MINECON Earth 2018 – New content reveal

MINECON Earth 2018 – New content reveal

♪♪>>So, I am lucky enough to be sitting here with two of our amazing developers. You guys primarily work on the Bedrock version.>>Correct.>>Who are you?>>I’m Jason Major. I’ve been on Bedrock for four years now.>>I am Adrian. I’ve been on Bedrock for about two years, and I help deliver add ons.>>Well, thank you so much for coming along to talk to me. Like today we’re going to be talking mostly about the add ons. They exist in a version of the game we describe as Bedrock. Can you just give me a brief on what that version is?>>Yes, Bedrock is what we internally call the version of Minecraft that runs on mostly mobile devices. So, iPhone, Android, Kindle, along with the Xbox and we recently released Switch, and Windows 10.>>And you can play across platform between the different additions as well, right?>>Yes.>>we are been adding new things to the Bedrock version over the years. We’ve added, you know, you can get texture packs and skins and now you can even access servers on that. So there is loads of cool features in the version which we are kind of proud of. But today we are talking about Add ons. Now add ons are a way you change the game and customize it yourself.>>Yes, so about two years ago we added the ability for people to come in and just through editing simple text files they can go and take existing mobs in the game and change the behaviors and geometry, which is the shape of what they look like and kind of mix them up and make fun things. And we’ve seen a lot of really cool stuff built with that already.>>I think over time we’ve managed to give people more and more power to create more unique entities or mobs in the game.>>Yeah, right. So, one of the new things that We’re doing now is we’re making it so people can add their own new entities instead of needing to overwrite an existing one. So it really gives users a little more power to add whatever they want.>>So, previously if I kind of changed the look of chicken in the game, I think we have a video about this, a chicken in the game, and it became a duck. It would kind of replaced the chicken. But now, as this shows, you can have both.>>Right. So, now we have a new spawn egg for our new entity, duck. This is just an example of what someone can create using our new feature. And because it’s a new entity it has new render and has a new set of behaviors as well.>>That is super awesome. That will give freedom to people to kind of really customize what exists in their world now.>>Yeah, one of the cool things is the baby duck when it comes out. That, again, is just editing simple files. So, in those files you can basically just put a single line of text to say if it’s a baby use this texture, otherwise use this other texture and give a lot of control there now.>>That’s awesome. We’ve also kind of looked into how you can place these new entities in the world as well, right?>>Yeah, so definitely like in the past with add-on you are constrained by the thing that you overrode would determine where it spawned. If you tried to override a polar bear, for instance, it would only spawn in ice flats and it’s kind of challenging and also marketplace content and other things. Sometimes you’re like in my world I don’t want creepers to spawn ever. And there is no way to turn that off. So, what we’ve got now is we have another data driven text file waiting to kind of specify this shows up under these conditions in the world, so this sort of or this lighting level and stuff like that. You can even say things like this thing’s more likely to spawn in the rain and stuff like that.>>I think you have a — you guys made a scorpion, right?>>Yeah, so just wandering around the desert. Encountered this little guy. So, I never spawned him myself. And he’s got some bigger friends.>>You can see the kind of power of the add on there. You can make something kind of pretty much unique.>>Correct.>>Yep. And here you can spawn them without using spawnings, that’s right. Another few future we’re adding.>>Right, so in addition to getting a spawn egg we also when you add your new entity using just a JSON file it hooks up to the commands and use it in spawner blocks and everything.>>Awesome. Very, very cool. So, we’ve been talking a bit about the functionality of these new entities which is obviously really cool and really valuable. But we are also trying to change how people can visualize their entities. How they can affect how they look and feel in the game also?>>Right. So, something that we’ve done is we’ve made it so that in addition to just a new entity, we didn’t want to constrain the users to using any of the animations that exist with vanilla entities. So, you can specify — you can add your own new animations, mix and match existing ones and, that is something that we see with our next guy here.>>Yeah, so you made a kind of skeleton kind of beast guy here we can see.>>Yeah, this was a lot of fun. We wanted to show off something that is obviously not using the existing animations in the game. He’s got his upper torso. He’s got his mirror animation. Kicks at you and stuff like that, which is obviously new?>>So, we can see this is kind of the body of a horse, the torso of a skeleton, and new animation.>>Yeah, I like to call him the Skeletor.>>Yeah, of course. Cool. I mean, this all looks very interesting. I notice you guys are making kind of scorpions and skeletons and stuff, have you thought about making any nice ones for the game?>>Yeah, the next one has something I personally think is really cute. They are small and furry.>>Yeah.>>This first guy brings him up. The cute guys. You got the nice little spiders that I added in. I think they’re super cute.>>They are not cute. [laughter]>>And but this whole video showing the power of what you can actually build when you pull it all together. Again, you got custom animations and custom rendering of these guys. The spiders have a new custom particle effect that can be — so you can make new effects on stuff to say, this effect trails and plays on this guy all the time. There’s an effect that plays when they get spawned and summoned in the world. And yeah, you can just kind of see basically made like a little mini boss type pretty crazy mob.>>It’s amazing you can pull that off using text files.>>Yeah.>>Are there any limitations to how add ons work at the moment though?>>Yeah, so similar to the add-ons before, there is, you’re still limited in just using just the existing behaviors in the game. So, the things that the vanilla mobs can do for the most part, those are available to you. But if you really want to do something completely unique that no mob in Minecraft has ever done before, there’s still limits. We are actually announcing that we are having our long-awaited scripting tech preview, so that’ll be coming out this year. The focus for this preview is more around — [applause]>>So for this tech preview, the focus is much more around more of like a mini game high level control aspect, but the goal is to start being able to build behaviors and stuff like that. We want to get help from people to start playing with and experimenting with and getting feedback on.>>That sounds fantastic. We can tell people are happy about it, that is awesome.>>And when can players get their hands on the add-on features?>>Yeah, so the stuff today will be out in a beta in october and we will have it available for everyone on Bedrock later this year.>>Fantastic. Thank you so much. That’s really awesome. [cheers and applause]>>So, for more information on how add-ons work and how you can get your own creation in the game, check out, where we’ll have more info soon. But for now I am very proud to announce I have two very special people coming on who have been working on the next major Minecraft update. Please welcome Jens and Agnes. [cheers and applause]>>How are you guys doing?>>Great.>>Enjoying the show so far.>>Yes.>>Absolutely.>>I think it’s a lot of fun.>>What is your favorite part so far, Agnes?>>I think the costume contest. I think it’s great to see the lovely costume contest, too. I really enjoy that.>>And it’s kind of cool because the costume contest is a legacy part of MINECON. You know, it’s always been a highlight for me. So, I think it’s really cool, we can keep that going even with the new format, you know.>>yes.>>What about you, Jens? What’s your favorite bit so far?>>well, for me, the best part is where that we finally can reveal Minecraft Dungeons. So, I’m really looking forward to what people think about it. I already checked the comments and people seem excited and curious to say the least. And we have a screen shot actually that we can show.>>awesome. Let’s have a look.>>So, this is an environment in the game that you can kind of expect. So, this is a screen shot from the actual game and you fight your way through. And kind of look at dungeon crawler genre.>>it is kind of like a top down dungeon crawler. So, you’re traveling around various environments, hacking up mobs.>>Yeah, absolutely. Hack and slashing.>>all right, cool. And I guess you will travel to different kind of biomes and stuff, it’s not all set in actual dungeons.>>no, there is a bunch of different — well, areas and environments. And a lot of new bosses and really cool stuff. Super excited.>>I can’t wait for us to share more information on that, so coming soon.>>okay. So, let talk more about the core game. About Minecraft itself. Now, you guys have obviously been working hard on the next major update. I’m sure people will be extremely excited to hear what we’ve been working on. So, what’s the deal?>>yes, so we always try to find like what’s a good theme to update next. And this is something that haven’t been really improved a lot since the original implementation almost seven years ago. Actually, more than seven years ago. So, the theme this time is going to be village and pillage.>>okay, awesome.>>yes! [applause]>>So, I mean it’s almost like seven years since we have done dramatic change to the villages, I think, when I checked the Wikipedia recently. So, it’ been really amazing, we’re finally doing that.>>yes.>>Agnes, what are we doing with the villages? How are we improving them?>>we have done a lot of things. But one thing is we are updating the architecture for all villages.>>cool. [applause]>>So the villages themselves will have different looks depending on the biome? That’s right?>>That’s right.>>and I think –>>we a video to show it.>>yes. ♪♪ ♪♪ [applause]>>That is absolutely awesome! [applause]>>So, we can see the actual architects for the village is influenced by the areas and the materials.>>yes, yes. So all of the architecture is a adapted to the biome the village is in. So, we tried to only use material from that village and tried to adapt to the climate. So, you saw in the desert the use of flats because it never rains in Minecraft desert, which makes a lot of sense. For the plains it is steeper for example.>>very cool. And we can share that as well. Awesome.>>we have also been looking into the inhabitants themselves, right?>>yes. And they will get new fancy skins.>>let’s take a look at those. [villager sounds] [villager sounds] [applause]>>That’s — we could have updated the sounds of the village as well. ♪♪ [applause]>>That’s awesome. Tell me how that works?>>So the skins are biome dependent and they’re also get unique details depending on the profession. So, yeah, there will be lots of different variations. And we also do other things to villagers and the village mechanics. For example, I mean, we want the villagers to be more intelligent so we will have like a scheduled going to the work and going to a meeting points and stuff like that. And we are updating the trading as well.>>That sounds amazing. So, basically everything about the villages is going to have more life, feel more unique…>>yes.>>…and more consistent from the villages themselves to where they live and how they interact with the player.>>yes.>>That’s awesome. Okay. So we talked a lot about villages and the cool nice features. But Jens you said it was called village and pillage update.>>Yeah, exactly. I should mention that one of our principles is that it is up to the player to build the world. So, even though the villagers will be more kind of intelligent and have more of the purpose regarding their profession, it’s up to the player to make sure that they have a good village to live in. And there’s more reason for this now. Because in addition to improving the villages we are introducing raids. So, it gets a little bit complicated but we have villages, villagers, and now we’re introducing the pillager.>>cool.>>and we can take a quick look at what those guys got up to. Let’s check it out. ♪♪ [growl]>>hmm. ♪♪ [applause]>>That looks great. [applause]>>yes, so as you can see, the pillagers are wreaking havoc together with this new monster. And this thing is currently — we refer to it as the illager beast, and it will join the raids and it is really, really tough to — it is quite a challenge to take down.>>it seemed to be smashing its way through the whole place there.>>absolutely.>>Yeah, so these raids will attack villages and you have to defend against them. And I want to say like the illager beast, if you have a name suggestion, I’m all ears. But we kind of have grown fond of just calling it the beast.>>So, do we know kind of why these pillagers are kind of doing what they are doing? Or is that not quite decided yet?>>it is one of the Minecraft mysteries.>>okay. ♪♪>>I also notice the eagle eye might have noticed, they were wielding something that looked powerful as well. What was that in their hands?>>it was a cross bow.>>cross bows, so tell me about the crossbow? Replacing the bow?>>no, no, no, they are kind of well balanced. The crossbow is more powerful and deals more damage and the arrow goes further but takes longer to load.>>okay.>>and also comes with new enchantments. It is cool.>>great. I think we check that out as well. Show us the video of the crossbow. ♪♪ [growling] ♪♪ [laughter]>>very cool. [applause]>>and the cross bow, is that going to be similar to the trident, where you have to discover it in the world?>>no, you can craft it.>>cool. So, that’s a craftable item?>>yes.>>and say the kind of multishot there, that’s how the enhancements work.>>That’s one of the enhancements and fast load and also another one.>>more to come.>>more to come. Yes.>>cool.>>this stuff all sounds amazing. Can you divulge when the players get the features?>>So, the village and pillage officially come out early next year. But we — in java snap shots you will be able to try out some things in the experimental phase but we will release some features before the holidays.>>okay, some of those features or some –>>no, so, first of all, we are going to introduce cats as their own mob instead of being ocelots.>>yes, we thought that ocelots and cats are amazing and deserve to be their own mobs. And we have done lots of updates to the cats. So, there will be stray cats walking around in the villages and you can have them as a pet and they can bring you gifts. And the phantoms are really scared of cats.>>What kind of gifts do the cats bring you? Diamonds and stuff?>>not really diamonds. It’s a secret. But not diamonds. More cat kind of gifts, you know.>>I can see here you update. We used to have three cat skins, right?>>Yeah, exactly. So, we are going to add more skins for the cats. And we thought it was funny to have nine skins. [laughter]>>and as you may know, one of the original skins, the tuxedo cat was based on my wife’s old cat, Newton. You can see the big question mark that we are going to ask the community to submit pictures for that cat and have kind of like a competition. So one community member is going to have their cat immortalized in Minecraft.>>They can get their real life cat and we’re going make it into a Minecraft cat and that will be the ninth cat skin in the game?>>exactly. So, there will be more information about this, exactly how it will work on in a few weeks.>>okay, that sounds amazing. And that’s a pretty cool prize, I think. [applause]>>we are getting cats for the cat update before the holiday. Not the official name, by the way. But we’re getting cats. Is there anything else coming along with those?>>yes, we are adding scaffolding.>>one of the longest requested features, I think.>>absolutely. I remember back in in MINECON Las Vegas, which was seven years ago, doing the Minecraft Q&A people requested scaffolding. So, yeah, took a little while, finally.>>Just seven years. It’s fine.>>So, how will the scaffolding work?>>Yeah, the purpose is to make it easier to build, we maybe not need the weird dirt constructions to build anymore. So, for example, it will be fast to climb up. And if you remove the bottom part of the scaffolding column, everything will break. It is really fast to remove it when you are done with your fancy building.>>That sounds great. So, it’s giving players taunts to make builds quicker and easier and kind of get to the good stuff quicker.>>Yes.>>It’s cool. And what’s it going to be made of? How do I craft scaffolding?>>They are made of bamboo.>>Ah, so a new item, a new block in the game.>>And yeah, and bamboo, there will be like bamboo forests and stuff like that.>>And what else do you use the bamboo for?>>Well — ♪♪ [panda noises] [applause] ♪♪ [sneezing]>>Adorable. [applause]>>So I think that’s pretty obvious that we are bringing pandas to the game. Agnes, tell me about those.>>Like a big thing with pandas, they are cute and they are silly. And we also really wanted a place to connect to their pandas, so we thought that if we add like different, like personalities or traits to them, you will feel like your panda is more unique. So, we did that as well. So, individually there was a panda with red eyes. That is an aggressive panda. You should not hurt an aggressive panda.>>You shouldn’t hurt any kind of panda.>>Of course, not. But don’t hurt pandas. [laughter]>>But the aggressive one will probably be a bit upset about it. Extra upset about it.>>What other kind of traits can the pandas have?>>They can be, for example, lazy and playful. And then, yeah, I heard rumors about one that actually is a brown panda. Very rare.>>That sounds amazing. What made you think to include pandas in the first place?>>So, when we essentially have creative workshops and list what we want to include in the next update. And since we a huge community in China, with over 150 million registered players, we invited the partner NetEase to give us feedback from the Chinese community and what they really wanted to see in the game and obviously they picked the giant panda. And we sent our sound engineer, Samuel, to China to record the actual sounds from the actual pandas.>>and we actually have a little — we documented the trip. Let’s take a look at that.>>absolutely. ♪♪ [applause]>>it’s so cute. [applause]>>I really would like to be able to speak panda like that guy with the sound effects. Anyway, this sounds completely amazing. I can’t wait for us to get our hands on it. Remind me again, when are we getting these things?>>So, yes, village and pillage will be out early next year and the holiday update, cats, pandas, bamboo, and scaffolding.>>That’ll be out even sooner. that’s awesome. Okay, we’ve reached the point in the show. You must be excited to find out which biome you are going to update next.>>Yes, very excited.>>Did I hear biome vote results?>>You did.>>Is anybody excited to find out which one it is?>>Yes. [cheers and applause]>>Okay. So who gets to do the honors? Agnes? Okay.>>Okay, this is very exciting.>>Drum roll, please. [drum roll]>>We have a winner. And the winner is Taiga!>>Wooo! [applause]>>Tiaga, Agnes and Jens are very excited over there.>>Yes, we are.>>And the Foxes are very excited.>>Are you excited about updating the Taiga?>>Absolutely. It will be fun.>>It will be a lot of fun.>>Well, thank you so much for sharing all of these updates with me. And for sharing what’s going to happen to Minecraft in the future. Let’s take a quick look at the recap and see what is coming to Minecraft soon. ♪♪ ♪♪

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