Persian cats | Malappuram | പേര്‍ഷ്യന്‍ അരുമകള്‍

Persian cats | Malappuram | പേര്‍ഷ്യന്‍ അരുമകള്‍

Namaskaram..Its Ratheesh again… Today our video is about cats. They are not ordinary feline but the Persian. A young man called Rafeeq in malappuram district breeds Persian cats and finds markets along the state. He earns a good amount of money out of this innovative business. Let us ask him about the life style of these pets and how he looks after them. Which are the types of cats he maintain and how he came to this business? I came to this business followed by my craze on these pet and obviously it has become my source of income. How many years you have been in this business? Approximately four years. Oh ok …Before that which types u were breeding? That were Ooty cats. They were inexpensive species. I learned how to maintain felines by bringing up these Ooty cats. Only after that I stepped in to breeding Persian kitten. Which are the Persian species you breed now? I have doll face cats, semi punch and punch face cats in accordance with their face peculiarity. On the basis of color I have golden white and a calico kitten and a Himalayan breed. Now I have fifteen cats with me. Fifteen cats in how many species? Almost in four species. So that much moving you have in this business right? Initially it was slow in progress…now, after three years I have got a boost in this business. I am concentrating only on this business avoiding all that I had pursued earlier. Now my family lives on depending only on this cat business. As they are Persian…can they live here in our country bearing all the weather variations? No they don’t show much discomfort on weather variation. Even though it would be safe to look after them with care when summer comes. them with care when summer comes. Because negligence will cause to hair fall in them as they are flustered by heat. Hence we should create a soothing cool atmosphere to them. On this purpose I built this ceiling outside my corridor. I put tiles inside their cattery to make them comfort during summer. Let us acquaint with these kittens. Rafeeq, which type you are going to introduce us first? They are Calico. They are females only in this sect. So they are named by their color right? Which other sect comes only in female? That will be a kitten sect in Torch species. Why they are called calico? Their distinctive quality is their color. Calico cats come in a mixture of black, brown and white. So this cat started reproduction? This cat has completed one time reproduction. Now it is ready to be studded. How much it costs? It costs nearly 12000 to 13000. How much their kitten costs? Almost the same price they have..not far from 10000. This is Persian punch face. Its nose is different from the last kitten I introduced. Is it a male..?and what is its age? Yes its male. It is one year old. Did this cat start studding? Not yet..It would take further four months for studding. How much it costs? This punch face costs 15000 to 16000. which one is highly demanded..female or male? Female. Because most of my customers have started to find their hobby as business. Earlier they came and bought only the male Feline .. but now they buy more female to boost their business. Because they could earn considerable amount even after 10 months of its rearing. But it would be better taking them to studding only after one year old. Which one is the next? This is Semi punch male. This stands in between doll face and punch face.. They can be identified by their nose. How much it costs? It has a rate of 11000 to 12000. So it is less price rather than Punch face right? How old is this kitten? It is two years old. Which species is more moving when considering to these feline business? Two of these.. Semi Punch and doll face. So you sell 4 to 5 kittens in month? No I could sell 3 to 4 in a week itself. which one is the next? This is semi punch female. They are golden white in color. This color is the second next demanding after Calico color. How much it costs? It costs 14000 to 15000. which is the next? That is semi punch male in pure white. It also costs 14000. Which breed is this ? This is Himalayan female. What are the characterestics of these feline? Himalayan feline sect has dark color on its ears, nose ,legs and tails. How much it costs? It also has 9000 to 10000 rupees like doll face. How your feline behaves with the customers who take them. Normally they are amiable. But in some cases they become aggressive especially stud male as they find changing of their owners. Please tell us about the parturition. The female matures to reproduction after 9 to 10 months After de-worming we take them to studding. We also choose male who are free from fungal attack. what is the pregnancy period of these feline? After Studding there will be 55 to 65 days for its pregnancy period. How many kitten would be there in one delivery? Normally 5 to 6 kittens..but there came 9 kittens in my friends cattery in one delivery. When will you separate the kittens from the parent? We can separate the young ones after they reach 45 days of mature. what will be the kittens food? We give ready- made cat food from market and after 45 days we will start to give fish and meat that the parent eat. For breakfast and dinner we give these dry food and in the lunch we feed them with wet food like chicken and fish. Do you give any supplement more than these foods? Yes I give some multi vitamin paste for these kittens. How you set up a cattery? We should build a cattery of 2.5 feet width and length for the kittens. I usually build a cattery in 4 feet length and 2.5 feet width. Then we can put toilet tray, water bowl, food plate and a cat cot in this amble area. The floor should be paved with tiles to resist heat. The cleaning process also become easy as it is tiles. This is water bowl. Water should be kept in a tidy bowl and it should be removed timely when it become dirty. Why this cat lays on that box? Yea..It is quite comfort for them to climb and sleep on that wooden box which has been built in height. This upper surface becomes safe and hygienic when dirt accumulates on the tile at some time. So they can take rest in a very comfort way right? Yes, similarly we should keep the carrying feline to a separate cattery which has a lower surface inside the cattery to step down and take rest. Then the cat could feel comfort . What are the beauty tips you follow to maintain their charm? Usually it will be good to take them bath once in a month. We should keep in mind that water should not enter in to their ears. If enters we should use a cotton cloth to absorb the water. The next important point is that we should clean their ears once in a month. We should use a ear-drops and clean them with buds. We should also comb their fur to make the hair free. Is there any special care for their eyes? Yes.. there is a problem with the punch face and doll face cats that there comes tears along their eyes. We can use a cotton cloth and clean them with care when it occurs. So friends..I had a very good time with Mr.Rafeeq and I could learn lot of things regarding Foreign cat -breeding. I should thank Mr.Rafeeq for explaining about his business and it is Ratheesh here signing off for the time being.

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