Our GIANT 250lb Mastiff Is Built Like A Wrestler | BIG DOGZ

Our GIANT 250lb Mastiff Is Built Like A Wrestler | BIG DOGZ

Joe: These guys are bricks. They’re a wrestler build as close to a wild Mastiff as you’ll ever see. My name is Joe Thompson and me and my monster Mastiffs are back. My dogs are in extremely high demand. My stud fees are no higher than any other champions of the breed. I keep it higher for Harrison because I’m not really ready to start offering him and it weeds out the less serious people. $3000 for Harrison and $2500 for Ringo and Paul’s not determined yet. Since the Barcroft films, hundreds of people have messaged me over the video, including Fox 21 News. The video has received around 23 million views. So it’s just overwhelming. There’s quite a few comments expressing how they’re panting. Here’s one for example, says I could be wrong but Harrison just looks fat. XDO you know what XD means. My dogs love what they do. One thing all Mastiff owners and breeders know is you don’t make a Mastiff to do anything he doesn’t want to do. If they don’t want to do something, they’ll lay down in the middle of the woods. They’ll lay they’ll just say I’m not doing it. One of the reasons what started my Mastiffs helping me do physical work, was my dad when he got cancer, destroyed a couple of four wheelers, and I had no way to haul my deer hunting stuff in or any any gear into the shack for camping. And I relied on my dogs. Come on guys. At least two or three times a week if possible, we like to get up to my hunting shack or cabin. It’s a really important place to me because that’s where I spent most of my time with my dad. The shack has not been changed since 1949. So it’s almost like stepping back in time. And that’s what we’re going to go do today. This is the northern North
American rain forest. Can’t drive where we’re going. It’s really handy to have dogs that can help. So I’ve prepared some firewood for the dogs to haul in. The second I touch that harness both dogs it’s literally like they fight over who gets to wear it and who gets to do the pulling. They love it. This place is no joke its extremely remote. You have to be a specialist even to get out here. Atta boys we made it bugs and all. I chose Harrison today because he needs training on on pulling he’s of age now. Ringo’s the pro he’s been pulling for a long time now. One of us are going to split some Woods we can get a fire and have something to eat here. Harrison’s just starting to get into it he’s very happy, with how he handled the harness, always obey commands. It was a big milestone for Harrison because this is new for him he’s not then the major puller but he’s going to be. Come on guys, let’s get out of the bugs Ringo get in the house, Let’s go. Joe: Get in the house. Atta boy always awesome. Challenging well we made it this is what it looks like. Jeb you want to set up some stuff. I’m going to split a couple or one and then you can finish up and we’ll get a fire going and some weenies and see how good you are. You’re going to see less and less of this kind of stuff happening, which is why I do it more, because I don’t want it lost. When they lay in front of a doorway like that, that’s no accident that is bred into them. Their only goal is to protect you, Kind of like living gargoyles at the end of your driveway. Pretty neat. My Mastiffs, they’re more fit, they do more. They’re more muscular for the breed. Now if you’re going to try to compare them to a pit bull’s physique, it’s not even in the same ballpark.
You cannot. These guys are bricks they, they are a wrestler build. They’re as close to a wild Mastiff as you’ll ever see, and as close to how they would have looked 100 years ago being used for these purposes. Sometimes I still hear my dad’s voice telling me I’m doing the right thing. Telling me I’m not doing the right thing. I still hear him every day. Prior to Ringo and losing my dad PTSD and anxiety we’re really bad. These dogs made it so all eyes weren’t on me. No, it’s daddy’s. We’re expecting puppies from potentially three different girls, in late August Ringo’s the sire of them all. These dogs calm you so much. There’s nothing quite like sitting up at the shack in the quiet, listening to your dog snore, crackle of a fire in a cold winter night. It’s pretty hard to beat.

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  9. I had a bull mastiff and he was around 238 pounds but he was a dog not to mess with there was to full grown black labs going by with there owner and they tried attack my dog but my dog pinned them both downed on the ground and had both of there necks in his mahouts and still had room my dad had to stick his hand in his mouth so he would let go of them

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