People Spied On Their Dogs With A Camera For A Day

People Spied On Their Dogs With A Camera For A Day

– [Female] Do you like that? – We’re going to be trying the Furbo. Which is a nanny cam for your dog. There’s the capability
to look at your dog, talk to your dog, and to
throw treats for your dog, while you’re at work. – I have two pugs. Technically because I recently moved out, they’re my parents dogs. But in my heart they’re still by dogs. – My dog’s name is Olivia. She’s a mini dachshund. – My dog is named Hadley. I have always wished
that I could text her, when we’re apart, just to be like, hey, how ya doing? But I can’t do that. Cuz doesn’t have opposable thumbs and the ability to read or write. Which is a real bummer. – I used to be able to bring her to work every single day. So that’s been rough on me. – I’m excited to sort of get that, oh my God, I’m so excited
to see you reaction. – She refuses to get a job. So I want to know what
she’s doing with her day. – Hello from the floor
of my parent’s kitchen. Me and Sophie are exploring
the Furbo right now. – I was worried it would be an eyesore, but it actually goes
really well with my stuff. – Do you like that? – It goes through some steps saying to get the dog acclimated. Have them sniff it out. I want to test throwing one of the treats to see how Olivia reacts. – I caught her sitting
in front of the Furbo because that’s where the treats came from. – I didn’t realize it threw five of them. – Definitely sort of
just like the fastest pug gets the treat, but
maybe that’ll make them exercise a little bit. – And now for my least
favorite part of the day, leaving her. What a beauty. – Be good while I’m gone. – Now is the real test to see if it can cure my pug home sickness. – Bye. So I just got out of the meeting and I’m so excited to check on my Furbo. I was so distracted just thinking about how I just wanted
to get back to my desk to look at my dog. (laughing) – I’m going to throw a treat. Get her out of hiding. Look at how cute my dogs are. You can barely see them. She’s so cute. This makes me really happy to see her. – Me talking to her
freaks her out I think. She keeps going to the
door to check if I’m there and being confused. So I think I’m going to not do anymore, because I don’t want to make her anxious. – I think she feels a little bit confused when the camera adjust focus. I think she can hear the sound. And then she’ll just stare
right up at the camera. It’s a little funny. – My family is starting to
get a little creeped out. Because they’ll be in the
kitchen where the Furbo is, and all of a sudden it
will start gargling, and spit out treats. – I feel a little bad
after the treats go out because she’s still looking
at the camera for a bit. When I check back in it feels kind of sad. – I think I have given her something like 40 treats today. Which is not great. It’s cuz the thing
dispenses five at a time, and I really want to know where she was and she was hiding under
the couch, or something, which she was. – Maybe it’s just like this
longing to be with them that makes them seem extra cute. – I feel kind of like
I’m invading her privacy. – Night mode is kind of creepy, because I’ll throw her a
treat to see where she is and she’s under the
couch and all of a sudden I saw these eyes pop out. – It’s a little weird
seeing her glowing eyes. – They look scary. They look like the twins from the Shining. Overall, we definitely love Furbo. Oh, you want a belly rub? – She did basically what
I thought she’d would do, which is alternate
between sleep on the couch and sleeping under the couch. – It felt like I was disturbing her. I’d check in and she’d
just be doing her own thing then I’d be pelting her with treats. – It did make me miss
her more during the day, but that’s honestly the
life of someone obsessed with their dog. – I definitely liked it
more than my dogs did. My dogs didn’t dislike
it but I don’t think they knew that it was me talking to them. – She has complained
about her privacy rights, and I don’t blame her. (laughing) (upbeat music)

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