People Try Walking Their Cats

People Try Walking Their Cats

– [Voiceover] Here. (playful music, featuring a trumpet) – Mars and I have been cat human buddies for
about five years now. He’s just this, he’s
the biggest stoner cat. He just loves to sit around, eat, he loves being in bags, I don’t know what to say,
he just loves being in bags. – This is my cat Riceball, he’s very friendly, he’s
more like a dog cat, He like, he does not afraid of people, he doesn’t scratch, or anything. No, he has never been outside before, but when I moved out to LA, I did brought him with me, but he’s never been actually,
physically on the ground. – My name in Rocco, and I love cats. More than I could love anything else. My first adult job, being a cat care attendant at the SPCA, and moved into cat behavior specialist at the San Francisco SPCA. This guy is like, the most
special cat I’ve ever met. I just was realizing
that I wouldn’t sell him for a million dollars. I think the benefits of
walking a cat on a leash is that they do get that outdoor time, but then there’s no chance that they’re going to get mauled
or carried away by a coyote. I would say the first
piece of advice I have, not all cats are gonna take to a harness. – [Devin] Can you stay still for a second? Stay still. No. – So right now I’m trying
to put the leash on him. – I’m not hurting my cat, I promise, I’m just kind of making him do something that is good for him ultimately. – [Iris] Riceball thank you! But you have to come back! – If your cat freezes in the harness, then you’re going to have to work on its relationship to
being inside that harness before you can take it outside. – So, I had to call in backup, this is my roommate Abby, we are going to attempt
to put this on him. Yay, the harness is on! – Oh, but you look so cute in this! – He doesn’t look happy, does he? – [Abby] No, no, that’s not
a happy cat right there. – [Devin] He does not look happy. – Okay, I heard you. – The best advice with any type of behavioral issue with a cat is try to figure out
how to work with them. Because if it knows you want something, it’s not going to do it. So if you want them to do something, then you’re gonna have to
figure out how to trick them into thinking that they want it. – What is this? Look at it! Oh! Oh! He’s walking with me! – Here we go! Let’s try this. No, let’s go this way. No, let’s go this way. (Mars meows) Mars! – [Iris] Let’s go, let’s go. Let’s go, treat! – [Devin] Mars, c’mon. C’mon baby. We’re just gonna go, no, we’re just gonna go on a little walk. – (laughing) Look at her! – He’s stressing me out, I’m really, this is really stressful. This is very, very stressful. Uh, he’s not liking this, at all. – Oh he’s, he’s doing
better than I thought. I thought he was just gonna,
like, sitting in one corner, and doesn’t move at all. But he’s making some kind of process. C’mon, let’s go! – Mars is now wedged in
between my neighbors hedge and my front porch. – We probably walked, like, three steps out of apartment? The apartment door is right there. – I just feel like maybe
this wasn’t for him. Right? You wanna go back inside? – And cats, we’re built to serve them. That’s why the ancient
Egyptian’s worshipped them, you know what I mean? I live to serve my cat, and that’s honest. So, if he wants to go on a walk, I’m gonna provide that service.

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  1. That's how I get honey to come to me..I start calling Nala the other cat and she gets jealous and races over to beat Nala. And this is what mine do on the leash. It's taking your car for a drag

  2. You: come on kitty😊
    Cat: f*** you😡

  3. Cat is not a small dog.

  4. when i pull my cat on a leash and harness he just lays there panting so i took off the harness and put a collar on then thats when he started panting… so im like.. "uh oh is he sufficating"? so i rush to take it off he stops panting… :(((( i spent 9 dollars on my leash and harness! D:

  5. My cat walks me, he just walk and I have to follow him everywhere.

  6. Person-what ur job
    Lady-oh I walk cats

  7. The cat is me when my mom drag me to go outside

  8. My cat once in a week goes out of the house and comes back after 5 hours but comes back dirty xD

  9. Omg dev looks so different

  10. ive done this before.

  11. My cat loves the outside so I’m watching so I know how I can walk my cat. Let’s just I got really good information.

  12. That cat getting dragged is literally me when I’m going to school 😂

  13. This video will never not be funny

  14. What breed is riceball????


  16. Mars is super cute 😭💘💘

  17. I had cat named (boss) he used to walk beside me on streets without a leash and waits for me when i gets from job then come back with me ….he passed away goodbye boss

  18. How i get my cat to do every thing it needs: “GEMMA TREAT” and she comes :/

  19. Animal abuse some one call peta

  20. Dogs look up to humans that cats look down on

  21. What breed is riceball? Such a cutiiee

  22. They dont like it 😧

  23. Would you take off the collar to attach the lead/harness first?

  24. Cats are the funniest thing in existence

  25. In Russia
    cat walk you.

  26. my mind while watching this video:

    cAn Y'aLl JuSt StOp DrAgGiNg ThEm?!

  27. Riceball is soooo cuteee

  28. thank you. i was looking for, and needed to see this.

  29. Riceball is adorable !!!

  30. They are cats…not a dog.Those people are insane

  31. Am i the only one?
    I always walk around with my cat , i mean with harness .. it enjoy it
    But the thing is.. when you walking your cat .. is you who follow em

  32. and thats why i like dogs

  33. It’s baby Devin 😱😍💕

  34. My cat Morgoth loves the harness. Check her out on my channel.

  35. "If it knows you want something, it's not gonna do it."
    Man, cats are such assholes.

  36. I sued to walk my rabbit on a harness that makes people do a double take.

  37. My cat is Amber is so stubborn. He only listens when I try to tell him to watch TV. I got a video on my channel up if anyone wants to see him. He is the cutest ever.

  38. My little cat would strave for 2 weeks to go outside

  39. 2:48 iris: Dies of laughter
    Me: She has a great laugh another thing I don't have!!

  40. my cat sleeps all the day and chill out at night out side the house ,he came for food to eat and go back again till morning than he sleep.

  41. When cats start hating their owners.

  42. You don’t walk the cat, the cat walks you.

    Let the cat go where it wants within reason.

  43. I walk my cat all the time.

  44. 2:29 Me when mom brings me to school

  45. Im just a elite guard for my cat and a servant

  46. Wait Mars owner is a girl from lady like omg

  47. One time I tried walking my cat but he wouldn’t move so I had to walk all the way back home
    And it was a hot day

    I miss Tony

  48. But is is possible for my cat to be walked?

  49. What's the deal with male cat lovers/owners and tattoos? I'm baffled.

  50. I swear to god…. this entire video is just a big mood

  51. Omg when devin has long hair devin is from ladylike btw :0

  52. The girl who owns the black cat is actually as cute as her cat.

  53. My cat likes going in boxes
    And my sister's dog destroyers there boxes

  54. Cat people:I love A CAT THERE SOOO CUTE

    Dog people:…….I I hate cats they set my house on fire killed my relative and stole my dogs dog food

    Dog:boi……kitty don't wanna upset upset u or anything but BOI HE IS RIGHT

    cat:at least cat are better than dogs


    Warning:I'm a cat lover and dog lover no hate please!!!*

  55. I have a cat who looks exactly like Riceball and is called Riceball. Lol

  56. Riceball is my spirit animal

  57. Every Cat behaviorist is a cat slave, who'd doubt that listening to their advise would be a good idea.

  58. Swiggy ki ma ki chut

  59. Cats dont want to be walked, Cats want to HUNT!

  60. I just want to say that I tried walking my cat today and she panicked and kept running against the harness and cried like a baby. I was so afraid she was going to get a heart attack or slip out of the harness (she was pulling SO hard.) She's home now and recuperating from a seriously injured dignity.

  61. Leave the indoor cat alone…. jeez….

  62. Hello fellow cat people

  63. "If your cat knows you want it to do something, it's not going to do it." LMAO sounds about right.

  64. Whenever I need a good laugh I watch this video

  65. PETA wants to know your location

  66. riceball is British Shorthair + munckin cat

  67. Omg what breed is riceball?

  68. Can u walk kittens? Seriously. Please give advice. I'm trying to learn but adopted two baby kittens. So far they love tuna and to play in the yard. They have their own house but ran away a rainy day. And we found them the next couple of hours in the neighbors house

  69. 2:28 – Every time ain have to go to school

  70. 3:36 nah bruh nah… YOU are built to serve those things! Lol

  71. 2.53. when my mom tells me to go outside and get some fresh air😂

  72. dont walk your cat let them walk you

  73. The first cat is me

  74. I watch this whenever I’m having a bad day

  75. The cat is literally me when my friends try to get me to go out with them

  76. My cat walks outside with me voluntarily

  77. Owner: kitty your fat lazy and dont do anything. We need to go for a walk.
    Kitty: 😂

  78. Garfield will punish those human kitties, relax.

  79. My cat loves to walk on a leash

  80. I just took my cat for a walk and he seriously laid down in the dirt and made me pull him. I said "we are supposed to be walking" and he slowly got up lmao

  81. Why are they trying to make a cat like dog??? Do they want to be like dog??? No nah..

  82. I actually think my cat Is a dog.. she likes fruits and vegetables, likes being kissed, friendly to everyone, gets excited when someone walks into the house and likes being walked. She’s literally a dog at this point maybe because she’s always with my dog

  83. I saw a black cat with Mars, was that Bone?

  84. Doing it wrong you’re supposed to let the cat get use to the harness

  85. me to i love cats but my mom

  86. We can't take them for a walk they take us.

  87. 0:28 Why are his front paws so short

  88. “No cats were harmed in the making of this video. Only the owners ego. “
    Haha lol

  89. "Trick them thinking they want to do it" thats golden strategy that i also use on my boyfriend

  90. Well, Not all cats are like this. CatPusic is really obedient. Thats why his owner is able to make too many videos with him.

  91. 1:26 is litterly my mom when she wants me to go to school but instead of the word (cat) it’s daughter

  92. I harness trained my cat when she was a kitten so she has no problem with it.

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