Pet Birds : How to Buy a Cockatiel

Pet Birds : How to Buy a Cockatiel

How to buy a Cockatiel. Well, buying a Cockatiel
is a lot like buying a parakeet, or any other bird or animal. First thing you need know,
is you need to know what you want out of the Cockatiel. Do you want an animal that you’re
going to be able to play with and handle, and be best friends with? Or are you looking
for an animal just to look at? Once you’ve decided that, then you know whether or not
you’re looking for just an animal that you’re going to find physically attractive, or one
that you can actually play with and handle. Then go to your local pet store, or breeder,
or bird show, or whatever. Look around and find people who’ve got parakeets for sale.
And then you want to find the parakeet that meets your needs. Now if you’re looking for
one that’s handleable, of course you’re going to want to get him out, and play with him
and touch him. Chances are, most Cockatiels from a pet store or breeder, or you know,
someone who is doing this professionally, are not going to be super, super hand tamed.
They’re going to be kind of like this guy here. Which is, he’ll get up on you, he’ll
stay on your finger. He’ll deal with you handling him. But he’s going to take a little bit of
working still to get down to be that super friendly Cockatiel. And be able to talk about
that in a different video how to do that. What you’re looking for here is signs of good
health, so we want an animal that is active, attentive. He needs to be moving around, making
noises. He’s picking on me a little bit. He’s got clear and attentive eyes, there’s no discharge
coming from the nose. He’s not being lethargic. He’s got all of his toes intact, nothings
been beaten up on, or ripped off by a cage mate or something, which can happen. He’s
not missing any feathers, all of his feathers are intact. He doesn’t have any broken blood
feathers. He’s not sitting lethargically, puffing himself up, which is a clear indicator
of illness in a Cockatiel. As long as he meets all of those needs, than really all you are
looking for is personality and attractiveness. Any bird for the most part can be tamed down,
so, you know, keep that in mind if you find one that’s maybe not as tame as you would
like it, but you really find it attractive, you can probably work with the bird and get
him to relax and tame down, but don’t count on that completely. Because some birds just
never, never get used to people. They’re just always going to be a little bit, frustrating
and a little bit annoying to work with. So, but you know, it’s difficult, and just make
sure you have healthy one, and you’ll both a great and healthy relationship in your future
together. And, that’s pretty much all there is to it.

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  1. The one I bought has fur and crawls on the ground. I haven't had much luck training him to fly! My neighbor has one just like mine, although he seems to think it's called a ferret. Goofy guy.

  2. Anybody noticed that the cockatiel's wings are clipped? What are your thoughts on "wing clipping"?

  3. I love these goofy looking birds.

  4. Instructions unclear accidentally bought Canada

  5. That one looks exactly like my crazy ass cockatiel Roca 🙂

  6. sir how to tell if it is a male or female cockatiel Ln do they depend to their tail

  7. u own a pet store i see

  8. Don't make the cockatiel keep stepping up he got tired 😡😥

  9. my cocktail fly away

  10. The funny thing is, people KNOW how to buy a cockatiel. Why even make the video?

  11. I want to know why he kept saying to look for the parakeet you want, when the video is about cockatiels. And the video, how to buy a cockatiel. You get some $, and buy the cockatiel you want. Duh

  12. never expect more from a petco worker..

  13. is the cocktail eat very small??

  14. If i want a animal just to look at. I'll go to school

  15. leave.the.poor.bird.perched.on.your.damn.finger.for.fucks.sake

  16. We had one of these birds his name was tommy gun we gave him to my uncle he lives far almost an hour away. I assume he Amy be dead by now because of how long it's been

  17. do they have spunk a personalty and a fun loving attitude if u know what I mean

  18. Help, I was at a pet store and the cockatiel at the front desk called me ugly, hissed at me, bit my money, and said I cannot buy his friend? Help?

  19. Looks exactly like my bird

  20. #adoptdontshop ☹️☹️ stop telling people all of this fake info! If it's not real, what's the point of having a YouTube channel on it?!?!?!😤 That bird is becoming very agitated with you if you just can't seem to tell 😒

  21. why my cocktail scared form me

  22. I got my birds from a breeder because I have read so many things that pet stores don't take good care of their birds.

  23. What do you mean????You just go to the pet shop and buy one lol

  24. Don't shop! Adopt!
    (gotcha the cockatoo)

  25. how to buy a cockatiel bird
    1) walk to the pet store
    2) find the cockatiel bird
    3) buy the cockatiel bird
    4) walk out of the pet shop

  26. Instructions unclear. Dick stuck in cage

  27. My cockatiel puffs up sometimes, but doesn’t do it all the time. Should I take him to the vet?

  28. Thank you for sharing this video
    How many days they need to be feed by hand?
    When they start to eat by themselves?
    I wanna buy one,

  29. Stop making it step up. Nobody likes excercising

  30. Reads title:
    Shows:How To Buy A cockatiel

    Step1#go to a store that sells birds

    Step2:find a bird for you

    Step3: Buy It -_-

  31. I lost my lutino cockatiel yesterday… i feel like shit.

  32. My mom used to have cockatiels. She got the parents, Star and Rocky from PetsMart. She ended up getting a nesting box for the two and they ended up having two sons. The sons both had deformed toes and their wings were never clipped. Their mom, Star ended up dying because she couldn't get the egg that she was laying out. It was pretty depressing.

  33. Something that people don't mention a lot in these videos. Cockatiels are so very sweet! My 4 yo male is one of the joys of my life. In conclusion these birds make wonderful feathered friends.

  34. What? He couldn't be more wrong! The reason that cockatiel is aggressive is because it isnt tamed and your forcing it! They are cuddle bugs, and very sweet, if you take care of them right…

  35. Wow what as strange parakeet…. ( he kept saying parakeet and cockatiel 😂)

  36. I dont recommend buying birds in a mixed pet store because they don't focus mainly on that animal and I recommend a trust worthy breeder. Why, because usually in stores they don't have healthy birds in my opinion.

  37. False info and also bird need alot of attention. I have 2 birds and they really want me to play with them and handle them. If you just buy one to look at them they will get bored and depressed which leads to feather plucking. This dude don't know his shit.

  38. You look like literally every gamer ever

  39. Poor bird he wanted to stop stepping up and was trying to ask you to stop.😢

  40. Id be annoyed if someone kept moving the floor underneath me like that

  41. I want a male I have a female 🙁 but still good

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  43. It's a cocka-TIEL not a cockatoo

  44. That bird would kill you if it had the chance

  45. Lol i was half expecting him to suddenly scream out “AHHHHHH” when the cockatiel nipped at him

  46. Is he Giving exercise for that bad.. coz it's getting pissed off..

  47. How to buy koktel lol


  49. please please please can you tell me how can I buy the cockateil

  50. DO not buy birds from pet stores, they do not treat them well there

  51. This is poor information. You can't say "well all you need to do is decide what kind of animal you want and then go get it". No. You need to consider it for months and decide if you have the time and money for the next 25 years, do tons and tons of research. "Decide if you want a tame one to play with and get out of the cage or a bird to look at" No bird should be kept just to look at! All birds need to be out of the cage for most of the day! And the 2 most important things aren't attractiveness and personality, attractiveness really shouldn't matter at all, it should come down to personality, age and how well he will fit with your family or lifestyle. You can tell just by the way you hold birds that you aren't fully informed.

  52. Jesus. Someone get this guy away from the birds please. Clearly has no idea what he's doing.

  53. Poor tiel. He didn't mind stepping up the first eight or nine times but you gave him an endless stairmaster! When he starts pecking with an open beak at your thumb and incoming hand, it's a warning. He is saying he doesn't want to do this anymore. He gave you a LOT of warnings, the next step is a painful bite that will probably give you a fingernail piercing! I've seen a tiel bite clean through a thumbnail. You should pay closer attention to the birds body language when you film, because this isn't a good interaction for him. Next time you ask him to step up he's likely to bite you and he'll dread seeing your hand because he knows he's going to pushed through an epic workout.

    If you want a cockatiel…go and watch someone like Marlene McCohen and put her parrot keeping advice into practice on your tiel.

  54. cockateil for sale.

  55. Think the bird was pecking you because you kept wanting it to step up

  56. Poor Cockatiel, he's tired of your shit in the first 30 seconds

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  58. Hi does anyone know when cockatiels come to pet stores like when is their breeding season


  60. If u want a true parrot, get it from a breeder, these stores just toss their animals in cages and don’t handle them, so they are always aggressive

  61. Why are you making it step up constantly? It looked like it was gettin annoyed.

  62. Shut ur mouth.. let the bird rest
    Poor bird is tired and irritated !

  63. This was very helpful thank you

  64. Instructions (simplified)
    Go to pet store
    Pick your favorite bird
    Put money on counter
    Go home with bird

  65. I absolutely hate this video, he's torturing it by forcing it to step up 3 million times a minute.

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  67. The baby doesn't like stepping up anymore stop forcing him 😒

  68. Hello!
    Please tell how I could differenciate between the male/female cookatiel bird..

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  70. This video is terrible and wrong in so many ways. Dislike

  71. Holy crap that cockatiel looks like my cockatiel

  72. The things that educate me are not the videos.. but in fact the COMMENTS THAT ARE CORRECTING the video.

  73. What the heck. Why u cutted his feathers? Please, people, dont do that! Its not a toy!

  74. I once had a budgie named Charlotte, so her mate died and we had to give her away.
    We found somebody but I found out they never let their birds out of the cage, I didn’t want Charlotte to go after that (She was finally getting tamed to me) and then they came and took her and I cried. I don’t want her to be locked up… but she got along well.

  75. How to buy a cockatiel: go on Kijiji or Craiglist and rehome/adopt.

  76. This is hwo to buy a cockayiel go to the pet store then buy a cockatiek then get its supplies and done BOOM XD

  77. I initially brought my first cockatiel which was not tamed but was very close to me. Later I brought him another male cockatiel but later which my old cockatiel is not coming to me it does the same thing as the new bird does.. even including the pellet selection….

  78. Or a pet just to look at

    a fish

  79. To buy a bird, or i’d say one of my first birds, cockatiels is a good type to buy right???

  80. Step one: walk in pet store
    Step two: see this guy and knock the door off it's hinges running away!
    Step three: find a reputable breeder or specialty bird store and get your bird from someone who can actually teach you something about bird behavior.
    Step four: say 10 hail Marry's and thank the Lord you dodged a bullet!

  81. What kind is that cockatiel?

  82. Gotcha the Cockatoo disagrees with this. “Don’t shop! Adopt!”

    “I want your hand” “TO GET THE bleep AWAY FROM ME!”

  83. My mum got me a baby cockatiel
    He is so sweet

  84. Theats not a coctaiel it a cockatoo

  85. Don’t just buy a cockatiel to look at

  86. Does anyone know how much a Cockatiel costs?

  87. How to buy a cockatiel, go to the fucken shop and get one

  88. Why are cockatiels $200

  89. I know this video is old but PLEASE NEVER EVER buy a cockatiel to look at, they require attention and love. (A better animal for this would be a fish or if you’re dead set on a bird, a canary or finch would be better as they do not need as much attention so long as you give them a partner). The videos by this Channel do not give very good advice on the subject of cockatiels . if you are looking for a cockatiel please redirect your research to other places. i regret not doing as much good research as I should have when buying my bird a lot of my learning was done through experience and I wish I had known certain things sooner. Go on avian forums and read comments on wiki how pages, the best info comes from long time bird owners and avian specialists, take advice from chain pet store employees with a grain of salt, unless they really know their birds or are an avian specialist, often they will try to sell you products with invalid advice, I bought unnecessary treats and dangerous toys because of this. take care and do not underestimate the value of small animals lives and care.

  90. how to actually buy a cocktiel
    First find a cockatiel and learn lots about them
    Second get all the supplies
    Last buy the cockatiel

  91. Is a month and a half year old cockatiel too old ?

  92. How to buy a Cockatiel 3 easy steps:
    Step 1. Go to your Pet Store
    Step 2. Pick out a Cockatiel
    Step 3. Purchase the Cockatiel

  93. instructions unclear accidentally bought the whole stock market

  94. were can i get a cockatiel bird in canada hamilton

  95. he talks just got him from the old owner and they visited him the other day and he lost some wings but our store cuts one wing so it can't fly? is that true how do i have it trust me more he does talk a lot but today was hard for him he did sneeze!

  96. none of my local pet stores have Cocktails 🙁

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