My Parents: Opposingly Supportive – Ep: 3

My Parents: Opposingly Supportive – Ep: 3

Lizzie: So the thing about my mother is that she
loves a good panic. Seriously. I have never seen her happier than when she thought
radiation was going to cross the Pacific from Japan and kill us all. Then there’s my dad,
who’s really calm, smart, and supportive of us. He likes to spend his days reading by his bonsai collection. How these two ever got together in the
first place, I will never know. My name is Lizzie Bennet and these are my parents. “My Parents: Opposingly Supportive”
Written by Margaret Dunlap What’s keeping Mom “happy” at the moment is
that she’s decided we can’t go over to meet Bing Lee like normal people. No. For some
reason, Dad has to go over and introduce the rest of us. And he hasn’t done it yet.
This has been going on all week: Lizzie: And if you do not go visit Bing
Lee tomorrow, we may as well resign ourselves to not meeting him until Emily Lu
invites us to her daughter’s wedding. Charlotte: Charlotte Lu is getting married?
Why would Bing Lee be at her wedding? Lizzie: Because he’s the groom! So that’s been fun. Oh! And Charlotte, apparently
you’re going to marry Bing Lee. Congratulations. Charlotte: You know, we still don’t know what he looks like.
Lizzie: Exactly! But fortunately for this odd couple marriage, there is
nothing Dad enjoys more than winding mom up. I made a chart! Lydia: NERD!
Lizzie: Get out! So then of course when dad actually introduces himself
to Bing Lee, he doesn’t, you know, tell Mom. Because that would be the normal thing to do. No. He waits until mom is so frustrated over him not
meeting Bing Lee that she yells that she’s sick of the whole thing and would be happy never to hear the
name Bing Lee again. And that’s when Dad says: Charlotte: Oh, that’s too bad. I met him while he was getting his membership at the club. and he’ll be at Ellen Gibson’s wedding.
Apparently, he’s a friend of the groom. I told him all about our girls.
There’s no way to avoid meeting him now. Lizzie: And now she’s back on the Bing Lee:
Future Son-in-Law train. Choo choo! Thanks, Dad. I do not believe he went over there and
talked about us. I can just imagine that conversation… Charlotte: Hello. I’m your new neighbor.
Lizzie: Hello. I’m a rich, successful medical student. Charlotte: I’m well aware of that. In fact, my wife has sent me to meet you so that
you can eventually marry one of our daughters. Lizzie: Are they hot?
Charlotte: Attractive. Accomplished. Even smart. My Lizzie is getting an advanced degree in
Mass Communications, which dooms her to a life of unemployment, so she could
use a rich husband like you. Lizzie: What if I’m looking for something more in a trophy wife? Charlotte: Well, her sister Jane is quite the fashionable
beauty and would be stunning on your arm. And word around campus is that my youngest,
Lydia, is a bit of a slut. Lydia: I heard that! Lizzie: My sister Lydia is not a slut. Happy?
Lydia: Yes. Lizzie: So next weekend, our family friends
the Gibsons are marrying off one of their daughters. Which serves as another in-your-face reminder to my
mom about how pathetically single her daughters are. But there’s hope! Because Bing Lee is a friend of the
groom. So now, apparently, he’s coming. Cannot wait. So tune in next time for… Operation: Matchmaker Wedding! Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire Med Student? Survivor: My Parents. Yeah. Yeah I really gotta figure out how to end these things. But for now, there’s…

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  1. You don't understand. People judge. It's what they do. Lizzie has never known what it is like to lose everything and to be treated terribly. Harry Potter learned when he was young that you should never judge or kill, because he was wronged. Lizzie has a long way to go before she learns what it is like to truly be underprivelaged. Also every one has flaws. People call other people sluts all the time, mostly young and immature. Is that the same as murder. No! Lizzie saw the error of her ways.

  2. Charlotte's Mr. Bennet impressions are the best~

  3. RICH med student? How does this happen?!?!?!

  4. Rich family. Yay for inheritance.

  5. wow. SPOILER ALERT!!!
    j/k =]

  6. yeah, but the rest of the series hasn't happened at this stage

  7. True, but they were sisters before the series started, this dynamic was probably going on for years.

  8. as an engineering student, I greatly appreciated the stab at the advanced degree in mass communications. very funny.

  9. Why is that funny for an engineering student?! Also, it's not a stab, it's more of an affectionate nudge towards those studying mass com, because it's true, it's tough to get a job in that field.

  10. Lydia already called her sister a "nerd" just for drawing a simple chart. Clearly, the teasing has been going on for some while.

  11. The "in your face!" at 2:38 reminds me of Tobuscus!

  12. I really want to show my cousin from taiwan this but the only episode with chinese subs is episode one!! :O is there anyone who can translate episodes or get subs onto the video?

  13. Some of the commenters seem to think these are real people…
    Just so we're all on the same page, everyone understands that these diaries are a modern-day parody of Pride & Predjudice, right?

  14. seen all 100 eps

  15. is it just me or have they edited the videos from the original ones when this series started?

  16. I've had this discussion with other liberal arts majors, and part of it is just that sometimes it's hard to see what people do with liberal arts degrees, as opposed to STEM degrees.

  17. I'm re-watching LBD for the memories. <3

  18. It's only hard to comprehend for those who don't do liberal arts degrees, just as it's surprisingly hard for non-scientist to understand what the scientists do all day in their labs. Most of it doesn't exactly cure cancer either, I have a friend who studies geology and all she seems to be doing (from my completely unimformed perspective) is cutting up and polishing rocks. Obviously there's more to any field than an amateur can comprehend.

  19. What if "the rich medical doctor" were watching these videos right now/already watched them?

  20. Ha! Ha! Gibsons!! She's read Gaskell!!

  21. I love Charlotte!

  22. How does this video have so many less views than the rest of the series?!?!

  23. this must be a project for wuthering heights

  24. "I made a chart!" I love this series so much. Can't help but to watch it over and over.

  25. Jury's still out on the radiation from Japan…

  26. One of the books on her book shelf is a sort of tan color and it is blurry the whole time but I am almost positive it is an Edger Alan Poe Book.

  27. "My mom was scared radiation was gona come across the pacific and kill us all", what a clairvoyant!

  28. that would be my dad would say if we were older i'm 13 my sis is 11 and my bro is 7 btw my name is lydia

  29. How have I not watched this before?

  30. thank you! I always feel awful when people call this show out on slut-shaming, but that's how the characters are. It's exactly what you said – it makes them less one-sided.

  31. Retarded honey nut Cheerios rap interrupting these vids!

  32. I hate the honey bee rap . lame ass hell

  33. Ha ha rich successful med-student

  34. My name is Ellen Gibson, coincidence.

  35. I really enjoy this series so far, even if I already listened to the audiobook of 'Pride and Prejudice'.
    The modern Lydia is freaking spot on! 🙂

  36. Dying inside because there's someone called Gibson in Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell

  37. John Green, is that you?

  38. Jane was in 2 broke girls briefly and I was freaking out!! They won an emmy?! Well please do sense and sensibility next for another emmy!! 😉 😀

  39. Jane was in 2 broke girls briefly and I was freaking out!! They won an emmy?! Well please do sense and sensibility next for another emmy!! 😉 😀

  40. I love these and Emma approved so much. I just wish that emma approved will be back before February

  41. Now when I rewatch these I imagine **spoiler**
    Darcy watching them after her big reveal 🙂 Can we please get a Midnight Sun like series of the story from his perspective????

  42. Is it just me or does lizzie blink a lot?

  43. "I'm a rich, successful, medical student" HA.

  44. I crack up every time I hear "Bing Lee".

  45. Loving how it's like Pride and Prejudice.

  46. I am loving this channel! I was on a Goodreads froum about Pride and Prejudice and this channel was mentioned, so I just had to check it out 🙂


  48. Why did they not put in Mary and Kitty Bennet?


  50. Whenever Lizzy imitates her mother with the Southern vibe, it reminds me of that one scene in Easy A where Olive adopts the same accent to greeted her friend with

  51. Jane is Emily from the big bang theory!

  52. This is supposed to be pride and prejudice….

  53. 'Because he's the groom!'

  54. Hahaha I am starting to love these video diaries 😀

  55. I like the fact that Lizzie's slut shaming here is seen as a flaw she has to overcome, and that Lydia may be careless, but the fact that she likes boys and sex isn't in itself a bad thing. I wish more shows were like that…

  56. Charlotte's imitation of dad is my favorite

  57. These are the original Lizzie Bennett Diaries right?

  58. Wow… so it's from the dad's side.

  59. I love the Charlotte actress' voice! 😀

  60. So forgive me but this is the 'show' that they made the book from right? The book was a behind the scenes from the 'show'? I am a newbie sorry. Found the book at the library.


  62. Wow. It seems like this is based a lot on the book with some modern twists. I have to read this for AP Lit and while I love it, this is so funny and cool. Thanks, Lizzie and Charlotte!

  63. whats up with all the slut shaming in this series? 🙁

  64. Oh wow haha I didn't even get why his name was "Bing Lee" until now

  65. "I couldn't help but watch my parents do this dance–Dad winding up Mom, Mom getting flustered, then happy–that they've been doing probably since they met. It made me smile."
    -The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet

  66. Watching these for the second time!! I love it!!

  67. She obviously hasn't read the book. she must have just watched the American adaptation. Kitty has been cut! and she thinks Bingly is two seperate sames, "Bing Lee"

  68. I really love the way how you've modernised such simple things as Bingley's name to 'Bing Lee', and how you've portrayed your parents in how a family setting would be in our time! Immensely creative!

  69. Rewatching these haha beautiful :')

  70. I was told by ReadbyZoe to watch these in order to prepare for her Austentatious book club… I don't regret it… XD

  71. Love marathoning these 👌💗

  72. Love marathoning these 👌💗

  73. Very Good!!Fantastic!

  74. Where is Mary and Kitty?

  75. 5 year anniversary time! See y'all in March, 2018.

  76. Who's watching in 2017? 👍

  77. Rewatching this for the 3rd time and "BECAUSE HE'S THE GROOM" is still laugh out loud hilarious & is still my favorite line in the whole series!

  78. This is so bad. It feels so contrived and boring.

  79. This is very well scripted! Love the modern twist on my fav Jane Austen novel!!

  80. Rewatching after a few years :'D

  81. Still watching this in 2018! <3

  82. I have to watch these for my English course at uni.
    I might have also just found a new obsession.

  83. such a clever modern reworking.

  84. Yay to 1k comment!

  85. I like the ending with this one of just hand signal cutting it off. How to get there is the issue.

  86. her mannerisms remind me of meghan markle

  87. Rewatching for the 5th?? 6th time??

  88. Ugh, it really gets to me how Lizzie treats her sister in these early episodes

  89. "Lydia, is a bit of a slut."

    'I heard that!'


  91. Sooooo funny! "Charlotte Lu is getting married? Why Bing Lee would be at the wedding? Because HE IS THE GROOM!! Hahahaha!

  92. Lizzies parents in the heat of discussing the ' for a man of good fortune must be in want of a wife '  :mrs. Bennet : " oh , you take delight in vexing me !  You have no compassion on  my poor nerves…'Mr. Bennet : ' you mistake me my dear, i have a high respect for your nerves, they are my old friends for twenty years at least..'. LOL.

  93. I can't get over how cute Lizzie sounds when she says, "I made a chart!"

  94. Yes, I'm watching it again…

  95. This is so brilliant, I wish there were more things like Pemberly digital.

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