Living With Tigers: Family Share Home With Pet Tigers

Living With Tigers: Family Share Home With Pet Tigers

COMM: They’re one of the most dangerous animals in the world, yet one family show no fear
when it comes to their pet tigers. COMM: They play and swim with them, and even allow their children to ride on their backs. COMM: But not everyone is happy, and there’s fears something will go wrong sooner or later. COMM: Here in Maringa, Brazil, Ary Borges and his family have not one, but seven tigers. COMM: Together with his three daughters Deusanira, Uyara and Nayara, Ary and the family, eat,
live and even swim with the giant cats. COMM: Despite having no experience with tigers Ary rescued two of the big cats from a circus eight years ago. After he found them living in bad conditions. COMM: He decided to build an enclosure and welcomed them into the family. COMM: And it wasn’t long before Ary’s daughter Uyara, began feeding, petting and walking the tigers on leads. COMM: Twenty year-old Nayara has formed a special bond with one of the tigers, Tom, and regularly swims with him. COMM: But not all members of the family are so happy about having tigers around. Uyara’s husband Rafael is terrified of big cats. COMM: And Uyara’s decision to allow her young daughter to interact with the tigers, is not going down well. COMM: Now Ary has plans to open a 40-acre eco-park in Maringa, where his beloved animals can roam free. COMM: But until that time, Ary and his family will continue their intimate but controversial relationship with their feline pets.

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  1. วันไหนกูหิวจะกินให้หมดบ้านเลย.

  2. Shame on you. You are ridiculous ans dangerous for this poor animal . It's just a victim and you are monster. Your place is in a jail for crualty. And the place of this animal IS in the jungle or in a park
    I HATE you, idiot.

  3. All of you will be a good food for is a wild animal

  4. He will have you for lunch one day


  6. My parents actually had friends who had a pet Tiger. (I say had cuz it was before ai was born) the cat was massive from what I saw of the pics of my dad and the tiger playing. I guess sometimes itd get a lil excited but never attacked anyone or caused any injuries as Far as I or my parents know.

  7. So they walked into petsmart and decided it wasn't extra enough for em, eh? Its like that scene on white chicks "That's no dog, that's family (high pitched, squeely/ nervous voice) Come here cousin.." 😭😭😭 Remove its teeth and claws, then we'll talk. Until then?…..

  8. Normal People: Outside with dogs
    That Family: Outside with 7 TIGERS

  9. Uggggghh I think something is wrong with your dog here??

  10. I think it would be better if he released them to the wild..
    But good job saving him from the circus, circuses are CRUEL

  11. اذا في حدا عربي او كوردي يطج لايك
    مهما ربيت حيوان اليف الا ما ياتي يوم ويرجع لغريزتو
    مايالك بحيوان مفترس..

  12. 0:32 Scared the flip out of me

  13. 0:08
    “This family has no fear of having a pet tiger”
    Shows clip of the tiger punking their daughter

  14. Oneday Tiger will eat all of 'em

  15. Entre darle amor a un hombre o una bestia que lleguen a tu vida sin ser de tu familia, los más probable es que, el hombre te traicione.

  16. Instead of meddling withe ecology why don't you let the tiger in its natural habitant and find a underprivileged kid and give him some quality life.

  17. Teacher:Hello class,so today we will be talking about how pets today!

    Kid 1:I have a dog and he’s very cute!

    Kid 2:I have a rabbit and she’s very fluffy!

    A kid from that family:I have a tiger that will eat your kidneys for dinner..

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