LOONEY TUNES (Looney Toons): So Much for So Little (1949) (Remastered) (HD 1080p)

LOONEY TUNES (Looney Toons): So Much for So Little (1949) (Remastered) (HD 1080p)

2,621,392. A nice even figure. That’s the number of babies will be born next year in the United States. Of these babies, 118,481 will die before reaching their first birthday. Oh well, what’s a few babies more or less? We’ve got lots of babies! It really doesn’t matter if one baby lives or dies. Or does it? Well, good morning, John. This is John Emmerson Jones, Jr. Hm, fine healthy looking boy, isn’t he? But unfortunately, John won’t have much chance to become president of the United States. Why? Well, here’s one reason: Looks harmless, doesn’t it? It’s hard to believe that one small fly could keep Johnny from his chance to become president. And ordinarily, it couldn’t. But there’s just one thing wrong with this picture. Untreated sewage running into our pretty creek. And Mr. Fly’s feet are not very clean. In fact, they’re very filthy. And loaded with germs like those that cause dysentery. If some of these dysentery germs should happen to infect Johnny at his age, he not only won’t be president, the chances are just about one out of two that he won’t even be alive. Stop! Can’t anything be done to save Johnny? Oh, I suppose we could train all flies to wash their feet. Or shoot all flies. Or we could do away with all babies. But there must be a better answer than that. This is where I come into the picture. Your local health officer and my staff. Part of our job is to clean up just such unsanitary conditions. Eliminate open sewage, do away with fly-breeding places, and give your Johnny a new shot at presidency. Well John, we got over that one alright, didn’t we? Maybe you’ll get to be a year old yet. But you’ve still got some very tough customers to meet on the path of your life. Like whooping cough and diphtheria. Rheumatic fever and small pox. But don’t worry, John. That’s where your local health officer– that’s me! — comes back into the picture. Another part of my job is to keep track of you and to see that you’re properly immunized. Vaccinated and inoculated is another way of saying it. Or protected in other ways so that you have the weapons to fight back when these enemies attack you. You see Johnny, most immunizations should be completed before you become one year old. Does that surprise you? Well, well. Look who’s in the fourth grade! Hiya, John! — Ssshhh! ( whispers) Oh, I’m sorry. Um, mind if we look around? Looks like you’re being well-taken care of, Johnny. — Ssshhhh! (whispers) Oh, pardon me. Grown up now, eh John? Er, um… Mr. Jones? Hey, wake up! You know her! That’s Mary! Mary Laurence! (chuckles) Changed since high school, hasn’t she? For the better. Congratulations! You oughta make a very happy couple. You’re fine, healthy-looking specimens. Nothing wrong with you, eh? Are you sure? Let’s be really sure. Step in for just a couple of minutes. Now don’t worry John, it’s a very simple process for you. And I know Mary won’t mind it, either. It’s not so simple for your blood, though. Let’s see what happens. First, it’s numbered, whirled, a warm bath, shaken, checked, cooled, bathed again, then carefully read and… Aren’t you lucky that you happen to live in a community that has a health department? Anything we can do for you now, John? Time will tell. Hmm. Now what’s worrying you? Oh! Now just a minute! Your wife has had excellent prenatal care, advice, and instruction. And good medical care. And of course, the health office will cooperate with your doctor and with your wife, to see that the baby will have the best of care after he’s born. So why worry, John? Well, whaddaya know! It’s a boy! You must be the first father in history to have a boy! Uh-oh. (laughs) Anyway, he’s sure to recover from *this* disease. Nice feeling, isn’t it? To know that everything’s alright. Your family’s well-taken care of, you don’t have to worry too much about your health. But there’s one thing you do have to worry about, John. And now that you’re a family man, you’ve got to face it. A local health department is costing you. Yes, John, it’s costing you real money. Three cents a week. That’s right. Three cents a week per person can provide basic health services in your community. Not much, is it? Well John, you’ve been leading a normal, happy, married life. But of course, you are, uh, getting a little older. Your hair is receding, which is normal. You’ve developed a double chin (chuckles) which is normal. You’ve also acquired, um, a… ponch, which is, eh… (chuckles) a little abnormal. But you’re still a fine-looking man. Even if a little mild exercise wouldn’t hurt you. Yes, sir! Nothing like a little exercise! Especially with the kids! Makes you feel so young! — I got it! I got it! I — He got it. (panting) A little *mild* exercise, John. Let’s take a look at that body of yours and perhaps we can point out why violent exercise isn’t good for you. There’s the old ticker pumping away. So many miles of plight. Now then, that bay window appears, and the rest of you spreads a bit, too. More skin area, more pounds of flesh, and more pipe needed to cover the ground. More work, too, for your heart. And remember John, that heart isn’t getting any younger. So let’s get more rest and take it a bit easier. Oh, by the way, it, uh, might be well to cut down on the food a little. Hey, hey! That goes for you too, Mrs. Jones. Look, John and Mary Jones, let’s not kill ourselves. This is the age when cancer, heart disease and diabetes are the big killers. Now wait just a minute, don’t get panicky. Nobody said you *have* these diseases. With a few simple precautions, you’ll have very little to worry about. Periodic checkups by your own doctor are the most important thing. Don’t wait until you’re sick. Always remember, early diagnosis and early treatment are the best weapons with which to fight cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The family, the doctor, and the health officer. One kind of eternal triangle that really makes sense. Grandma and grandpa Johnny Jones. Ah, we’ve come a long way together. From now on, folks, you’re pretty much on your own. We’ve — but wait, just a minute! This looks like a *happy* ending! And it should be a happy ending for a fine boy like Johnny. But the odds are better than 25 to 1 that he’ll be born into a community with inadequate public health service, or none at all. So it looks like Johnny’s chances of being among the 118,481 new babies will die next year are pretty good, doesn’t it? But let’s get one thing straight. There’s nothing about this figure that is sacred. It can be reduced by well-staffed health departments throughout this great country of ours. Which kind of public health service does your communiy have? It’s up to you!

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  1. 2:21 The only "tough customer" that we will never face again (the only disease that humanity has eradicated from the face of the Earth) is Smallpox.

  2. This looks like a documentary for college students…

  3. The Best Cartoons made anD by Warner Bros. Too!??

  4. Announcer: 5:36 "Anything we can do for you now John?"
    John: "Shoot me….shoot me now!"

  5. I’m very surprised that this video is even up. Won’t the anti vaccine society be enraged!? This truthful message goes against their propaganda.??

  6. The women get bigger while the boys shrink.Watch out fellows ,hope you got a harpoon ready.

  7. Lol Vaccinations is what causes more diseases, then a fly

  8. America was the shining city on the hill.

  9. this is how they recruited you ….

  10. If tbhis cartoon were made in this current age, I'd expect either John or Mary to be diagnosed with a fatal disease, or Mary would end up diying during birth.

  11. Ultimately we still die of something

  12. Oh well, what's a few babies more or less.

  13. there's so much more to the music in these cartoons man ?

  14. $0.03 a week, man that must have been great when there wasn't a huge welfare population, siphoning money off from society like oversized ticks.

  15. Indoctrination at it’s peek

  16. No wonder bernie Sanders is angry with so many tax cuts for companies like amazon, FedEx… (paying 0 in taxes) while the media always asks where are they going to get the money for healthcare…

  17. show this video to your local boomer, anti-vaxxer, or those against public healthcare.

  18. The baby are now boomers

  19. No doubt that with conscious like this in mid 1900 lead to the formation of Greatest country of modern world.

  20. They are happy because they are not homosexual.

  21. 118,481 killed by Plan Parenthood. Now they want to buy the 2020 Presidential election with our tax dollars!

  22. Using an inflation calculator, 3 cents per week in 1949 is equivalent to 25.99 dollars per week in 2019. So a monthly fee of 104 dollars is still cheaper than what insurance costs

  23. Now we know where Obummer got his healthcare ideas from.  A socialist PSA from the 1940's.

  24. O yes very well !!

  25. John…

    Obama John?

  26. Not to worry, plenty of illegal aliens having anchor babies

  27. Fight the Jew. Reclaim your country. Reclaim your people.

  28. Wow that was a lot of anti vaxers

  29. Of course we smoked cigarettes in the waiting room 🙂

  30. Socialist Democratic Party screws everything up…. so be careful who you vote for

  31. I'm watching this eating pizza

  32. Thought I was going to be watching Bugs Bunny. Ended up discovering the origins of Obamacare. Huh.

  33. Cute how they thought they were going to grow up to become straight-laced young adults, when in reality many of them became long-haired, pot-smoking hippies, lol

  34. 2019: most health things is 300$+ a month with a 1400$+ deductible that renews every bleeding year, that literally covers nothing.
    No one goes to the doctors anymore, no one can afford to keep themselves from being sick

  35. If they could only see the contempt the babies of today are killed off with, the millions every year in this country… they would weep openly and despair the species.

  36. Where were these flys when Trump got born?

  37. Wow Propaganda was the real devil if you know 😀

  38. Well I never get flu shots or anything else I am on medication that helps me with my anxiety disorder and I can't live without it and then I am vulnerable to the manipulation of the government hidding everything cause they just want sheeple to conform with the legislation of the government that dictates what they want to believe and do what they want you to do with your life and you follow them without thinking about it and then you blame them for the world that is so messed up it's your fault that you listen to them

  39. Death is a gift that we fail to cherish

  40. I took my son for a stomach ache and it was 9000 and they gave him an ive and he was out in an hour with an prescription..

  41. No aluminum and mercury bank then.

  42. 860,000 women fall pregnant every hour world wide. Of this number 30% will miscarry their babies

  43. Looney Toons introduced me to classical music. Thanks Looney!

  44. Yet not one mention of his smoking.


  46. Don’t worry about John’s health he is now 71 years old you should worry about his retirement plans assuming he has got the best health insurance care

  47. When there is no more Soviet Union to worry about…your 3 cent health care program fades away…


  49. 0:54 Foreshadows of Cindy Lou Who in How the Grinch Stole Christmas

  50. A vidio about health care yet smoking is no problem

  51. Wow, can I just say for the record I'm glad that I'm in the 21st century?

  52. Movie from 1949 2019 going on 2020 and we still arguing about Healthcare? hmmm

  53. "The family, the doctor, and the health officer. One kind of eternal triangle that really makes sense."

    Wow. That is NO way to make friends in 1949.

  54. Btw 3 Cents from then to now is about 32 cents nowadays. But of course it really wouldn't be that.

  55. Back when handwriting was normal…check the blackboard

  56. Damn socialism! shakes fist

  57. "or we could do away with all babies."

    Yeah, that one. Let's do that.

  58. 9:10

    Most of them only care about money that's it

  59. i thought i was going to watch a cartoon not get an education wtf
    america has really gone uphill since then

  60. What about the cigarettes?

  61. thanks you i love it …

  62. 6:46 "three cents a week" ok now that’s the best joke in the cartoon

  63. I remember I learned a lot from cartoons like this when I was a Kid. I remember saying wow educational and a cartoon my parents must be proud of me watching this instead of cartoons shooting each other like bugs bunny.

  64. Old propaganda films like this and "duck and cover" are very revealing.

  65. Была нормальная страна,снимали хорошие мультфильмы.Никакого толерантного безумия.Что случилось с этим миром?

  66. If you survive the war read as much as possible and become President to prevent other people from living through war to not be beaten, raped and starved to death.

  67. OK, that before and after look of the body is what we are seeing in the morning before the mirror that we must now organize the community to create exercise programs for people who still want to look like the before as best we can.

  68. Apparently the smartphone knows our age and is telling us to go see a doctor. Brilliant technology.

  69. Nature goes on forever for everyone and everything to return as everyone and everything an infinite number of times through evolutionary processes.? ? ?

  70. The US has seen a sharp rise in diseases because Democrats let in million of unvaccinated illegals. But those same Democrats pass laws so the Government can take away US citizens children if they are not vaccinated.

    Vote Trump 2020, and make hygiene great again!

  71. Yep, a healthy father to be. Puffing it up in a maternity ward. NO SMOKING ? you fool! I guess it was the start of vaccination propaganda.

  72. how american has fallen

  73. Shooting the flies was a fitting solution.

  74. This is a horror video for anti vax moms

  75. Immunizations? Medical care? In the USA? That's SOCIALIST! yOu wOuLdN't wAnT aNy hElP fRoM tHoSe DiRtY cOmMiEs dO yOu?!?

    If you're a REAL American, you'll respect the troops by dying from preventable diseases!! Like a TRUE American! Not like some elistist looking for handouts from big daddy government to actually protect it's citizens! We just use big daddy government as corporate mercenaries and a corporate bailout program. That's the AMERICAN WAY!

  76. Thing is what u consider that matters or what we consider that matters?!

  77. 1:50 for Republican ideas
    1:52 for Democrat ideas

  78. Smoking in a maternity ward

  79. I can hear Karen’s raging at the vaccinations part.

  80. No, Johnny will become president, but Carcano bullet will end his career.

  81. need to show these to anti-vaxx

  82. 10 minutes mark… how did they know how will yt turn out in 2019?

  83. A lovely couple, two fine-looking specimens… Nothing wrong with you, right?… ARE YOU SURE?

  84. Отличный мультик.

  85. Mr.Jones is 70 years old now

  86. Now the left welcomes the whole third world with all the diseases they carry that we've had Eradicated for 70 years. Why they need the votes.

  87. I prefer the 2nd choice
    Dang flys

  88. Great cartoon. My health services pretty damn amazing because you know I live in Canada

  89. "it's gonna cost you real money, 3 cents a week!" (Now for only $300 a month, get it while you can, before we decrease your benefits!)

  90. Still holds true, thank you for keeping this alive (unlike Jonny)!

  91. I say stop making parasites! Look after our planet a bit more. Am sure a 3rd world country like USA will act right in due course…pffft yeah right!

  92. That second option seems fun

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