LR EliteTrip 2019 – Tag 2

Today we are walking tourists in Cape Town. And the weather can not stop us. Good morning. A little bit wet but it´s okay. .On this side we have got samosas. Samsosas is a triangle with different types of filling. The one got chicken. This is a traditional desert. So guys one for each of you. Enjoy it. Thank you. So we are just discovering the beautiful colors of the South Africa. We are in Woodstock right now. Come and choose coffee. We have the best coffee shop in the world. Yes today we are now in the beautiful location here on the LR Elite Trip 2019. My name is Noureddine Belarbi, Vice President. And now we are here with the community, LR. And that´s the most important for us because it´s community. It´s really outstanding recognition to feel this recognition for the performance. I am very thankful to be again part of this Elite Trip. Thank you very much. We are at Chinchilla, this whole room is for us. It is fantastic. g

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