National winners ZLU 2018 – Agen o.b.: Wijnands & son, Maastricht (english subtitles)

National winners ZLU 2018 – Agen o.b.: Wijnands & son, Maastricht (english subtitles)

Like every marathon fancier
we want to win Barcelona! This is Mai-Kel The national winner from Agen oldbirds. 2018 He is a grandson of Pozatto. Which won international Bordeaux. In 2004. He was the fastest of the entire liberation
against 16.000 pigeons. The father is father to more good pigeons
a/o pigeon with a 85th and 84th National. It was the first marathon race for this pigeon. He is a latebred of 2016. He was bred in october. We entered him on four fall races in 2017. Till 210 kms. This year we raced him about 7 times
including two 500 kms races. Issoudun and Argenton. Which he completed successfully. Now he wins the 1st national on his debut. With north-east wind and 915 meters per minute. We did not have a advantage in Limburg
it was a complete surprise! He arrived at 5.45 a.m. He lost a minute. He landed on the wrong shelf. I needed to go upstairs to call him in. At 5.46 a.m. and I thought 47 seconds. We are in one of your lofts here.
Can you tell something about your system? We only race widowhood with cocks. And how widowers do you have? About 90. Do you race all marathon races? Mainly the ZLU races. All races with a morning liberation. You race in partnership with your father
which is 91 years old. How many races did you win so far? Seven. A lot of early prizes. And a lot of good results at other lofts too.
We are pleased with that. That’s actually just as nice. We are racing marathon only since 1980. And since 1983 we are constantly
on the stage at the ZLU. I was already awake and then my son came here. I thought maybe I should get up now. Then he said: we have the
1st notification national! That does something to you. Still after all these years? Of course! Have you enjoyed it? You bet! Perhaps most of all! I hope But I know my time is near. I really want to win national Barcelona. I think so much about that. You can’t believe that. Still? But it has to be this year otherwise it is over. My entire live that was my biggest wish. And it was winning Barcelona from the beginning. I would like to add Barcelona
to our list of victories. But seven national victories?! That’s fun too! But it lacks that one.

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