My chinchilla in a MEGA hamster ball

My chinchilla in a MEGA hamster ball

Hey guys! What is up and welcome back to my channel πŸ™‚ So for today’s video I am going to show you what it looks like to have a chinchilla inside of a jumbo humongous hamster ball So let’s get to it. So to put this size of this ball into
perspective, I am going to compare it to a hamster ball for a dwarf hamster which is a really tiny tiny hamster Now you’re probably wondering why am I
making this video… So there’s three reasons for this: The first reason is because chinchillas look so freaking cute running around in hamster balls. Reason number two is for educational purposes So if you are a current chinchilla owner
and are curious about whether or not you should get a hamster ball or what it
looks like, this video is for you Because I talk about it, I show it to you, and all that good stuff. And then lastly, the third reason is because chinchillas are just so freaking cute in it. Did I already say that? Now I originally purchased this hamster ball for a Dumbo rat I rescued a couple
of years ago… I didn’t keep her for very long sadly, and I was completely heartbroken when she passed away. After Momo passed away, I really considered donating this to an animal shelter because I didn’t think I
would need it anymore. But then I thought about it and um, I had it out open one time
in their ani- in the animal room and carbon walked into it and I realize well
hey, maybe Carbon can use it. So I actually let Carbon run in two different places: the first one is downstairs in our dining room which is on hardwood floor and then I let her run on the second floor of our house in our loft
which has carpet. The first thing I like to do before I start is do a quick temperature check. Chinchillas need cool dry temperatures naturally, so this is very important, especially when putting them in plastic balls with limited
ventilation. Next, I set up a timer for about 15 minutes. I use a timer because I
don’t want to leave her in the ball for too long since I consider her a senior. I
feel that her running around a lot can easily tire her out. The other reason I
only do 15 minutes is well… I’ll show you later in the video. [ crickets chirping ] [ crickets chirping ] Me: Apollo! [ children cheering ] As you can see, chinchilla poop is really
small and there tends to be a lot of them at a given time. This is the other reason why I don’t go for more than 15 minutes. Carbon usually poops in the
balls so leaving her in there allows her to run around with her own poo. She pees
in there sometimes too so… I definitely don’t want her getting poop and pee all
over herself. [ crickets chirping ]

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  1. Awesome video, Romalyn. I LOL ed a lot. Thank you for making my day.

  2. Awww your chinchilla is so funny and adorable. I'm sorry about ur pets that passed away.

  3. Cute! I hope your channel takes off cause your content is good. Recommend keeping videos right above 10 minutes to influence the youtube algorithm. Additionally a larger quantity of videos affects it too.

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