Our Cats :3

Our Cats :3

If you thought my family owned a lot of hamsters, Wait until I tell you about all the cats we had! Hahaha! Just a heads up though. Some of these cats are dead. They all lived nine happy lives. None of them had a painful death. … Except for one… maybe… we don’t know. We’ll get into that. Hahaha, So, cats! Some people think that cats are jerks and not as loyal or loving as dogs. And they’re right. But if you think about it, Cats im-PURR-ove our lives every day! Think back to YouTube in 2006, What was popular? Cat videos. If it wasn’t for cats, we wouldn’t have YouTube as a platform Which, I could make the argument is another jerk thing that cats did. Now, I’m a cat lover, and anyone who says they dislike cats has obviously never snuggled up with a cat and had a purr in your chest as you pet it for so long that you both fall asleep, and all your anxieties melt away, and the only thing you care about is your fragile feline friend. Or they’re allergic. Honestly, I think I’m slightly allergic to cats as well. ‘Cause every time I snuggle up with one, my eyes get all watery, my nose gets all stuffy. But like… *SnNNniFFFFFFff* I can deal with that. Maybe this is what love feels like. People like to put everybody into 2 categories, Either you’re a dog person, or a cat PURR-erson, but why do I have to pick just one? Can’t I look at these two animals and say that both of them have good qualities that make them amazing pets, why can’t I pick both? I… I’m bisexual for animals! …wait… That being said, here’s all the cats I had growing up. So our family had just moved to our new house and we’re all getting ready to go to church, when my older brother, who was outside for some reason, instead of getting ready, heard noises coming from a bush. And when he went to investigate, he found a little baby tabby kitten. He told my parents about the cat and they said, “It’s mom is probably looking for it, but if the cat was still there when we come back from church, then we can let it inside.” And after we got back, my brother checked the bush, and the cat was still there! So, we took her in, we fed her, and we decided to name her Shady after Eminem’s “The Real Slim Shady”, because she was an obnoxious cat, and didn’t like us at all. “Yeah, but you so cute though!” And that’s how our family got our one and only cat. One cat is enough, there were no more cats. Until one night, when I was sitting at the kitchen table, and through the window of the back door, I saw two yellow eyes staring at me. And as a kid, I still thought monsters were real! So I pointed it out to my family, “Hey, there’s eyes outside.” And everyone turned and was like, “What the?” So we opened the back door, and a piece of the night just walked into the house like it lived there or something. “Does this mean we have bad luck?” Apparently, just waltzing in our house uninvited is a very effective strategy to get adopted, because she ended up living with us for the rest of her cat life. My older sister loved Sailor Moon, and in the show there was this black cat named Luna- Spoiler Alert: Luna’s actually an alien that can turn into a human sometimes, but most of the time she’s just a cat- so we named the cat after her! And little ol’ Luna fit great in our home. We were your standard nuclear family with two cats. Just two. We never got another cat ever again. UNTIL ONE DAY this other cat appeared in our backyard, we put Luna’s and Shady’s food bowls outside, which meant our backyard was basically a cat sanctuary for any cat that could jump our fence, and sometimes we would see this calico cat hanging out in our backyard. We didn’t know if she already had a home, and she would run away from us if we got close, so… We left out a third food bowl for her. And then she invited some of her siblings along, cause two other cats decided to chill in our backyard. And one of the cats was a boy, which meant we had to get all five cats 𝘯𝘦𝘶𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘦𝘥. And just like that, we more than doubled the amount of cats we had. We were FELINE pretty good. Three more cats added to the family, cause why not? That’s the PURR-fect amount of cats if you ask me! Haha, I’m gonna name them- NO! What? We’re not getting three more cats. Two is enough. Wha? We can’t just kick them out. *facepalm* We’re gonna find them a new home, but we’re not keeping them. … *sighs* Okay. Also, you’re not allowed to name them. wHaT? If you name them, then you’ll get attached to them. And we’re not keeping them. So since our mom banned us from naming the cats, we called them: the Calico cat, and the two other ones. And we kept on calling them this until our mom found them a new home. Turns out that their new home was OUR home, cause my mom never found them a new home! So we just left them food outside, and they were happy with that relationship. They would let you pet them, sometimes, and even sit on your lap, but if you tried to pick them up, they would hiss and bite you. They did not like being picked up. Or being inside. They were feral cats. One time it was raining, so we thought it would be a good idea to bring the calico cat inside, but she freaked out! She hissed and scratched us, She hated being inside more than she hated the rain. And BY THE WAY, cats can be VERY loud. Like, as loud as dogs. They just never raise their voices. They’re too proper for that. So since she didn’t like being inside, We just… …put her back outside in the pouring rain. We ended up naming the boy cat Spot, the other cat we named Pepper, and the calico… …we didn’t change her name. We named her Calico. That’s like naming a dog Golden Retriever or Chihuahua. I don’t know if that’s sad, but, you know what is sad? One day Spot just… disappeared. He stopped showing up to the house, and we never saw him again. I hope he found a good home, but, who knows, y’know? no i’m sorry but actually i don’t know Maybe he went off to start a second life- or a fifth or sixth life- haha, get it, cause they have nine lives… wow apparently James isn’t funny anymore maybe it’s because of all the puns Yeah, but he’s probably dead. And then…I was in high school when Shady died. She had a good home with us, but… It was her time to go. So we were down to three cats and we never got another cat ever again. BUT THEN ONE DAY my parents are out on a walk, and my mom saw a scrawny black kitten on the side of the road and she said, *gasp* “Can we keep it?” But my dad said, “NO! KEEP WALKING, KEEP WALKING.” And then on their way back from the walk, for some reason my dad didn’t take a different route, the cat was still, there, meowing at them! So my parents brought her home, and my twin sister named her Pepsi. My sister really loved Pepsi. I was more of a Coke person myself. But when my sister went off to college, and I stayed home for community college, we let Pepsi outside one day… …and she didn’t come back. We didn’t know how to tell my sister that our cat was missing… …so we didn’t. But we were all really worried, we put up “Missing” posters, And after almost two months of being missing, SHE JUST APPEARED IN THE BACKYARD! I don’t know what happened in that two month period, she looked fine, maybe she got adopted by another family, and now some poor family is missing their cat Salem. Maybe she went out looking for my sister and got lost, maybe she started acting in some Japanese TV shows, who knows? But, we found her. We didn’t even tell my sister that our cat had been missing until after we found Pepsi, so, she wasn’t very happy about that. Then, Luna passed away. It was sad, but… cats don’t live forever. Sorry. Sailor Moon wasn’t even a good show anyway. Now longtime Odd1sOut fans might know this next story. My older brother found another kitten at the gym he worked at, brought her home, and named her Azula. But the name Azula didn’t stick because we found out Azula was a dude. I was the one, by the way, who saw Azula’s… firebenders… …and told everyone, just wanted to get that part of the story straight. So, Azula’s name had to change, and while this was happening, we had a French foreign exchange student living with us, and she didn’t know the word for “kitten”, so she called him, “Ze Baby Cat”, and so we all started calling him the “Baby Cat”, and now that’s his name, Baby Cat, that’s how we got his name, Baby Cat. Since we’re on the topic of pets, I have something that I probably should have mentioned a while ago. For the most part, I try to keep this channel goofy and lighthearted, which is probably why I waited so long to tell you this, but around Christmas of 2017, my dog Georgie passed away. You might remember her in some of my older videos, she was 13 years old, and just like the cats, it was her time to go. Yes, it was sad, but, that’s what happens to pets. They become your best friend, but they’re not in your life forever. So if you have pets, remember to appreciate them now. I wouldn’t have changed anything about Georgie’s life. She was a good dog. Sorry, that part got a little… PURR-sonal! Haha! *Clap* And my dog, Poppy, did not take Georgie’s death very well, so my parents had to get an emotional support dog for their dog, and they got Jacks, cause he likes to jump, so he was their “Jumping Jacks”. Aww, what a good name. Hello everyone. It’s been a while since I posted one of this things. Between Thanksgiving and YouTube Rewind, I’ve been pretty busy. Speaking of YouTube Rewind… what you guys think of it? I mean, I liked it. And I’m not just saying that because I had a speaking role in the video. And no, I’m not salty that this YouTube Rewind getting a lot of extra HATE… even though I was featured more prominently in it. I’M FINE WITH THAT! I GET IT! *laughs* If I sound different, that’s because I’m using a different microphone… and I’m tired. I wanted to do something new in this video and that I wanted to release a shirt to go along with the video. I’m always trying to keep my merch store fresh with new stuff. So, if you like the video… and you like cats… buy the shirt. *laughs* Man, I can’t believe I did a whole video on cats, and didn’t even say the word “pus– Huge shout out to everyone who worked on this video. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to made this video as quick as I do. Subtitles by: Jaynes, Baka, They’re not quick. *laughs* So, that’s gonna do for this video. As always… W– Wait. What’s this? It’s Alex Clark challenge me to a chess boxing match? OW, YOU’RE ON, DUDE!! …wear your seatbelt.

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