but the breeder would know for
example that I don´t know that the cat’s tail is a little bit too short to show him or
the proportions of his body are a little bit
too big to show him to the judges
so I think that for you this definition doesn’t matter so much
because like if you want a cat to be in your house and to enjoy him for the
characteristic he has it may be a very beautiful cat but we just know that you
know the tail is just one centimetre short. I
think that it’s also quite subjective so it’s not necessarily that if breeder says
the kitten is a top show quality, he will guaranteed win all the exhibitions and
it not necessarily that if you have a pet kitten the cat can not go to shows and
win some titles or say be a champion or if you have a cat for
breeding maybe it’s just that you selected him because of the good health
and he’s bigger than you know all the other cats in your
litter but it doesn’t mean that it can not go to the show and
cannot compete, we just subjectively decide that he may not win the highest
place in the competition. also when we go to the competition there others, other
breeds in the same category so he is not only competing with the same Turkish
Angora breed but he’s competing against other breeds so we really
want to represent our cattery with the best of the best so maybe it’s just one
little thing that we’re seing that we don’t want to show that cat to the
judges because we know that all the judges will pick up on the same spot and
will say oh ok the ears are too small or whatever the eyes are too big or whatever it
is and so if we subjectively decide the cat is show quality then we
subjectively decide that the cat is pet quality as well so if you have that cat
it doesn’t mean that it’s worse in any like comparison it is that
compared to the standard we think that this cat is a little bit less less close
to the standard of that particular Association that were registered in so I
think that it shouldn’t be that relevant when you decide to have a
beautiful cat in your house, but if you if you hear the pet quality or the show
quality it doesn’t really matter that much I
think for you that you’re not a breeder and you don’t have that eye to
decide if the tail is a little bit too short a
little bit too small or a little bit too big,
whatever and so I think that you can like be very calm with all that pet and
show qualities, it’s not about the real quality of the cat as you would think it
just compared to the ideal cat and all the breeders have
their own vision of the ideal turkish angora cat so I think based on
that you can decide just based on the picture, only with
your specific criteria if you think this cat is more beautiful or more handsome than the other one and that will be pretty much
enough I think. so if you have any questions please let me know, please ask
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