Meet the world’s biggest bunnies | The Nature of Things

Meet the world’s biggest bunnies | The Nature of Things

This is Grace. She’s a Continental giant and Grace is 9 months old. They just grow at such a fast pace, from six weeks they’re sort of this big, and they just get bigger, and bigger, and they don’t stop till they’re 18 months old. Come on then, darling. Let’s move you along, come on. I think that they’re very special, they’re different. They’re a lovely creature, very gentle, and these guys behave more like dogs than rabbits. Meet Darius, the longest rabbit in the world. These rabbits of unusual size can take some getting used to. When they arrived, my family looked at them and said “have you gone completely mad?” And I said “no!” I said “I just think they’re amazing.” They’re so tremendous. Come on. You go over there. The Continental giant is the biggest rabbit you can ever get. There are Continental giants that aren’t so big, it’s just ours seem to be enormous. And Annette’s rabbits are world champions. They’ve held the Guinness World Record four times and Darius is still the world’s reigning giant. Darius is over 4-foot when you stretch him out. I don’t know what it is, whether it’s because they’re brought up in a very laid-back atmosphere, and I think that’s why they just keep getting so big. No! Come on, boy. Stop that! Just stop it, you’re too old. Darius, even though he’s a an old man now and can be a bit grumpy, he still like his lady friends. (laughing) He hasn’t lost his sparkle. He likes his romance. (laughing) Leave her alone… He’s been a naughty old man.

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  1. Breed more. why take a way the bunny's joy

  2. big chungus irl

  3. Darius is a pedophile

  4. Are they good at cuddling?

  5. naughty old man 🤣🤣

  6. Is anyone watching this video NOT high?

  7. How ignorant this woman is!! Rabbits hump each other to show dominance. And what is she doing breeding rabbits? There are so many of them who are discarded and end up dead.

  8. Watch the full doc "Remarkable Rabbits' (Canada only)

  9. They're so wonderful and beautiful!

  10. That a dog? 😂

  11. For some reason the video remained me of a stew.

  12. Crazy oh wabbit

  13. What's your rabbits name?, STEW

  14. Man, that's a lot of buns!😁

  15. I have a Continental Giant rabbit that is 14 months old. She’s on the smaller side 2 ft & 16 lbs. She just had 10 babies. 🐰❤️

  16. Good eatz right there

  17. Wow I never knew that grew so big.

  18. And where are you at

  19. So did Jeff not grow bigger, I’m assuming?

  20. SHE TATTOOED HER RABBIT??? What’s wrong with her??

  21. If she doesn’t want her rabbit breeding, doesn’t it ever cross her mind to neuter him? Less bad behavior and will be more cuddly.

  22. Why many wild rabbits and hares are actually in danger of extinction —

  23. And I thought the bunny on my channel was HUGE!! Guess not!!!

  24. No, you’re too old! 🤣🤣

  25. The hutch tho…. cute rabbits tho

  26. Beautiful buns! I love them!

  27. Oh my!!!!!!! 😂

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