MTG Core 20 Preview Card Magic the Gathering

MTG Core 20 Preview Card Magic the Gathering

Welcome young mage, I’m Rhino. This is my preview video for Core 20. Thank you Wizards for giving me this free
preview. And now, the reveal. It all starts with a spark. Flint and steel can start a fire. But what keeps it growing. Fuel. The more heat, the more fuel it can burn, and the bigger the fire becomes. It consumes and grows. The fire is almost alive. “I’ve lit most everything on fire – trees,
rocks, even the water. Now it’s time to burn the clouds.” This image, by Chris Rallis gives us a look
at Chandra’s Spitfire. We’ll come back to this in a moment. We have seen that there are a lot of Chandras
in this set. It’s a progression of Chandra’s pyromancer
abilities through the years. Chandra, Acolyte of Flame, showed us that
Chandra makes Elemental Creatures. The two elemental creatures dance over each
shoulder. Chandra, Novice Pyromancer makes each elemental
stronger. Chandra is adding fuel to the elemental fire. But Chandra, Awakened Inferno doesn’t seem
to follow the elemental theme, or does it. Chandra, Awakened Inferno shows us that she
can not be stopped. And constant damage from emblems can be pretty
nasty, but it’s only one damage each turn. That’s not a lot. Let’s go back to Chandra’s Spitfire. It is an uncommon for two and a red. For a 1/3 Elemental Creature. But a creature as uncommon as this Spitfire
needs more. Unlike the elementals Nissa creates, Chandra’s
Spitfire can fly. After all, it burns the clouds. And Chandra Novice Pyromancer can easily make
these 3/3 creatures. But that’s not good enough,
what if that one damage your opponent took each turn
from a Chandra Awakened Inferno emblem did more. What if that emblem was the spark to fuel
more fire. Whenever an opponent is dealt noncombat damage,
Chandra’s Spitfire gets +3/+0 until end of turn. There are three big things to note here. “Whenever” is the key term. Number 1, Each separate source of noncombat
damage makes this creature bigger. Each spell and each emblem is a separate source
giving a +3/+0. If you have the ability to give and opponent
3 emblems, that’s a +9/+0 on top of anything else. That’s huge. Number 2, It doesn’t care which opponent
was dealt damage. If you are playing two headed giant, you have
two opponents, and double triggers. If you are in a 4 player commander pod and
you happen to give each opponent a Chandra, Awakened Inferno emblem. That is three separate opponents that received
damage. So your elemental receives +9/+0. And number 3, I think this will be a new player mistake. This only receives the +3 when an opponent
is dealt noncombat damage. If Chandra’s Spitfire enters the battlefield
after the damage is dealt, it doesn’t receive the +3. That’s all I have for Chandra’s Spitfire. Did I miss anything? Tell me in the comments below what deck you
want to put this creature in. How are you going to use its abilities. And don’t forget to do the usual stuff on
this video, Like, subscribe and check out my kickstarter. I have more videos coming out soon, so until
then, Rhino out.

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  1. The uncommon one is the youngest, she doesn’t have her goggles. Also novice is a lower rank than acolyte

  2. Well, another piece for Izzet Drakes or Phoenixes, cool. Great preview. Congrats, Rhino!

  3. Hi Rhino, It's wonderful to see that you're more confident and how well you gave this presentation which was coherent and flowed well, the rhythm was better. I think you're in the right direction. Moreover, you gave me insight as to how powerful this card can be – so thank you

  4. That's a great synergy. Nice video Rhino.

  5. The damage dealt by the emblem is dealt at the opponent's upkeep, so there is not really a good synergy between mythic Chandra and its Spitfire. It reads "at the beginning of your upkeep", but it's the opponent who controls the emblem.

  6. Well done! I'm not sure, that Chandra's Spitfire is a good card, it dies to removal by a simple Lava Coil. But I think in a limited event or in block constructed, it's a good card with all the 3 Chandras.

  7. You can give them more then one emal right?

  8. Cool reprint! Other fun synergies with this card are pingers or sacrifice decks that deals damage (judith, mons)

  9. Love it! What a cool preview! Good job!

  10. Nice preview card! And sweet video!

  11. Best visual effects ever

  12. Really love this video presentation. I love all the synergies you've mentioned and can't wait to be putting this card to work!

  13. Thanks for the fun video, looks like a really interesting card to mix with things and I really enjoyed how you had fun with the flavour text specificallym and flavour of the card generally =)

  14. I guess I picked the perfect time to return to Magic – Core set 2020 seems a great place to hop back on the bandwagon.

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