National NPO winners 2019: Vierzon – Ide Hoefs (+ English subtitles)

National NPO winners 2019: Vierzon – Ide Hoefs (+ English subtitles)

You dream that you can win such a race. But the reality is of course something else. I am Ide Hoefs. I live in Rekem. I have been a pigeonfancier since 1981. First together with my father. And now on my own. I like the middle distance races the most. I would prefer to race 300/350 kms every week. Then you can race all your pigeons every week. I race my pigeons on total widowhood. That suits me best. So that the hens and the cocks don’t have to wait long. Until their partner is home. I basketed 15 pigeons for Vierzon. Eight hens and seven cocks. I couldn’t enter a number of pigeons because they were too far in the moult. But the winner could still easily be entered in the race. I had to work yesterday, the morning shift. The day of the race. At my work I asked if it was ok to stop 30 minutes earlier. I actually expected the pigeons around 2 pm. When I got home I quickly connected the antennas. Cleaned the loft. Then I started waiting. I regularly took a look at I saw that there were no pigeons yet. I had just looked. When I put down my cell phone the pigeon arrived. I was shocked. In particular because I knew there were no pigeons yet. The pigeon was clocked. I reported the pigeon. At the pigeon club. They told me it was the first reported. And it was the first pigeon on as well. Then exciting hours will follow. If nobody is clocking a faster pigeon. After about three hours after my bird arrived. It became clear that I had won. In the end it was also officially confirmed. Then something goes through your mind. Disbelief. You dream that you could win that. But the reality is usually different. And luckily the pigeon stayed ahead of everyone. I understood that there were 26,000 pigeons participating. Quite a few. I am very happy with this victory. This is him. The national winner of Vierzon. A yearling cock. He is a widower. Raced on total widowhood. This was not his first test. He won several top-10 prizes already. In our fedaration. As you can see he is a wringer. He doesn’t like being held. That is a characteristic of many good pigeons. Pigeon sport in the Netherlands is more attractive to me. Because I am a middle-distance fancier, in Belgium… It was very difficult to form federations that persist. For example: during the winter several villages decided to form a federation. But if you were a good racer, you were thrown out a year later. I was tired of that. I decided to stop. I wasn’t going to do all that effort for nothing. To race against only 100 pigeons on Sunday. The transition to the Netherlands did not go smoothly. But I succeeded. I’m glad I made the move.

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  1. Hello my friend all good my name is Philippe I live in Brazil I watch all your videos I am a breeder of carrier pigeons too and I want to thank you for bringing a lot of content and information to us that we create and we like of carrier pigeons I am in love with the pigeons you only show quality and high performance pigeons and many beautiful pigeons may God bless you always my friend all good????????

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  8. Congratulations Ide.. Job well done! You are feeling the excitement! 😉

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