People Guess The Breed Of Dogs By Petting Them

– You can smell their breath, I know you’re big on dog breath so – Aw man I love it so
much, waft it over here. – Today we’re going to
be guessing dog breeds. – No! – No! – Like we don’t get to see the dog? – Oh that’s so much harder. – Blindfolded. – Like hey man what’re you tossing at me, is this a dog or something? (cheerful music) – Oh my gosh! (laughs) – It’s naked. (record scratch) It’s soft! – A very long snout. – Oh, it’s furry! – Is that a cat or like
a rat or something? (buzzer) Is this a joke? Is that a giant rat? – Is it a Dachshund? (bell dings) – I think she’s a wiener doggy. (bell dings) – Oh, totally. – It is a Dachshund. Yes! – Nice! – She loves you. – Here, can you do it? – Aw, Olivia you’re awesome. – Like I think the features of that dog were pretty easy to guess. – The long body, the short hair. – I’m actually feeling
better about this now. – Hi! You got a dog? – Yeah, oh so soft. – Oh you’re a big guy,
you’re like a really big guy. – Yeah you’re a big old buckaroo there. – He’s got tiny little ears. – Tiny little ears, what the
hell is going on with this dog? – Little bit courser fur. – Good little belly, good tush. – Yeah, it’s a corgi. (buzzer) – I would know a corgi, it’s not a corgi, it has short little ears. – I swear to god if it’s a
fox or something like that, cause that would be really cool. Is it a fox? (buzzer) – Oh my god. – It’s a Shiba. – I’m gonna pull it off, I’m confident. Oh nah, oh you have such a fat Shiba. – Oh it’s a Chiquita or a shinaba, Shiba. (bell dings) – Yeah the short little snout,
short little ears, no tail. She’s a beauty. – You’re literally the doge. – We got two for two, we
are dog breed masters. – Let’s guess more fur babies. – Alright alright we’re
dealing with a lot of fur, this is a golden retriever. (buzzer) – Oh it’s big, this is a big one! – Is this a golden retriever? What if it’s a golden retriever. (buzzer) – Yeah, I’m gonna go with a retriever. (buzzer) – I don’t know, this is like a bear. (buzzer) – Is it a husky? (buzzer) – Ooh stylish, I feel a bandana. I feel like we have a similar style. – He smells pretty good for a dog. – I think I’m wrong, I think this might be some kind of a wolf. (buzzer) – Maybe it’s a wolf dog
from Game of Thrones. – It’s practically a wolf dog. – He’s like the dire wolf that
you get in Game of Thrones. – Like ghost? – Yeah. – Whoa it’s black! – Aw man I think I got it. – I thought it was tan. – Can I get a kiss? Oh kisses! – That was quite the experience. – A day that starts with doggies is a day that’s okay with me. – I think when you’re put to the test, your dog breed knowledge
will surprise you. – I don’t mind dog breath. Dog breath is good. – What? – Yeah, it’s good. Just one man’s opinion. Dog breath is good. (cheerful music)

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