Ohio Union Busting

Ohio Union Busting

soon killers on the line with us she is
the president of the ohio federation of teachers the aid of t the excelsior
division the axles c_i_o_ the way the website alleged that the uh… t dot org and uh… so welcome to the program at
what i get my pleasure to be on and thanks so much for for for commissioning was was going on it looks like probably today med governor john casick is going to
succeed in destroying the rights of not only your the fellow teachers but basically several hundred thousand state employees across the across the
country of or across the state of ohio go ahead do you have that right that will happen
very very and i’m not sure that if that will pay a through the ohio
house today or not but we do anticipate that happening and sooner rather than later we
anticipate a bill being on his desk very quickly one
governor casick will give his uh… state of the state speech on tuesday rahman unveil his budget on march
fifteenth so we see a very deliberate progression and
how things are playing out to destroy the rights of
workers and teachers and other state employees in
the state of ohio this is a very devastating time online with scott walker in wisconsin there are not enough democrats and i a
legislature and either body to provide to to to deny the quorum to have these votes so it looks like a high always going to
join the i don’t know how many other states there are that uh… at least
five they have outlawed collective bargaining or unions among state employees know that the five
poor states of america are also nineteen states exactly so so what do you see i mean you know many
states have been done in the states for decades i mean some of this goes back to
taft-hartley forty-seven senator is a bus to a state unions didn’t
obviously with a lot of the state unions did even come into existence until after
the after fifty nine but but out you know a lot of this goes back a ways what is the future of unions dot we will come back stronger than ever let
me just people mary berry clear about this uh… it is very different from the situation
in wisconsin don governor casick will engaging double-talk intake if not
against union fen that we will still hear from a collective bargaining right but this is definitely a camp on and very major portions of what we
bargain um… to dual to eliminate major
portions of what we can bargain uh… and we’ve we will loop we lost the
battle yesterday in the ohio com in order to get the bill out of the senate committee he had to replace
one republican who was willing to bet against they’ve bill with another
republican who voted for it felt they replace culture primary going on
here and end that you may have to happen and how for
twelve days to help in the clear republican majority
it fits you know we’re going to keep pressing that representatives to do the right thing and vote now but we’re in a political
climate where you know it isn’t likely will pay a failure rather than later if
i had info world interest battle but we’re not going to lift the war ambit we’ll bring our members closer
together they know what that state now dayton they know what they’re risking
interned in their political uh… the political decisions that have been made
will have a great impact on their professional lives in and that will bring a focal issue
together to do what we need to do they’re worth far from over anencephaly need to goto appellate
initiative we will do that but you know we’re trying to take it one
step at a time pull off their local labor members to understand very important everyone devote is uh… sometime floor infront broke believe they don’t want to
put him thirty with politics dead uh… the decisions made by policymakers
siphoning in elective had a direct impact on the work that we
do including the work that teachers do in the classroom from the amount of
state funding first gold to watch affair din if we know what given for going to be captured on then
we know what we need to teach to along what are right part of our kin what we get the daycare the the elimination of the ability to
park in what claire hydration big and so can you imagine a teacher with forty five fifty students cynically f
too to save money promise keepers fighters summary of
passenger american quite that if you think that is possible and and and in fact might there be a
strategy to take this to be on public employees a because you know what’s what’s
happening here is you know there’s a billionaire a tea party here and a union
guy sitting at table with a dozen cookies in the plate the billionaire
c_e_o_ it’s eleven o’clock ease and this one laughed by city party guy answers look out for
that you need an extra year he wants par your cookie i mean that’s what’s going
on here is it time for the public employees
unions to the speaker to be reaching out to the traditional and nonunionized private-sector workers who in large numbers arsons reagan’s
presidency of the body work republican and say you guys have something to stake here
too that’s already happening something very fares preparing they they came after the trade union if
i wasn’t one it could take that clean poke uh… the private sector workers have
reached out to us they understand there’s strategies to use totally kept me of the right fit for
workers not just public-sector threat i would um… i would suggest dry would
think that also with if some of these unions who who may not have much to do
with international trade research arken like ross perot and l dot list for your job someone
stuff is free trade nonsense is that the other billionaires thereby helping us to
deal with the ohio federation teachers thank you sir

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  1. Way to go Thom. FIRST!!

  2. Yeah Thom, let's just shut down free trade so we can't import coffee beans, bananas, fruits, fish… Let's cut ourselves off from the world and be isolationists. What you'll see is people leaving in droves if they can't trade with other nations. The current "free trade" is actually managed and regulated trade, since NAFTA and GATT were regulatory trade agreements. So we actually have more regulated trade that favors corporations. We need real free trade!

  3. Speaking of Ross Perot, the unions used their mighty powers to get Clinton into office, although Clinton made it clear that he thought NAFTA and "free trade" was wonderful. Just one of many instances where unions care about unions, and not about the working man or non-union workers. Ross Perot was correct about that "giant sucking sound". Clinton signed NAFTA into law, and he also made over 300 other trade agreements, including agreements with China. That's his legacy.

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