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  1. If you enjoyed this video, check out our top 10 fish for a 10 gallon aquarium:

  2. Ummm… pea puffers need at least 10 gallons

  3. 01/01/2019


    Just a note to say that I thoroughly enjoy your videos and thank you for all your great advice.

  4. How many clouds would have to go together and what do they eat?

  5. Top 800 fish in an 800 gallon aquarium like so Cory can see it

  6. No fish should be in a 5gal aquarium.. let alone be encouraged to breed in a 5gal .. also breeding can be an issue as you have to then find a way to get rid of the babies . I wouldn't suggest breeding unless you know what you are doing and have a resource to source the fish out .

  7. Am I the only person that keeps their iridescent shark in their 5 gallon?

  8. Top 300 for a 300 gallon

  9. My top 5 for a 5 gallon:
    Male Betta
    Guppies (three at most)
    Pea Puffer
    African Dwarf Frog
    Scarlet Badis
    So I agreed with a lot of what you recommended. I just personally wouldn't put anything that tends to want to school in large groups in anything smaller than a 10 gallon.

  10. An African Dwarf Frog is a good suggestion too

  11. PLEASE ANWSER ME!!!!!!! so i have an 7 gallom tank with no filter, air pumps…(just glass) so what fish can i use and how many

  12. look forward to building my first desktop fish tank

  13. Pls let me know how many fish could one have in a 5 gallon tank? One pea puffer I got that was easy. What about the rest? How many there a formula to it? Thank you.

  14. My dream tank is a 10,000 gallon tank with like 5,000 neon tetras

  15. I'm with @Tas bettas are bomb I have natural snails that I'm selectively breeding for coloration and patterns and a betta in my five.

  16. Hey buddy! You make amazing videos. I had a question for ya. I am a begunner and i have a 3 gallon small aquarium. I wanna have a variety of each fishe. What do you recommend?

  17. People are making comments like this:
    No *insert fish species*?Very disappointed.
    Guys,these are his top 5,not top 301!

  18. Does that mean you can only have a single dwarf pea puffer on its own or just one pea puffer with other species? Great video btw 👍

  19. That betta at the end of the video doesn’t look very healthy but great videos 👍🏼

  20. Anyone have any idea how many white clouds I can keep in a 5 gallon??

  21. You might be one of the most lovable you tubers (no homo)

  22. What about 7 gallon? 2 more than 5, 3 away from 10…does that make any difference or does the 5 gallon suggestions apply for a 7g?

  23. Sparkling gouramis are a great tiny fish for a five gallon.

  24. I got a dwarf crayfish and a guppy in my five gallon

  25. I have a giant/ king betta should I keep it in a 5 gallon or can I put a divider in and make it 2.5 to be able to have another betta?

  26. A great thing for a 5 gallon aquariumis crayfish thrown in with some minnows though eat the minnows if they die and they're just really cool to watch

  27. I keep a pair of pygmy Corys and a betta named Benji in my nano tank

  28. what was that blue fish with the golden cloud minnows?

  29. Please make top 10 for 100 gallon planted aquarium.

  30. I have kept a Beta Fish, Guppies and Mollies on my 5 gallon tank!!!

  31. Hi how can i get more flotation for my 5 gallon tank

  32. Can Dwarf Pea Puffers puff up??? If so how do you make them and will it affect them? I don’t have one yet but I want to learn more about them!!!

  33. BEWARE – I had a terrible experience with a pea puffer – I HATE THEM!!!!  One of my aquariums is a 35 gallon hex community.  Several years ago,  I bought a pea puffer to add to it.  Everything was ok for the next few days. One morning I woke to find the stinking thing had ripped several of my fish to shreds! Several angel fish were dead, along with some platys & swords, and one of my angel fish was dying right before my eyes!  I was distraught, and got the devil fish out of there immediately.  I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, the damage one puffer can do!  The only tank I would put one in now is with a large Oscar!

  34. top 1 for a 1 gallon pls

  35. Is it weird that I love my fishes and care for them very well, but I also eat a ton of fish?

  36. How many white cloud minnows could you have in a 5 gallon?

  37. I have celestial pearl danios and pygmy cory's in my 5 gal fluval spec

  38. I'm so happy to see White Clouds getting some love, I had a huge group of about 13 or so in my community tank and they just have this lovely personality. I've heard people refer to them as "the poor man's neon tetra" and I definitely agree! My males displayed to each other constantly, as you say, and they move wonderfully in a shoal at the top and middle of my tank! I had no idea they were extinct in the wild! What a shame…I've got even more of an incentive to keep them now! I've been watching a lot of your recommendations for fish as I'm upgrading my tank, so I definitely need some ideas to co-op with my existing fish. I appreciate it a lot 😀

  39. How many White Clouds can you put in the 5-gallon? You did great mentioning quantities for other fish, but now I am confused, aren't they a schooling fish and get to be around 2-inches or so? I can just see myself accidentally overstocking/killing them through stress if I don't know what number to shoot for. One commenter mentioned having 4 in their 5 gallon tank, does that sound about right? I was thinking of getting a Fluval Spec V (long) to put them in, but I am worried that it's too small?

  40. I have golden white clouds in a 10 gal w/ some pygmy corys, they seem aggressive towards each other. Is this the displaying you were referring to? Two of the seven are always chasing the others.

  41. I have just set up my 5 gallon and it's cycling rn. I'm thinking of putting a Betta or guppies in there with a nerite snail. I would've chose something from your list,but my local pet store only has the minnows and I already added a heater. Btw it's a planted tank. Thanks!

  42. Would regular badis work for a 5 gal in a trio

  43. Asian Stone Catfish Perfect for a nano tank

  44. Wow you have a betta in with them? Crazy

  45. Hi what is the blue fish that looks like a guppy in the blue beta tank

  46. Well my alligator gar seems to be doing just fine in my five gallon so

  47. No (insert random fish here) !?!? ugh #disappointed

  48. Hello! I have no clue about aquarium. And I find your video really helpful. I have a couple of questions, if I get a 6 gal fresh water aquarium, what is the maximum amount of tiny fish I can put in it?
    And what plants would you suggest?
    I hope this question doesn’t sound stupid. 😅
    A friend of mine is selling me a 6 gal Fluval.

    Thank you.

  49. Which fishes do fine with shrimp?

  50. I saw a frog in the minnow tank and I just wanna say I would recommend getting a tank that's not as tall otherwise they can get tired out

  51. I'm planning to put one (scarlet badis), three (white clouds) and a small bottom feeder. Is this a good ecosystem for a 5 gallon tank?

  52. what about shrimp and snails

  53. can i keep clown rocket killi and sparking gourami ??

  54. 🌱🌱🌱more🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱☯️🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱💞🦐🐠💞😊🔮🐟thanks

  55. No mollies huh? SMH!!!

  56. I have 4 neon tetras and I bought micro food and they for some reason dont eat. Im concerned because im not sure what i'm doing wrong. The food ends up at the bottom and when it goes down infront of their face they still dont eat. I have 3 guppies, gold gourami , glass catfish and cory in a 10 gallon. They all have enough space they are all about 2-4 inches. Many plants and hiding spots. I just need help feeding my tetras I dont want them to die ):

  57. I have a Betta in each of my 5 gallons. Pisses me off when people keep them in anything smaller.

  58. Can you put 5 green neon Tetras and 1 scarlet

  59. How much do you need?

  60. Do female guppies eat their fry?

  61. Love your videos dude.

  62. Next time, can you list the fish in your description, please ?

  63. I have a tetra 5 gallon….is there any small goldfish breed ?

  64. I found some white cloads on a pond in California there is hundreds of them and the m and in floods the pond gose to the river I took like 30 home it's the normal bronze ones it's CRAZYYY they are definitely white clouds

  65. Saw the African dwarf frogs!! My absolute favorites for aquariums 😀

  66. Is there any fish out there that would live happily in a 1 gallon aquarium? I would assume it would have to be an incredibly small fish. I can’t think of any. The smallest I ever go is 5 gallons.

  67. I didn't know this. For years the only fish I thought in a 5 gallon tank was a betta.

  68. Like your windelov java fern in the puffer tank

  69. How many pea puffers could fit in a ten gallon tank?

  70. Omg you have a dwarf from with the golden white clouds 😁😁😁😍😍😍

  71. My blue crayfish died today and I feel as if i want to quit the hobby

  72. Hi just wondering what those pink/green sort of tetra looking fish were when you were showing the rosy loaches they looked so cute

  73. White clouds are awesome. They survive without a heater. Any water parameter. I neglected mine, unfortunately and they still survived thankfully. Taking good care of them now. Even a good tank mate for a betta.

  74. rosey loaches look like baby bass

  75. Can a male beta live with a snail in a 5 gallon tank ? With some plants

  76. I really would like to do the 5 gallon with green neons, rosy loaches, and a snail but I don’t know how many I should put in of each I want a cool looking tank but don’t want to overstock it

  77. Hello! I have a six gallon tank and I have two apple snails and two male guppies. Is there enough space to still add about four red cherry shrimp? I'm just worried that I might be overloading the tank? Or is that okay?

  78. What’s the blue guppy like fish with the scarlet badis

  79. I'm going to get some white cloud minnows.

    Edit: Thanks Cory for loving my comment!

  80. I love bumblebee gobies. I have a low population tank, so they do well.

  81. I know that it's a little of topic but a betta fish doesn't need much space at all just do not mix 2 males or a betta fish with another fish but they do not need more a gallon each but remember not in the same tank!

  82. How many golden white clouds can I have in a 5g and can I mix them with the white clouds minnows

  83. 29 gallon suggestions??


  85. Are golden white clouds ok to mix with bettas? If so what do I need to know?

  86. Hi, I really like your videos. How often should I change water and clean the sponge filter for my 5 gallon tank? And which plants will be the best for the tank that doesn't need much maintenance?

  87. i used to have guppies

  88. i dont think its 5 gallon tank with that many fish

  89. what is the beautiful purple fish in the number one tank, they almost look like purple guppies?

  90. I have 2 Red eyed tetras 2 Black and silver tetras and a Angelfish and Orange balloon molly I've heard 1-6 fishes is good for a 5 gallon

  91. I have 5 female koi bettas in a 20 gallon with Bluefin killifish and bluespot sunfish. The sunfish are a interesting pick because even though they are a sunfish, they are shy and never aggressive towards tankmates.

  92. I have a Mexican orange crayfish, an African dwarf frog, a female betta, a gold mystery snail and a nerite snail in my 5 gallon.

  93. Rosy red minnows could work. That are often sold as feeders a may not be in the best condition.

  94. #5 Betta
    #4 Betta
    #3 Betta
    #2 Betta
    #1 Silver Arowana

  95. Can a betta and rcs live together in a 5 gallon?

  96. i have a 75 Gal with White clouds as my main fish. they look awesome in large numbers

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