National Cat Awards 2014 finalist: Milly Moos

National Cat Awards 2014 finalist: Milly Moos

My name’s Victoria, this is my cat Milly Moos.
When I explained to my son that he’d be starting school, he became very anxious because it was a new experience for him and he can get a bit scared around new
people and situations. I think Milly sensed there was something wrong and ever since then, she’s she sat with us
while we get ready for school and she walks to and from school with us to ease his nerves. I think she’s become a really good friend
to William and has given him confidence because it’s made him a bit of a talking
point on the way to school and she’s just a really good family
member. I think Milly enriches our lives and she’s a really lovely member of the family, she brings us all together and William loves playing with her. I think
she’s really brought William out of himself, given him a lot of confidence
and he’s a really confident boy now.

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  1. Amazing! What a smart Cat! :@)


    When I had my cat. He would always greet me when I got home from school..Roll on the dirt..Then purr and rub against me

  3. I wish my Kitty was this cool, but she's just Lucifur the most adorable kitten that… oh wait she does follow me everywhere, except outside because she's an indoor cat.

  4. Thats so nice of that cat!

  5. When a cat does that, it's extraordinary news. If a dog does it… Oh wait, they do, or at least try to, and pretty much all of them.

  6. So? My cat did the exact same thing, every day. Did he get an award for that? No. Instead he lies buried in our garden.

  7. I have a theory that this cat is one of those kind of cats that we see in movies who can understand human conversations and behaviors.

  8. There is always haters on comments

  9. those black and white cats can be real characters.. had one like this long ago; he would even run thru the sprinkler with my neighbor's two little boys in the summer! then he'd lie in the sun and pant.. miss him.

  10. I wish I had a cat

  11. I prefer dogs sorry

  12. Is that some sort of preschool, because they are not carrying a schoolbag or something similar.

  13. My cat always tried to follow me to school but I had to grab her and put her back inside, always went to sleep at the same time as me and slept on my pillow, when i whistled she always showed up and she was 17 years old when we had to put her away because she got completely blind and we could see that she was suffering. 

  14. Milly moo is the big dawg.

  15. Anyone have a list of who won for 2014? I tried googling it, and got nothing.

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