Making My Dog Dexter – The Sims 4: Raising YouTubers as PETS – Ep 3 (Cats & Dogs Expansion)

Making My Dog Dexter – The Sims 4: Raising YouTubers as PETS – Ep 3 (Cats & Dogs Expansion)

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  1. Dexter is a Rottweiler mix

  2. Lauren, you need water dispensers so they STOP DRINKING PEE! Like so Lauren can see.

  3. 14:25 the cat going through a WALL

  4. Lol Joey face planted like Lizzy

  5. You can get both the feeders and just remove the balls and put the Rainbow balls in there it doesn't matter which bowls are which you can just literally take the balls out and put the Rainbow ones in it doesn't matter which feeder it is if it's the one that shows the exact same but it's the one that shows the round balls it doesn't matter you just need to take the ball out of the feeder and put the coloured bowl that you want in it that's what I do ok bye I hope you like my adviceπŸ™ƒ

    Also that white cat I now have but changed it's name because it was awesome but then it wasn't because I had to get rid of the cat but because it was in a different household I could get my brother's character to adopt it and it was awesome I don't know why I had to edit my thing it was perfectπŸ˜‘

  6. This is Lauren’s soul


  7. Do more sims please

  8. I want dexter to have a youtube channel please make that happen

  9. WAIT. Joey scape in the night

  10. mAh …and Meh cat gave

  11. did you know if you play on PS4 and press R2 and L2, you can type in TestingCheats and then it will say, "You are now using cheats." and then type in Money 999999. ;). my dad taught me and thats the max money lol


  13. i put up these dog doors so they can ESCAP`E

  14. joey also calls her a rat gurl

  15. I think the thing that Lauren has said the most in this series is STOP DRINKING PEE!

  16. Make you and Bobbie husband and wife but like in different houses

  17. Just like episode one where I figured out I had the same eye color as Joel now I figured out that dexter is the same dog breed as my dog

  18. I ❀️ πŸ—‘ 🐼

  19. I made Dexter in Sims 3 it looked a lot better. (I'm not being mean)

  20. I want dexter to have a Chanel

  21. Trash Panda Oli 2020

  22. I think you’re going to have 5500 poop

  23. dexter looks like my old puppy

  24. Lawrene:TRASH PANDA just came to join us and pee..great

  25. How to confirm what breed your dog is:
    Look on sims

  26. You can breed animals in sims 4

  27. XD trash panda 🐼 lol

  28. Can you make ihascupquauk

  29. Cute puppy!!! Awwww

  30. TRASH PANDA OLI 1=1trash panda

  31. I keeped on calling my cousin trash panda he didn't like it at first till he reasched it and he loved it …
    My cousin also is called trash panda on everything.. well he has a nickname now XD

  32. I want trash panda as my pet in real life πŸ™ SO CUTEEEEEEE

  33. I want Dexter to have a YouTube channel he is soo cute by the way Lauren I have a dog named Jacob and he’s getting old he will probly die in 4 years and it would make me happy for your dog to have a channel so I’ll remember my dog

  34. 9:07 lol that cat is in my game in the sims 4

  35. Zoch my glad i love dexter MY SHIP KYAAAA

  36. You should do a raising my little pony as pets, like if u agree!

  37. Put bull boxer mix

  38. i know this really late but think u should know that he looks like a ratter, a type of dog u get where i live

  39. He looks like a mix of a German Shepherd and a husky.

  40. Why do you want to do my kitty she’s why isn’t her name is fluffy and she’s very fluffy and her eyes are blue this is her if you want to do it this is how you learned

  41. Dexter looks like my pup

  42. When you have to mop up pee in grass

  43. At 10:50 we should Simstagram Oli AKA TRASH PANDA 🀣

  44. Tomorrow is my birthday πŸ˜€

  45. Everybody else: being normal

    The trash panda: licks pee

    Lizzie: does it bc he did

    Calam: does it too

  46. Wait… hold up… holy sh*t… is that… is that the trans flag? At 1:24. On Bobby's shirt…

  47. Heh, Trash Panda! xD

  48. you know that there's an interaction with the poop that let's you throw it away. also you can sell the poop from your inventory and the build mode

  49. When you speed edit the characters it looks like ther are dancing XDDDDDD 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  50. Maybe you should put the pooping and peeing lazer thing outside…

  51. Dexter is mix of my favoite dog

  52. TRASH PANDA TIME!!!!!!!!

  53. Make my dog lilly pls:-)

  54. Lauren looking in the trash* Ollie drinks pee* * lauren: NOO STOP THIS IS WHY THEY CALL YOU TRASH PANDA

  55. Luren:this man is like swrew chess there puppies

  56. Dexter looks exactly like my old dog, Rodeo, that we had to give up. (I'm not sure if he went to the pound or what.) It'd be kind of funny and really nice if that was actually Rodeo XD.

  57. Your animals need you Lauren
    Also she just picks up some random cat

  58. My animals don’t know anything there’re still drinking pee
    Laurenzside 2017

  59. Ayyyyyyyye TRASH PANDA OH MAH GAH

  60. I love trash panders HAHAHA I LOVE THAT NAME TRASH PANDA

  61. No body: .

    Lauren: I cAn LeGalY sHoOt U aNd TaKe uR pUpPy

  62. The woman that scared you is the same woman that went into your property

  63. Awwwwww puppy dexter is soooooooo cute

  64. Dexter dexter is cute

  65. Hello trash panda

  66. Trash pandaaaaaa soooooo cuteeeeee

  67. The trash panda is so cute

  68. Who ever watched the first episode can like this because I can't wait for dinosaur Scott

  69. oli trash panda is just like my new fish "AKI"

  70. Who else if on there 4th time watching the series? Just me?…….

  71. hey lauren i think that scott was looking at you with the death eyes

  72. Puppy vixella: gets scared by Lauren
    Anti Lauren squad assemble

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