National Cat Awards 2014 finalist: Smudge

National Cat Awards 2014 finalist: Smudge

I’m Sarah Fenton, this is my cat Smudge. I’ve entered him into the awards for being brave and sticking up for my son. One afternoon I was preparing tea, noticed some boys coming towards our Ethan shouting his name. Ethan never acknowledged them, so they carried on shouting and walking towards him, at which point I noticed this
young boy pushed Ethan to the ground. As I went running to the front door to check on him, I happened to find this younger boy laid
on his back on my lawn in tears with a cat sat on his belly! The cat got up, ran off under a car, started cleaning himself while the boy was upset in tears, running off with his friends.

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  1. Cheers mam n dad xxx

  2. !!XD!!
    mega points for Smudge!!

  3. I think the cat did well, from the mom's description it's hard to know what happened.

  4. Footage or it didn't happen.

  5. I understood about 75% of that video.

  6. Kitties are the best pet ever! 🙂

  7. Yay, reminds me of "Ben" the rat (Movie).

  8. Thts y i love my cat snowball

  9. I have got a cat named smudge to we named het smudge because she has a plack spot above her eye and the first owner thought it was dirt and tryd to rub it of when she was a kitten. We bought her and her sister socks. Socks was verry special to me she was a ginger female whith white paws i lobed her so much. But one day smudge went missing and socks followed me every where so we went to look for smudge we had to cross over the road and socks follwed us but then a car came and socks got hit before my eyes i miss her so much. I love you socks ! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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